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Bloodhoof-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Aerodactyl Still BallinBloodhoof-US2455
2Swoopzy Still BallinBloodhoof-US2442
3Asburx Still BallinBloodhoof-US2439
4Fellycakez Still BallinBloodhoof-US2435
5Feloreal Still BallinBloodhoof-US2426
6Warfuzed Still BallinBloodhoof-US2423
7Feloreaz Still BallinBloodhoof-US2414
8Warfused Still BallinBloodhoof-US2412
9Articuno Still BallinBloodhoof-US2396
10Raptorfx Still BallinBloodhoof-US2340
11Feloreah Still BallinBloodhoof-US2326
12Imnotmesican Still BallinBloodhoof-US2234
13Grayfan THE HATEDBloodhoof-US2218
14Adaliarose Harvest ClanBloodhoof-US2215
15Romone Still BallinBloodhoof-US2165
15Catskin Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US2165
17Chibrewcarly Still BallinBloodhoof-US2159
18Hanthar Godz of WarBloodhoof-US2113
18Feloreax Still BallinBloodhoof-US2113
20Maxximos Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US2107
21Hureko Still BallinBloodhoof-US2106
22Emart Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US2096
23Revthemage Still BallinBloodhoof-US2093
24Rob Harvest ClanBloodhoof-US2071
25Skillcomp Still BallinBloodhoof-US2065
26Berrex Godz of WarBloodhoof-US2062
27Shadowkeel THE HATEDBloodhoof-US2061
28Blazikim Still BallinBloodhoof-US2059
29Felorea Still BallinBloodhoof-US2039
30Lockswagz Still BallinBloodhoof-US2038
31Monam Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US2032
32Swoop Still BallinBloodhoof-US2017
33Shantay ClarityBloodhoof-US2009
34Sherlok Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US1995
35Prophette Godz of WarBloodhoof-US1993
36Darkmagician The Ur Quan HierarchyBloodhoof-US1976Not updated
37Snowcora BlendersmokeBloodhoof-US1974
38Drüidpowerzz Still BallinBloodhoof-US1959
39Aankh Merf NagesBloodhoof-US1954
40Breadz Godz of WarBloodhoof-US1950
41Rottika nap time kidBloodhoof-US1949
42Leda Still BallinBloodhoof-US1941
43Rògueràsh The Art of WarcraftBloodhoof-US1931
44Monkswag Still BallinBloodhoof-US1930
45Biggayowl OkBloodhoof-US1926
46Ultimakagé Born to be LooneyBloodhoof-US1919
47Dipandots nap time kidBloodhoof-US1914
48Merlexo  Bloodhoof-US1906
49Krøøked Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US1904
50Leocin RevolutionBloodhoof-US1901
51Paladus Generation NowBloodhoof-US1900
52Sumthintasty DownfallBloodhoof-US1894
53Pkitty nap time kidBloodhoof-US1887
54Drglobal Still BallinBloodhoof-US1881
55Shiina  Bloodhoof-US1868
56Ghoulet Harvest ClanBloodhoof-US1866
56Baldpriest  Bloodhoof-US1866
58Sabrawwr PsyraidersBloodhoof-US1859
59Hoochie Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US1857
60Ninjacapqtx Death Awaits YouBloodhoof-US1849Not updated
61Piinkie Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US1842
62Lumideta Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US1840
63Pewpshoot Death Awaits YouBloodhoof-US1838
64Micira Ring of FireBloodhoof-US1826
65Tsúnade Joker and the ThiefBloodhoof-US1824
66Kuttman RevolutionBloodhoof-US1817
67Heynicecrits nap time kidBloodhoof-US1807
68Gtøne Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US1802
69Visur DownfallBloodhoof-US1801
70Cyclonian Ring of FireBloodhoof-US1800
71Dõngus Ring of FireBloodhoof-US1795Not updated
72Saniva Death Awaits YouBloodhoof-US1789
73Linuxxdk RefractionBloodhoof-US1788
74Druiidzqt Godz of WarBloodhoof-US1776Not updated
75Tédbundyx Ring of FireBloodhoof-US1767
76Quevven In Gold We TrustBloodhoof-US1764
77Icanthealyou nap time kidBloodhoof-US1755
78Èmart Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US1740
79Refrost Garrosh NoobsBloodhoof-US1731Not updated
80Firedog  Bloodhoof-US1725Not updated
81Omniscient Legion of MysteryBloodhoof-US1720
82Aellîas Edge of InsanityBloodhoof-US1711
82Moose  Bloodhoof-US1711Not updated
84Kaziah Ring of FireBloodhoof-US1708
85Naxos GloryBloodhoof-US1702
86Mileycitrus Still BallinBloodhoof-US1698
86Hackoru Untimely DemiseBloodhoof-US1698
88Mistamiyagi Death Awaits YouBloodhoof-US1697
89Sampled DownfallBloodhoof-US1694
90Havack nap time kidBloodhoof-US1688
91Vearas  Bloodhoof-US1672Not updated
92Kazn XecuteBloodhoof-US1667
93Daender SovereignBloodhoof-US1660
93Martel Stay on TargetBloodhoof-US1660
95Kyuubî United HordeBloodhoof-US1659
96Cager SovereignBloodhoof-US1655
97Dasboot Ring of FireBloodhoof-US1649Not updated
98Ozziez ManBearPig AwarenessBloodhoof-US1647Not updated
99Sumthinnawty DownfallBloodhoof-US1636
100Illness Still BallinBloodhoof-US1620

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