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Blackrock-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Ricky tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2446
1Skinney  Blackrock-US2446
3Skylordsmom tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2427
4Sharpstorm StormforgedBlackrock-US2410
5Felorea  Blackrock-US2402
6Sebacquious ImmortalBlackrock-US2401
7Jahmilli  Blackrock-US2342
8Thelf DefenestrateBlackrock-US2326
9Dampener  Blackrock-US2323
10Nickolasxo tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2303
11Burbie TOP GUNBlackrock-US2286
12Proxeedotnet We Sell CmodesBlackrock-US2273
13Burb TOP GUNBlackrock-US2267
13Burbz TOP GUNBlackrock-US2267
15Veruz tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2260
15Majx We Sell CmodesBlackrock-US2260
17Noble TOP GUNBlackrock-US2257
18Proxeenet We Sell CmodesBlackrock-US2254
19Eyedeaz tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2251
20Mãj We Sell CmodesBlackrock-US2249
21Xdeepinyou dat cc spamBlackrock-US2241
22Italianna wow can you notBlackrock-US2240
23Truereligion TOP GUNBlackrock-US2239
24Deceev dat cc spamBlackrock-US2237
25Casawndra DefenestrateBlackrock-US2234
26Heiroglyphix tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2225
27Casawn DefenestrateBlackrock-US2224
28Borbizzle Swims in LavaBlackrock-US2208
29Sliçé DefineBlackrock-US2207
30Phegboytko tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2204
31Twoplagues  Blackrock-US2203
31Burbs TOP GUNBlackrock-US2203
33Tsug TOP GUNBlackrock-US2198Not updated
34Itzdxd tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2192
35Krucîalz tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2191
36Sìerich tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2188
37Gaanjax wow can you notBlackrock-US2181
38Meatballer tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2178
39Lyfex Like White on RiceBlackrock-US2171
40Laros tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2167
40Atriis dat cc spamBlackrock-US2167
42Honeypewpew BlacklistBlackrock-US2161
43Doråä BlacklistBlackrock-US2158
44Zoomsoslow TriboBlackrock-US2156
45Imsasquatchz  Blackrock-US2153
46Zoomsofast TriboBlackrock-US2152
47Majinmike  Blackrock-US2151
48Asapweedjohn Snugz Twerk TeamBlackrock-US2150
49Freezeqt tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2148
49Mojadô BlacklistBlackrock-US2148
51Dusktide Bloodshed EclipseBlackrock-US2139
52Phegboyswag BlacklistBlackrock-US2137
53Dathcon TriboBlackrock-US2130
54Tuchhie Forceable EntryBlackrock-US2127
55Eazemonster TOP GUNBlackrock-US2126
55Drymike TOP GUNBlackrock-US2126
55Saidenx EliteBlackrock-US2126
58Shompy tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2121
59Buffies  Blackrock-US2116
60Mâj We Sell CmodesBlackrock-US2115
61Pyroticqt BlacklistBlackrock-US2112
61Franklenz tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2112
61Shatterpants tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2112
64Ponjisnu VividBlackrock-US2111
65Unbreak BlacklistBlackrock-US2110Not updated
66Rawdogprince BlacklistBlackrock-US2109
67Zendiesel dat cc spamBlackrock-US2102
68Zoomqt TriboBlackrock-US2101
69Kandiekuts BlacklistBlackrock-US2100
70Bosskatt SHIELDBlackrock-US2099
70Lazyslugg TOP GUNBlackrock-US2099
72Ydog tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2098
73Ovaryactin  Blackrock-US2097
73Mikeoxlon Heretics of the HordeBlackrock-US2097
75Jacuzzi tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2096
76Johnnydeppx  Blackrock-US2095
77Voda OceanBlackrock-US2094
78Psiclobin BlacklistBlackrock-US2093
79Kurske tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2086
80Flashkick Bloodshed EclipseBlackrock-US2085
81Stîfy BlacklistBlackrock-US2083
81Flowxo  Blackrock-US2083
83Locris Try HardsBlackrock-US2082
84Raymundo BlacklistBlackrock-US2079
84Yson Death In Every WayBlackrock-US2079
84Dceev dat cc spamBlackrock-US2079
87Oriqinal tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2078
88Eightroad DefenestrateBlackrock-US2073
89Sukmahdemon BlacklistBlackrock-US2072Not updated
90Staticxztko OverratedBlackrock-US2070
90Zoomdk tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2070
92Benji tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2069
93Elbejay Deviate BankBlackrock-US2067
94Rejuvinyou dat cc spamBlackrock-US2065
95Moriárty OverratedBlackrock-US2061
96Raidlootkill tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2060
97Drjakethomas tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2058
97Docwatson BlackLotusBlackrock-US2058
99Hopkíns RequiemBlackrock-US2057
99Cptpanda HellBlackrock-US2057

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