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Bleeding Hollow-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Asbur SummitBleeding Hollow-US2409
2Medang The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2408
3Shadowcol Bloodline LegacyBleeding Hollow-US2405
4Cherryicyx SummitBleeding Hollow-US2388
5Orangekush SummitBleeding Hollow-US2379
6ßigdaddy The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2374
7Ilovegyuunyu The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2349
8Móònrise SummitBleeding Hollow-US2347
9Klitschko FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2343
9Tamon The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2343
11Icydeadmage SummitBleeding Hollow-US2338
12Teehc SummitBleeding Hollow-US2330
13Ohdeezy The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2329
13Acrobatic  Bleeding Hollow-US2329
15Buzzigan The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2327
16Pelspeasant The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2325
17Hoochella TempestBleeding Hollow-US2311
17Serious The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2311
19Icyfrésh FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2302
20Horrigan The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2301
21Eyedeas The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2292
22Purplepimpz The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2286
23Shawarmagodx relaxBleeding Hollow-US2282
23Sleyin Old Town MilitiaBleeding Hollow-US2282
25Míracle relaxBleeding Hollow-US2278
25Triicks relaxBleeding Hollow-US2278
25Lazylarry FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2278
28Naz The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2272
29Zephyz UnityBleeding Hollow-US2270
30Baddigan The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2265
31Boof The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2263
31Deathsaab The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2263
33Rabxx The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2248
34Yòshì relaxBleeding Hollow-US2242
35Blazez Hi my name is BoxxyBleeding Hollow-US2239
36Bestfriendna SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2235
36Analonly  Bleeding Hollow-US2235
36Playboymark  Bleeding Hollow-US2235
39Intenza The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2228
40Ownpatrone  Bleeding Hollow-US2223
41Jubilleê Pie ChartBleeding Hollow-US2218
42Alana The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2217
43Emmastonè NumerixBleeding Hollow-US2214Not updated
44Grïff The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2210
44Hohoreturns relaxBleeding Hollow-US2210
46Juliachilds relaxBleeding Hollow-US2204
47Robinhoodok SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2199
48Mark SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2196
49Gânkstr The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2195
49Chastiseqt SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2195
51Found The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2189
52Deathmassiah SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2187
53Cokedout SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2186
54Shere SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2185
55Shwinkì The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2172
56Drzy  Bleeding Hollow-US2170
57Nazthethird The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2169
58Phauz SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2168
59Daruss FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2167
59Kazerix FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2167
59Cmg relaxBleeding Hollow-US2167
62Jubzz Pie ChartBleeding Hollow-US2164
63Dosierx The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2161
64Hohoitsme We Kill PeopleBleeding Hollow-US2160
65Pchamp The MafiaBleeding Hollow-US2157
66Yujiza The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2152
66Krosis SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2152
68Raspberryicy  Bleeding Hollow-US2149Not updated
69Disclaimin  Bleeding Hollow-US2144
70Arronax The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2139
71Aegnis KORE RELOADEDBleeding Hollow-US2138
72Melonsoda relaxBleeding Hollow-US2132
73Hobsocke  Bleeding Hollow-US2130
73Northrice SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2130
75Shalimlives KORE RELOADEDBleeding Hollow-US2129
76Soupr eHarmonyBleeding Hollow-US2121
77Saabpaladin The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2119
78Felbreath FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2118
79Fattiecakes Ironwolf ClanBleeding Hollow-US2116
79Johntråbolta MaltBleeding Hollow-US2116
81Karati Deadly CircleBleeding Hollow-US2111
81Zeesqtpi The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2111
83Kÿt Glass Case Of EmotionBleeding Hollow-US2110
84Lazylarryx FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2108
85Radicalizm Team DadBleeding Hollow-US2107
86Shambò FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2106
87Mercier SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2105
88Dabtacular FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2104
89Deadlyshots KORE RELOADEDBleeding Hollow-US2103
90Luckyx relaxBleeding Hollow-US2100
91Cowboy KORE RELOADEDBleeding Hollow-US2099
92Rrollface Pub CrawlBleeding Hollow-US2098
92Faarooq The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2098
94Iconiic relaxBleeding Hollow-US2094
94Farruko worldstarBleeding Hollow-US2094
94Fearlordx Ironwolf ClanBleeding Hollow-US2094
97Olotoro Glass Case Of EmotionBleeding Hollow-US2093
98Pestie FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2091
99Wartørtle Glass Case Of EmotionBleeding Hollow-US2089
100Xrayspecs FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2088

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