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Bladefist-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Honidas SeraphymBladefist-US2140
2Ihityounow Guild of JodruBladefist-US2077
3Kyuz CataclysmBladefist-US2059Not updated
4Zeroxxcero InsurgencyBladefist-US2019
5Maido Lightly RoastedBladefist-US1989
6Deathsound  Bladefist-US1984
7Desarian Wind Up Horde WreckersBladefist-US1982
8Fkfc Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US1958Not updated
9Exhale BlankBladefist-US1951
10Carystal CataclysmBladefist-US1948Not updated
11Lianidus Team BroBladefist-US1938
11Alierya CataclysmBladefist-US1938Not updated
13Schmeedy  Bladefist-US1929
14Mustang Poor Men LivingBladefist-US1925
14Gweny CataclysmBladefist-US1925Not updated
16Eranol Team BroBladefist-US1916
17Sidohx InsurgencyBladefist-US1913
18Ignore rip in peaceBladefist-US1909
19Trilogi Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US1906
20Fyroblast Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US1904
21Kasondra BlankBladefist-US1896
22Swåg Ashes Of The FallenBladefist-US1890
23Khänvict Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US1868
24Slangløcks rip in peaceBladefist-US1867Not updated
25Ludda Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US1864
26Greenmyst Team BroBladefist-US1844
27Iyasu Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US1842
27Pureshamansz  Bladefist-US1842
29Wyndham rip in peaceBladefist-US1834Not updated
29Blastbadar BlankBladefist-US1834
31Dilamdor Assasins of PvPBladefist-US1831
32Mightybaal Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US1825
33Succkers Assasins of PvPBladefist-US1816
34Gwenyfar CataclysmBladefist-US1803Not updated
34Goblinium Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US1803
36Krô Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US1801
37Mahrud Wind Up Horde WreckersBladefist-US1796
38Klaren BlankBladefist-US1792
39Onaker Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US1790
40Oliviamunn Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US1785
41Polas Bad ExampleBladefist-US1784Not updated
41Wildbynature DismayBladefist-US1784
43Xchicken Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US1781
44Pugliese CataclysmBladefist-US1779
45Feardôtfear  Bladefist-US1769
45Rosele Poor Men LivingBladefist-US1769
47Painbringér PvP Party AnimalsBladefist-US1768
48Nagaplox InsurgencyBladefist-US1763
49Imooatyou CataclysmBladefist-US1762
50Mdblack Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US1752
51Rythmic Lightly RoastedBladefist-US1751
52Lnno  Bladefist-US1748
53Mofoieatfish Guild of JodruBladefist-US1747
54Delestius We raid nakedBladefist-US1746
55Asphyxiated And Then SomeBladefist-US1745
56Ottrr ONYXBladefist-US1743Not updated
57Talelar The UndesirablesBladefist-US1740
57Luciouse Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US1740
57Fkßeast Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US1740Not updated
60Powermonger of Deaths LegionBladefist-US1735
61Unsegmented Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US1731
62Arenamaster Assasins of PvPBladefist-US1727
63Friskyqt BlankBladefist-US1723
63Fáetal Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US1723
65Nesquikpower Assasins of PvPBladefist-US1721
66Reepo Unspeakable OnslaughtBladefist-US1719
67Sinisterally Those Once LoyalBladefist-US1715
68Frankdawg Assasins of PvPBladefist-US1710
68Tysus PvP Party AnimalsBladefist-US1710
70Dotitup  Bladefist-US1709
71Alice  Bladefist-US1705Not updated
72Brucëlëë Assasins of PvPBladefist-US1703
73Knuckles InsurgencyBladefist-US1698
74Azshaure  Bladefist-US1695
75Skaithe CataclysmBladefist-US1693
76Ursamajor SynenergyBladefist-US1691
77Eclipsedeath And Then SomeBladefist-US1686
78Arathin PvP Party AnimalsBladefist-US1684
79Druzzul CataclysmBladefist-US1681
80Eaturguts CataclysmBladefist-US1680
81Engrade Assasins of PvPBladefist-US1678
82Meixiu CataclysmBladefist-US1677
83Middlebeach Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US1672
84Dardley ShinigamiBladefist-US1668
85Minxar SynenergyBladefist-US1667
86Ganjhaaman PvP Party AnimalsBladefist-US1665
87Khanvictz  Bladefist-US1663
88Kalexan PvP Party AnimalsBladefist-US1658
89Sharifa SynenergyBladefist-US1655
90Temptations PvP Party AnimalsBladefist-US1654
91Icè PvP Party AnimalsBladefist-US1650
92Selasia Poor Men LivingBladefist-US1647
93Schadowleez My Eyes Are Up HereBladefist-US1643
94Reoko of Deaths LegionBladefist-US1639
95Icepryncess PvP Party AnimalsBladefist-US1636
96Vanced  Bladefist-US1634
97Bluntpunch PvP Party AnimalsBladefist-US1628
98Lavablastqt Phoenix RebornBladefist-US1627
99Karrasu Bad ExampleBladefist-US1624
100Enüm Bladefist MafiaBladefist-US1621

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