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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Ellister Think DifferentBlackrock-EU2649Not updated
2Tumyx âçrøbâtîç ðøgzBlackrock-EU2577Not updated
3Bèástly  Blackrock-EU2558Not updated
4Martey âçrøbâtîç ðøgzBlackrock-EU2521Not updated
5Melchias Dark PassionBlackrock-EU2519Not updated
6Aurâyâ Urbi et OrbiBlackrock-EU2516Not updated
7Dijah  Blackrock-EU2515Not updated
8Røxxõr âçrøbâtîç ðøgzBlackrock-EU2508Not updated
9Tenzingyatso âçrøbâtîç ðøgzBlackrock-EU2499Not updated
10Minibox guarDBlackrock-EU2489Not updated
11Télèfonjoker âçrøbâtîç ðøgzBlackrock-EU2488Not updated
12Bloodyee JUNG BRUTAL GUTAUSSEHENDBlackrock-EU2471Not updated
13Xupaig âçrøbâtîç ðøgzBlackrock-EU2470Not updated
14Bloodyé IOO PROZENT FARMSTATUSBlackrock-EU2459Not updated
15Jilliane l Impulse lBlackrock-EU2447Not updated
16Riotbox  Blackrock-EU2432Not updated
17Priam BÄÄMBlackrock-EU2422Not updated
18Kärriegold PENTA SportsBlackrock-EU2415Not updated
19Grimegh Ganz großes TennisBlackrock-EU2414Not updated
20Adéline hey imf iedlerBlackrock-EU2413Not updated
21Sebbostyle ChrôniclesBlackrock-EU2402Not updated
22Lockybalboa Battlefield TouristsBlackrock-EU2395Not updated
23Walterwhite JUST IGNORINGBlackrock-EU2390Not updated
24Sebborator reverenceBlackrock-EU2385Not updated
25Thajine Honorless TargetBlackrock-EU2384Not updated
26Skumbaglerra Girls should be HealersBlackrock-EU2368Not updated
27Wuddyboss IOO PROZENT FARMSTATUSBlackrock-EU2366Not updated
28Zazou Copyright by PvPBlackrock-EU2365Not updated
29Henker HelionBlackrock-EU2360Not updated
30Tapadh  Blackrock-EU2358Not updated
31Frosttüte ProudBlackrock-EU2357Not updated
32Paladizia  Blackrock-EU2355Not updated
32Shruxx âçrøbâtîç ðøgzBlackrock-EU2355Not updated
34Bloodyxz IOO PROZENT FARMSTATUSBlackrock-EU2354Not updated
35Bizibis  Blackrock-EU2350Not updated
36Xourin Copyright by PvPBlackrock-EU2347Not updated
37Rockyxy Urbi et OrbiBlackrock-EU2346Not updated
38Shapevil I Like MudlsBlackrock-EU2343Not updated
38Zuazney queueBlackrock-EU2343Not updated
40Sîlîas Copyright by PvPBlackrock-EU2340Not updated
41Diviyo Überlegene GenetikBlackrock-EU2337Not updated
42Discolol a few good menBlackrock-EU2330Not updated
43Røtze Copyright by PvPBlackrock-EU2328Not updated
44Häkkinen Urbi et OrbiBlackrock-EU2324Not updated
45Vexus reverenceBlackrock-EU2311Not updated
45Brwl Überlegene GenetikBlackrock-EU2311Not updated
47Xzyzz Feelin CuteBlackrock-EU2310Not updated
47Bloodyéé IOO PROZENT FARMSTATUSBlackrock-EU2310Not updated
49Thorasobär DER GERÄT XYBlackrock-EU2309Not updated
50Erynîel reverenceBlackrock-EU2305Not updated
51Battletaure The UnnamedBlackrock-EU2304Not updated
51Kaleera l Impulse lBlackrock-EU2304Not updated
51Belletaín EradicateBlackrock-EU2304Not updated
54Jîraíya at least we took stableBlackrock-EU2301Not updated
55Voktan  Blackrock-EU2299Not updated
56Xertul Copyright by PvPBlackrock-EU2297Not updated
56Trillercrack âçrøbâtîç ðøgzBlackrock-EU2297Not updated
58Høraklîøn âçrøbâtîç ðøgzBlackrock-EU2295Not updated
59Sebborize ChrôniclesBlackrock-EU2293Not updated
60Bubblechen The UnnamedBlackrock-EU2284Not updated
61Còw TeamKoreaBlackrock-EU2282Not updated
62Quetzalcøatl âçrøbâtîç ðøgzBlackrock-EU2281Not updated
63Liom  Blackrock-EU2280Not updated
64Bilzé reverenceBlackrock-EU2277Not updated
65Azadoth Honorless TargetBlackrock-EU2275Not updated
66Symphonicx ApøcalypseBlackrock-EU2273Not updated
66Spychøtærrør Self Help GroupBlackrock-EU2273Not updated
68Gøagil Battlefield TouristsBlackrock-EU2269Not updated
69Tidez queueBlackrock-EU2267Not updated
70Bloodyó JUNG BRUTAL GUTAUSSEHENDBlackrock-EU2266Not updated
70Northicx  Blackrock-EU2266Not updated
70Cyantix a few good menBlackrock-EU2266Not updated
70Schorég No rl but SkillBlackrock-EU2266Not updated
74Nodox Überlegene GenetikBlackrock-EU2265Not updated
75Deerzx  Blackrock-EU2264Not updated
75Xatoyo a wild Guild appearsBlackrock-EU2264Not updated
75Critlolxy In die AnnaBlackrock-EU2264Not updated
78Drlové Self Help GroupBlackrock-EU2263Not updated
79Ghettoblyád Urbi et OrbiBlackrock-EU2261Not updated
80Clânkz Passion SquadBlackrock-EU2257Not updated
81Jezzica Passion SquadBlackrock-EU2256Not updated
82Sétos Copyright by PvPBlackrock-EU2250Not updated
82Onecritlol R I PBlackrock-EU2250Not updated
84Ztarbuckz Blood RainBlackrock-EU2245Not updated
85Iraé Honorless TargetBlackrock-EU2243Not updated
86Tzanesh ßløøðwïñðBlackrock-EU2242Not updated
87Spawñ TeamKoreaBlackrock-EU2240Not updated
88Crashnburn PoM TischBlackrock-EU2239Not updated
89Jaboú Battlefield TouristsBlackrock-EU2238Not updated
90Chuky IOO PROZENT FARMSTATUSBlackrock-EU2237Not updated
90Nerodox BÄÄMBlackrock-EU2237Not updated
90Levo Feelin CuteBlackrock-EU2237Not updated
93Venir TeamKoreaBlackrock-EU2236Not updated
94Nickmick Oh my GodnessBlackrock-EU2235Not updated
95Noctieux HelionBlackrock-EU2234Not updated
96Trîllex reverenceBlackrock-EU2233Not updated
96Pfirsichkérn Urbi et OrbiBlackrock-EU2233Not updated
96Àrias AeonicBlackrock-EU2233Not updated
99Xinira AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU2231Not updated
99Nerfdkplx Battlefield TouristsBlackrock-EU2231Not updated

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