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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Bruhgly tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2611Not updated
2Skinney  Blackrock-US2577Not updated
3Ricky tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2576Not updated
4Felorea  Blackrock-US2509Not updated
5Fountainmage Washed UpBlackrock-US2498Not updated
6Kelliexo DefenestrateBlackrock-US2487Not updated
7Veruz tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2482Not updated
8Røsaparks We Sell CmodesBlackrock-US2433Not updated
9Gaanjax  Blackrock-US2428Not updated
10Casawn DefenestrateBlackrock-US2425Not updated
11Psyfiendx  Blackrock-US2423Not updated
12Proxeedotnet DefenestrateBlackrock-US2412Not updated
12Smallafrican  Blackrock-US2412Not updated
14Dmtsoulx  Blackrock-US2405Not updated
15Franklintc tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2401Not updated
16Burbie TOP GUNBlackrock-US2392Not updated
17Rockerr DefenestrateBlackrock-US2389Not updated
18Burbs TOP GUNBlackrock-US2384Not updated
19Màjx We Sell CmodesBlackrock-US2378Not updated
20Burb TOP GUNBlackrock-US2375Not updated
21Thelf DefenestrateBlackrock-US2371Not updated
21Deceev dat cc spamBlackrock-US2371Not updated
23Kanyeast tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2344Not updated
24Laros tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2325Not updated
25Asapweedjohn  Blackrock-US2319Not updated
26Zil tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2305Not updated
27Weedflayx wow can you notBlackrock-US2304Not updated
28Felgibson  Blackrock-US2303Not updated
28Burbz TOP GUNBlackrock-US2303Not updated
30Key ReformBlackrock-US2301Not updated
30Cooldotsbro Gloriously ExiledBlackrock-US2301Not updated
32Sìerich wow can you notBlackrock-US2299Not updated
33Dceev dat cc spamBlackrock-US2285Not updated
34Statîcxz We Sell CmodesBlackrock-US2283Not updated
35Mâj We Sell CmodesBlackrock-US2278Not updated
36Truereligion TOP GUNBlackrock-US2260Not updated
36Raidlootkill tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2260Not updated
38Majx We Sell CmodesBlackrock-US2254Not updated
39Ilovescoops tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2253Not updated
39Río Heavy HandsBlackrock-US2253Not updated
41Sdiaêvahuoy SHE WANTS THE DBlackrock-US2244Not updated
41Bubbles  Blackrock-US2244Not updated
43Italianna  Blackrock-US2240Not updated
44Dumblich Heavy BreathingBlackrock-US2237Not updated
45Bosskatt SHIELDBlackrock-US2236Not updated
45Mãj We Sell CmodesBlackrock-US2236Not updated
47Yurimvp DefenestrateBlackrock-US2234Not updated
47Necrolordx  Blackrock-US2234Not updated
49Reefercheefr Cøøkie BøngsterBlackrock-US2230Not updated
49Phegboyswag BlacklistBlackrock-US2230Not updated
51Syntha VanguardBlackrock-US2229Not updated
52Cclockdown Heavy BreathingBlackrock-US2225Not updated
53Mirakool tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2221Not updated
54Snapelf RegicideBlackrock-US2219Not updated
55Krucîalz tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2215Not updated
55Zendiesel dat cc spamBlackrock-US2215Not updated
57Abandonctrl MOUNTED DAILYBlackrock-US2213Not updated
57Dingo  Blackrock-US2213Not updated
59Firechronic  Blackrock-US2212Not updated
60Healsmore LegionariesBlackrock-US2210Not updated
61Talvi VanguardBlackrock-US2209Not updated
62Havocx dat cc spamBlackrock-US2208Not updated
63Vinter VanguardBlackrock-US2207Not updated
63Shadowowns PVP MafiaBlackrock-US2207Not updated
63Sliçé DefineBlackrock-US2207Not updated
63Eyesforguys tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2207Not updated
67Feygboytko DiabolicBlackrock-US2206Not updated
67Dmtwave  Blackrock-US2206Not updated
69Nohatexoxo Fourth DimensionBlackrock-US2205Not updated
69Zug VanguardBlackrock-US2205Not updated
71Breezy tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2204Not updated
72Twoplagues tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2203Not updated
73Eightroad DefenestrateBlackrock-US2201Not updated
73Bobonuke Team ThougsBlackrock-US2201Not updated
73Statïcxz Game OverBlackrock-US2201Not updated
76Wreckstorm AkiraBlackrock-US2196Not updated
77Weeddano  Blackrock-US2195Not updated
77Devotion dat cc spamBlackrock-US2195Not updated
79Chuwe dat cc spamBlackrock-US2192Not updated
79Endless ReformBlackrock-US2192Not updated
79Yboy tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2192Not updated
82Meatballer tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2183Not updated
83Lokhen Team ThougsBlackrock-US2180Not updated
84Itzdxd Team ThougsBlackrock-US2178Not updated
85Lokhann Team ThougsBlackrock-US2177Not updated
86Scumshot tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2175Not updated
87Hopkíns DeceptionBlackrock-US2168Not updated
88Minneh SignalElevenBlackrock-US2165Not updated
89Icyflow Less Than ThreeBlackrock-US2164Not updated
89Gálanoth Death In Every WayBlackrock-US2164Not updated
89Nerfburger Heavy BreathingBlackrock-US2164Not updated
92Chaospk Less Than ThreeBlackrock-US2162Not updated
93Atriis dat cc spamBlackrock-US2160Not updated
94Mendinyou dat cc spamBlackrock-US2158Not updated
95Fluffins Team ThougsBlackrock-US2154Not updated
95Becausè We Sell CmodesBlackrock-US2154Not updated
97Yson tweet holinkaBlackrock-US2151Not updated
98Kallàh AmplifyBlackrock-US2149Not updated
99Sozoned Heavy BreathingBlackrock-US2148Not updated
100Rastaration Standard DeviationBlackrock-US2147Not updated

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