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Blade's Edge-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Koobzy Twice ShyBlade's Edge-US2363
2Bemanbearpig Why So SeriousBlade's Edge-US2126
3Infyniti Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US2051
4Bemonk  Blade's Edge-US2030
5Dreav  Blade's Edge-US2002
6Crüsader  Blade's Edge-US1998
7Cashís  Blade's Edge-US1995
8Sâuron  Blade's Edge-US1994Not updated
9Shmato Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US1990
10Chewgrizzly Attorney at LawBlade's Edge-US1968Not updated
11Datcrit Venimus Vidimus DefuimusBlade's Edge-US1952
12Deadlyreflex Edge of the EmpireBlade's Edge-US1948
13Treehugs Tabula RasaBlade's Edge-US1938
14Dueces just grapefruit himBlade's Edge-US1915
15Bosspopit Sands of TimeBlade's Edge-US1906Not updated
16Sneako Why So SeriousBlade's Edge-US1887
17Freethrowin Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US1884
18Beatbreaker Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US1881
19Freethrow Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US1872
20Arosen Venimus Vidimus DefuimusBlade's Edge-US1870
20Sintichdarac Disorderly ConductBlade's Edge-US1870
22Getuprock Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US1865
23Wárlock Why So SeriousBlade's Edge-US1857
24Darkkheartt  Blade's Edge-US1847
25Bucko Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US1841
26Kewche KâRMABlade's Edge-US1821
27Purplethundr  Blade's Edge-US1804
28Tyreth DeJaVuBlade's Edge-US1801Not updated
29Shadowsteak Chaos RisenBlade's Edge-US1797
30Asteris Disorderly ConductBlade's Edge-US1795
31Jåggår  Blade's Edge-US1786
32Elvpáw Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US1767
33Munster Disorderly ConductBlade's Edge-US1763
34Epictokyo  Blade's Edge-US1750
35Artox Attorney at LawBlade's Edge-US1734
36Thalena Disorderly ConductBlade's Edge-US1730
37Alliara United and HonoredBlade's Edge-US1716Not updated
38Oldsoul Alter EgoBlade's Edge-US1712
39Straylight Unholy AppetiteBlade's Edge-US1710
40Headdownnrun  Blade's Edge-US1696
41Dragonlancer  Blade's Edge-US1686Not updated
42Eumetharlium UCORPBlade's Edge-US1681
43Dbm Twice ShyBlade's Edge-US1676Not updated
44Anemone Attorney at LawBlade's Edge-US1670
45Brutalbul Chaos RisenBlade's Edge-US1656
46Catastros DeJaVuBlade's Edge-US1655
47Bunnykills Log HorizonBlade's Edge-US1646Not updated
48Blínd LegacyBlade's Edge-US1632
49Jonstamos Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US1617
50Carpevitam The Starship EnterpriseBlade's Edge-US1525Not updated
51Shallandra  Blade's Edge-US1511
51Jadelillah The DignifiedBlade's Edge-US1511
53Puddinpantz Venimus Vidimus DefuimusBlade's Edge-US1500
54Nîghtmarez Venimus Vidimus DefuimusBlade's Edge-US1482
55Rockisliger Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US1470
56Brimir Sands of TimeBlade's Edge-US1340
56Betazero  Blade's Edge-US1340
58Dalegribble  Blade's Edge-US1335
59Orcfùry pepperidge farmBlade's Edge-US1325
60Mewmews The DignifiedBlade's Edge-US1315
61Bowexpert pepperidge farmBlade's Edge-US1307
62Moonstaff Sands of TimeBlade's Edge-US1283
63Mïleycyrus The DignifiedBlade's Edge-US1151
64Acesoblwc  Blade's Edge-US1149
65Impulse The DignifiedBlade's Edge-US1148
66Tobacco ArchetypeBlade's Edge-US960
66Earthtalon Lords of the MistBlade's Edge-US960
68Moolan Internet Monster SlayersBlade's Edge-US959
68Feralz Armored CrusadersBlade's Edge-US959
68Hackett Disorderly ConductBlade's Edge-US959
68Alibomaye just grapefruit himBlade's Edge-US959
72Ripster United and HonoredBlade's Edge-US939
73Tosên pepperidge farmBlade's Edge-US768
73Spankynate The DignifiedBlade's Edge-US768
73Nastytaint Alliance AnnihilatorsBlade's Edge-US768
73Hordesdagger Tabula RasaBlade's Edge-US768
73Yuichi RuinBlade's Edge-US768
73Pokketheals Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US768
79Julongfu The DignifiedBlade's Edge-US767
80Saiku Sands of TimeBlade's Edge-US763
81Knucklebone The Oda ClanBlade's Edge-US576
81Støned Snakes on a ZeppelinBlade's Edge-US576
81Deltra ExileBlade's Edge-US576
81Gohrok Eçstacy of GøldBlade's Edge-US576
81Cåitlyn Venimus Vidimus DefuimusBlade's Edge-US576
81Mizery Eçstacy of GøldBlade's Edge-US576
81Imalittleop The DignifiedBlade's Edge-US576
81Razoc Eçstacy of GøldBlade's Edge-US576
81Glitched The DignifiedBlade's Edge-US576
81Soloable Edge of the EmpireBlade's Edge-US576
81Prøxy The DignifiedBlade's Edge-US576
92Leondis Sands of TimeBlade's Edge-US575
92Zar Manifest ÐestinyBlade's Edge-US575
94Parsonsbro Pain in the AzerothBlade's Edge-US384
94Kelevera Disorderly ConductBlade's Edge-US384
94Angizolo Attorney at LawBlade's Edge-US384
94Skreetch Disorderly ConductBlade's Edge-US384
94Missmeanypan Kings Of MortalityBlade's Edge-US384
94Cameronlee The DignifiedBlade's Edge-US384
94Skytallon Lords of the MistBlade's Edge-US384

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