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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blade's Edge-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Swunk Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU2175Not updated
2Fanboy The New LightBlade's Edge-EU2132Not updated
3Bliksems ReunitedBlade's Edge-EU2095Not updated
4Deblo BiSBlade's Edge-EU1942Not updated
5Mamamojo  Blade's Edge-EU1909Not updated
6Antonchigur Team ABlade's Edge-EU1883Not updated
7Thurins  Blade's Edge-EU1882Not updated
8Kalthon GladiatorBlade's Edge-EU1873Not updated
9Imageination UníqueBlade's Edge-EU1835Not updated
10Vyraal Gladiators IncBlade's Edge-EU1826Not updated
11Petija Useless but BeautifulBlade's Edge-EU1815Not updated
12Snowtuto AllianceBlade's Edge-EU1801Not updated
13Oddin The New LightBlade's Edge-EU1779Not updated
14Randje You Are Not RepairedBlade's Edge-EU1763Not updated
15Lumipallo The New LightBlade's Edge-EU1750Not updated
16Metál Stop Staring At My NoobsBlade's Edge-EU1706Not updated
17Steacÿ Critical MassBlade's Edge-EU1703Not updated
18Balancedqx Freedom EliteBlade's Edge-EU1696Not updated
19Noaha ReunitedBlade's Edge-EU1682Not updated
20Khithkanan Alliance Death DealersBlade's Edge-EU1623Not updated
21Mordonna WalmartBlade's Edge-EU1615Not updated
22Dimitrak Freedom EliteBlade's Edge-EU1574Not updated
23Jazure Unknown LegendsBlade's Edge-EU1334Not updated
24Rewelance ONLY THE BRAVESBlade's Edge-EU1330Not updated
25Wetom Stop Staring At My NoobsBlade's Edge-EU1327Not updated
26Sookmaroot GladiatorBlade's Edge-EU1324Not updated
27Tapoutswe ScepticBlade's Edge-EU1150Not updated
28Jenkoroid The New LightBlade's Edge-EU1147Not updated
29Sylvannas Useless but BeautifulBlade's Edge-EU1139Not updated
30Emroth The KnightsBlade's Edge-EU1124Not updated
31Falof ONLY THE BRAVESBlade's Edge-EU959Not updated
31Wigglepuff The New LightBlade's Edge-EU959Not updated
33Kelmi ONLY THE BRAVESBlade's Edge-EU958Not updated
34Hellzone  Blade's Edge-EU956Not updated
35Senicyl Champions RisingBlade's Edge-EU954Not updated
36Teckerkekker Bound by BloodBlade's Edge-EU768Not updated
36Ownall HONESTYBlade's Edge-EU768Not updated
36Bartho Freedom EliteBlade's Edge-EU768Not updated
39Dépth Freedom EliteBlade's Edge-EU576Not updated
39Monkxdlolqt The New LightBlade's Edge-EU576Not updated
39Bráve ONLY THE BRAVESBlade's Edge-EU576Not updated
39Akox IronicBlade's Edge-EU576Not updated
39Decímus INQUISITIONBlade's Edge-EU576Not updated
39Harmonyz Válhalla RisingBlade's Edge-EU576Not updated
39Loomerililla  Blade's Edge-EU576Not updated
46Shampz Freedom EliteBlade's Edge-EU384Not updated
46Gyftos Válhalla RisingBlade's Edge-EU384Not updated
46Deathagony Válhalla RisingBlade's Edge-EU384Not updated
46Theblades  Blade's Edge-EU384Not updated
46Ilpriestll Champions RisingBlade's Edge-EU384Not updated
46Tryndán INQUISITIONBlade's Edge-EU384Not updated
46Änru Freedom EliteBlade's Edge-EU384Not updated
46Éllá The Unique StarsBlade's Edge-EU384Not updated
46Devilsfáng Válhalla RisingBlade's Edge-EU384Not updated
46Telkar Stop Staring At My NoobsBlade's Edge-EU384Not updated
46Éxørcíst Freedom EliteBlade's Edge-EU384Not updated
57Wierz Rise Of WarcraftBlade's Edge-EU192Not updated
57Asbo UníqueBlade's Edge-EU192Not updated
57Mais ReunitedBlade's Edge-EU192Not updated
57Kromcrush Champions RisingBlade's Edge-EU192Not updated
57Oríon Bound by BloodBlade's Edge-EU192Not updated
57Gypsywitch Champions RisingBlade's Edge-EU192Not updated
57Warandstrife Válhalla RisingBlade's Edge-EU192Not updated
57Squishyspike Freedom EliteBlade's Edge-EU192Not updated
57Morphéus KARMABlade's Edge-EU192Not updated
57Whinston  Blade's Edge-EU192Not updated
57Chébz KARMABlade's Edge-EU192Not updated
57Ñeo MadheadzBlade's Edge-EU192Not updated
69Larfor Team ABlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Tiu Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Zalost Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Ellaj Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Korboa Bound by BloodBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Gradbug The Rose CroixBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Bandycc The KnightsBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Kayrah Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Maxxima INQUISITIONBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Drodlouf Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Zieeg Chill outBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Holycruzader The Unique StarsBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Gupas Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Krahabb SurrealBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Afulm Profanum vulgusBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Manaro S T E L L ABlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Icemanll GladiatorBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Solitatudeon Champions RisingBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Twotasks Champions RisingBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Maman IronicBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Fme GladiatorBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Thuban Critical MassBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Tandestoker PiracyBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Nikolica Srpski VitezoviBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Hithisisdog Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Noblestar Apocalypse GnomeBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Charsi Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Pettilla Blessed By LightBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Tudeon Champions RisingBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Whitejack ReunitedBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Forcefiêld Apocalypse GnomeBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated
69Pumpëd UníqueBlade's Edge-EU0Not updated

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