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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bloodscalp-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Costello Murloc BuddiesBloodscalp-EU2421Not updated
2Jelinä Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU2098Not updated
2Otello Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU2098Not updated
4Bandiit His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU2005Not updated
5Beuker Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU2001Not updated
6Bump Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU1987Not updated
7Refu Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1980Not updated
8Boszorkányúr His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1962Not updated
9Aretas Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1961Not updated
10Mesterharcos HUNGARIAN HORDE KILLERSBloodscalp-EU1933Not updated
11Chensan His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1897Not updated
12Masturbalock Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1892Not updated
13Dreameli Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1869Not updated
14Ynalana His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1865Not updated
15Faceliftpls His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1860Not updated
16Hunterpower His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1845Not updated
16Zluty His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1845Not updated
18Flisk His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1839Not updated
19Relîq Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1838Not updated
20Reliqt Lights of AzerothBloodscalp-EU1834Not updated
21Deadmen His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1831Not updated
22Izzykrøqt Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1825Not updated
22Zentanus Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1825Not updated
24Ziffe His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1824Not updated
25Zaga His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1821Not updated
26Heterotróf Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1820Not updated
27Thefourth Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1817Not updated
28Landau OpsBloodscalp-EU1814Not updated
29Damno Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1808Not updated
29Wrotnab Champion Of The HordeBloodscalp-EU1808Not updated
31Reizar His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1804Not updated
32Zagathol His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1802Not updated
33Zilah SubstanceBloodscalp-EU1801Not updated
34Kaiaphas His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1797Not updated
35Templeton Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1795Not updated
35Pufipofi  Bloodscalp-EU1795Not updated
37Britsrule His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1786Not updated
37Gecó ÖregfiúkBloodscalp-EU1786Not updated
39Sreckfej Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1783Not updated
40Büszke Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1772Not updated
41Loukie His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1770Not updated
42Coldflavour His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1764Not updated
43Luzifear His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1762Not updated
44Inlenus Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1759Not updated
45Glanex ProphecyBloodscalp-EU1753Not updated
46Noilané His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1749Not updated
47Orckrok Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU1746Not updated
48Enorkfalder His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1737Not updated
49Chams Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU1723Not updated
50Wrothag Orc of DoomBloodscalp-EU1719Not updated
50Beardmaster UntamedBloodscalp-EU1719Not updated
52Klafkalasj Wen Tzu EnclaveBloodscalp-EU1709Not updated
53Yeenoghu ÖregfiúkBloodscalp-EU1708Not updated
54Biërtje Champion Of The HordeBloodscalp-EU1705Not updated
54Aprócska Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1705Not updated
56Kennyboy Watchers on the WallBloodscalp-EU1688Not updated
57Healingweed First in Last outBloodscalp-EU1680Not updated
58Chaomao Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1679Not updated
59Hulluska Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1677Not updated
60Frankyy ProphecyBloodscalp-EU1663Not updated
61Sorgutes His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1662Not updated
62Glasstiger ÖregfiúkBloodscalp-EU1658Not updated
63Loskan His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU1652Not updated
64Krysal Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1621Not updated
65Pinpao Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1619Not updated
66Daap ProphecyBloodscalp-EU1611Not updated
67Tamr Lights of AzerothBloodscalp-EU1595Not updated
68Surmó OpsBloodscalp-EU1580Not updated
69Tobbey Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU1554Not updated
70Réka The RegimentBloodscalp-EU1527Not updated
71Recto  Bloodscalp-EU1506Not updated
72Maclaughlin NordanvindBloodscalp-EU1498Not updated
73Hellbeck SubstanceBloodscalp-EU1497Not updated
74Ruffusz Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1488Not updated
75Abaddon ConflictBloodscalp-EU1480Not updated
76Mekanik Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU1474Not updated
77Holynova Wen Tzu EnclaveBloodscalp-EU1447Not updated
78Lycantooth Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1427Not updated
79Nexxerqt dampening will fix itBloodscalp-EU1338Not updated
80Bissick The Furious FiveBloodscalp-EU1335Not updated
81Minizilla ConflictBloodscalp-EU1328Not updated
82Lexyah SubstanceBloodscalp-EU1289Not updated
83Peyote Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU1284Not updated
84Niue We Always Lose StablesBloodscalp-EU1150Not updated
85Rholax Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU1149Not updated
86Bernibanana Lights of AzerothBloodscalp-EU1148Not updated
87Mianas SubstanceBloodscalp-EU1147Not updated
87Ardo Lights of AzerothBloodscalp-EU1147Not updated
89Ragewater His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU959Not updated
89Germain Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU959Not updated
89Domician Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU959Not updated
92Xontos ConflictBloodscalp-EU958Not updated
92Monkanat ConflictBloodscalp-EU958Not updated
94Gunjack NimFaS CorPoRaTioNsBloodscalp-EU955Not updated
95Boogiewu ConflictBloodscalp-EU952Not updated
96Sauce Keepers Of EternityBloodscalp-EU768Not updated
96Neteru His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU768Not updated
96Delys Lights of AzerothBloodscalp-EU768Not updated
96Ribsandsteak His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU768Not updated
96Szentpap Lights of AzerothBloodscalp-EU768Not updated

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