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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Boulderfist-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Unstopablee Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US2203
2Fataldot Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US2177
3Trampstamps Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US2169
4Topshëlf  Boulderfist-US2160
5Jetblast Wounded Waldo ProgramBoulderfist-US2122
6Arkía The NomadsBoulderfist-US2108
7Sixone Ctrl AIt EliteBoulderfist-US2107Not updated
8Slever Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US2105
8Drunkor SecurityBoulderfist-US2105Not updated
10Fäcecleäve Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US2104
10Khaiatic The NomadsBoulderfist-US2104
12Dassem Faceless MenBoulderfist-US2100Not updated
13Tsúnami SecurityBoulderfist-US2094Not updated
14Lemonydots LEWLTRAIN BROKE SEND AIDBoulderfist-US2093Not updated
15Dumbêr The NomadsBoulderfist-US2092
16Thunders Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US2091
17Flapipersha Asian Carne AsadaBoulderfist-US2087Not updated
18Xêro The NomadsBoulderfist-US2086Not updated
19Gspots SecurityBoulderfist-US2084Not updated
20Shiftinitup Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US2080Not updated
21Moogato  Boulderfist-US2074Not updated
22Uunagi Ctrl AIt EliteBoulderfist-US2072Not updated
22Arkïa The NomadsBoulderfist-US2072
24Nyerflyer The NomadsBoulderfist-US2071
25Spirituals Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US2068
26Decksláp  Boulderfist-US2066Not updated
27Elocho TantrumBoulderfist-US2065Not updated
28ßannana  Boulderfist-US2064Not updated
29Fataltouch Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US2063
30Dowdy Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US2062
31Waltic The NomadsBoulderfist-US2055
32Dougiefreshh Ctrl AIt EliteBoulderfist-US2054Not updated
33Ophthalmitis The NomadsBoulderfist-US2048
33Springbreeze The NomadsBoulderfist-US2048Not updated
35Gromman OriginBoulderfist-US2047
36Fatalshot Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US2046
37Herõ SecurityBoulderfist-US2043Not updated
38Mcchubbin The NomadsBoulderfist-US2042
39Akatank  Boulderfist-US2032Not updated
39Juurgul  Boulderfist-US2032Not updated
41Eldertroll The NomadsBoulderfist-US2031
42Darkvalentin SecurityBoulderfist-US2030Not updated
43Arkìa The NomadsBoulderfist-US2021
44Mochachino Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US2018
45Zingz Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US2016
46Loggedoff LEWLTRAIN BROKE SEND AIDBoulderfist-US2014Not updated
47Shablin Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US2011
48Abazaba Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US2008Not updated
48Sickwidit PrimeBoulderfist-US2008
50Shader Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US2007
50Arkor The NomadsBoulderfist-US2007
52Clawandorder Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US2003
53Henrík Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US2001
54Rauss Ctrl AIt EliteBoulderfist-US1996Not updated
55Phuture Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US1995
56Zymbok Martha StewartBoulderfist-US1994Not updated
57Ðankkush  Boulderfist-US1993Not updated
58Wootman Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US1992
59Kushanxiety  Boulderfist-US1990Not updated
60Hulkermania Forceful EntryBoulderfist-US1985Not updated
60Anul SecurityBoulderfist-US1985Not updated
60Cyclosporias SecurityBoulderfist-US1985Not updated
60Britneefears  Boulderfist-US1985Not updated
64Nyer The NomadsBoulderfist-US1984
65Ràstà P v PBoulderfist-US1982Not updated
65Epigram The NomadsBoulderfist-US1982
67Matheson Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US1978Not updated
68Bullma Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US1977
69Hashboss The Horde CouncilBoulderfist-US1975Not updated
70Psychadelyc Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US1974
71Handsie  Boulderfist-US1967Not updated
72Elochopa TantrumBoulderfist-US1965Not updated
73Xantonjude SecurityBoulderfist-US1964Not updated
73Wreckinem Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US1964Not updated
75Nooz Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US1963Not updated
76Nofeariheal PrimeBoulderfist-US1950Not updated
77Peanutbuter The NomadsBoulderfist-US1943
78Atonic Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US1938Not updated
78Lenasong  Boulderfist-US1938Not updated
78Swifteera Forceful EntryBoulderfist-US1938Not updated
78Juliechen P v PBoulderfist-US1938
82Peperonni FoundationBoulderfist-US1937
83Hobgòblin The Horde CouncilBoulderfist-US1935Not updated
84Hïktwö The NomadsBoulderfist-US1934
85Ruiner Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US1933Not updated
86Hanyuu CuteBoulderfist-US1926
87Blessingem Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US1925Not updated
88Kittyypewpew The NomadsBoulderfist-US1924
88Backsticker The NomadsBoulderfist-US1924
90Ragestarve  Boulderfist-US1918Not updated
90Ösö  Boulderfist-US1918Not updated
92Six Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US1916Not updated
93Evgenimalkin Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US1912Not updated
94Jellybrah SecurityBoulderfist-US1911Not updated
95Nephilin Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US1910
96Fuzzbucket TantrumBoulderfist-US1906Not updated
97Lolymorph The Horde CouncilBoulderfist-US1904
97Beastiemonk hlub hmoobBoulderfist-US1904Not updated
99Gummybare PrimeBoulderfist-US1901
100Wewtman Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US1900

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