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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bleeding Hollow-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Nouripsy CCAVBleeding Hollow-US2549Not updated
2Asbur SummitBleeding Hollow-US2535Not updated
3Naz The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2518Not updated
4Purplepimpz OgrishBleeding Hollow-US2501Not updated
5Hydrax SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2496Not updated
6Justintime Ruin GamingBleeding Hollow-US2482Not updated
7Lazylarryx Sarif IndustriesBleeding Hollow-US2461Not updated
8Meowschwitzz The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2439Not updated
9Weder Ruin GamingBleeding Hollow-US2434Not updated
10Moonrise SummitBleeding Hollow-US2433Not updated
11Shrekblazeit GTFO my bracketBleeding Hollow-US2425Not updated
12Treeluver The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2421Not updated
13Tamon The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2419Not updated
14Rockersz  Bleeding Hollow-US2418Not updated
15Vèngéfulqt  Bleeding Hollow-US2412Not updated
16Klitschko FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2410Not updated
16Ratpesticide The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2410Not updated
18Rabxx The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2409Not updated
19Serious The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2407Not updated
19Emmastonè The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2407Not updated
21Nightsunqt The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2405Not updated
22Piâzzâ  Bleeding Hollow-US2404Not updated
23Brewzbanner The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2403Not updated
24Horrigan The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2402Not updated
25Emmastòne The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2401Not updated
26Horrígan The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2400Not updated
26Ooglemcdoogl The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2400Not updated
28Theyrollbuda  Bleeding Hollow-US2399Not updated
29Takingd The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2393Not updated
30Medang The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2389Not updated
31Lazylarry Straight Outa HillsbradBleeding Hollow-US2385Not updated
32Horrìgan The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2380Not updated
33Pelspeasant The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2376Not updated
33Hoochella TempestBleeding Hollow-US2376Not updated
35Ilovegyuunyu The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2371Not updated
36Orangekush SummitBleeding Hollow-US2370Not updated
37Astrelo The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2369Not updated
38Intenza  Bleeding Hollow-US2364Not updated
39Soupr Final BossBleeding Hollow-US2362Not updated
40Fabricated  Bleeding Hollow-US2361Not updated
41Zulyang FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2358Not updated
42Deathsaab The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2357Not updated
43Razedcold SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2355Not updated
44Swagondragon HostìlìtyBleeding Hollow-US2348Not updated
45Dosierx  Bleeding Hollow-US2329Not updated
46Joeks The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2328Not updated
47Tazqt Cant Handle My BronessBleeding Hollow-US2325Not updated
48Vajazzile Because ReasonsBleeding Hollow-US2323Not updated
49Probreaux Cant Handle My BronessBleeding Hollow-US2320Not updated
49Fearlordx Ironwolf ClanBleeding Hollow-US2320Not updated
51Shocksmonk Because ReasonsBleeding Hollow-US2319Not updated
52Icyfrésh FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2316Not updated
53Jao Beat StatusBleeding Hollow-US2314Not updated
54Shockspriest Because ReasonsBleeding Hollow-US2312Not updated
55Adstrum The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2307Not updated
55Nachtwulf  Bleeding Hollow-US2307Not updated
57Gaardyzx SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2304Not updated
58Shawarmagodx wizards of waverly placeBleeding Hollow-US2302Not updated
59Shridevi Vinii Vidi ViciBleeding Hollow-US2299Not updated
60Dirtwizard SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2298Not updated
61Zephyz  Bleeding Hollow-US2295Not updated
62Bobsock The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2288Not updated
63Míracle  Bleeding Hollow-US2286Not updated
63Triicks  Bleeding Hollow-US2286Not updated
65Têdril FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2285Not updated
66Satanîc Cant Handle My BronessBleeding Hollow-US2280Not updated
66Chastiseqt The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2280Not updated
68Jubilleê Pie ChartBleeding Hollow-US2277Not updated
69Sarasuvati The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2276Not updated
70Stiggieqt FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2273Not updated
71Natixsphere FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2264Not updated
71Daruss SUP GIRL IM HOODBleeding Hollow-US2264Not updated
73Elmoqt FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2262Not updated
74Chastìseqt The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2261Not updated
75Lezßro No ImaginationBleeding Hollow-US2260Not updated
76Father BadBleeding Hollow-US2258Not updated
77Notae The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2253Not updated
78Pigvømit Glass Case Of EmotionBleeding Hollow-US2251Not updated
79Gearzx HysteriaBleeding Hollow-US2247Not updated
79Nukehazard The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2247Not updated
81Pradafiend Second StringBleeding Hollow-US2245Not updated
81Perryy Cant Handle My BronessBleeding Hollow-US2245Not updated
83Playboymark The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2241Not updated
83Bestfriendna  Bleeding Hollow-US2241Not updated
85Hyperfrost  Bleeding Hollow-US2240Not updated
86Stryker  Bleeding Hollow-US2239Not updated
87Shwinki  Bleeding Hollow-US2237Not updated
88Landx Cant Handle My BronessBleeding Hollow-US2236Not updated
88Jpex FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2236Not updated
88Ggnorere  Bleeding Hollow-US2236Not updated
91Apèx FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2235Not updated
92Tokyoflow Against the WorldBleeding Hollow-US2234Not updated
92Madhatz FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2234Not updated
94Felbreath FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2233Not updated
94Robinhoodok swag dragonsBleeding Hollow-US2233Not updated
96Rageers FinaI BossBleeding Hollow-US2232Not updated
97Oxycôntin I Rock when I ProcBleeding Hollow-US2231Not updated
98Gânkstr The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2230Not updated
99Contradict We Only RPBleeding Hollow-US2229Not updated
100Jessicabièl The EnclaveBleeding Hollow-US2227Not updated

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