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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Blackmoore-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Âññâ  Blackmoore-EU2586Not updated
2Kornz Coming to GankBlackmoore-EU2485Not updated
3Sîrloxley Massive PvPBlackmoore-EU2480
4Teverion SchwarzdrachengardeBlackmoore-EU2476
5Mattes Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU2461
6Elinduil BosshaftBlackmoore-EU2421
7Crzia SUPERHEROSQUADBlackmoore-EU2376Not updated
8Niike Coming to GankBlackmoore-EU2362Not updated
9Nyshrâ HöllenreiterBlackmoore-EU2336Not updated
10Fleckenpaula S Key to WinBlackmoore-EU2329Not updated
11Bedolf Multi FußknechtBlackmoore-EU2327
12Xavinlol Pepperoni LoversBlackmoore-EU2317
13Knosso TempestBlackmoore-EU2310
14Wuddylolz Abtrünnige der AllianzBlackmoore-EU2309
15Xbit UltramarinesBlackmoore-EU2308
15Ofrael zerøBlackmoore-EU2308
17Thyz al capwneBlackmoore-EU2304Not updated
18Bla  Blackmoore-EU2298Not updated
19Skenz BosshaftBlackmoore-EU2292Not updated
20Holypwuist Warlord of DraenorBlackmoore-EU2290
21Sorrøw BosshaftBlackmoore-EU2287Not updated
22Krischñack  Blackmoore-EU2281
23Lòran TempestBlackmoore-EU2278
24Zayxq Libre o MuerteBlackmoore-EU2265Not updated
25Shamua The FinalCouncilBlackmoore-EU2262
25Alithea Beyond the SummitBlackmoore-EU2262Not updated
25Tìrion  Blackmoore-EU2262Not updated
28Milidell  Blackmoore-EU2259Not updated
29Tailjin BosshaftBlackmoore-EU2256Not updated
29Kissyøuqt givin loveBlackmoore-EU2256
29Mufmz givin loveBlackmoore-EU2256
32Kyritswaglol givin loveBlackmoore-EU2248
33Mufm givin loveBlackmoore-EU2247
34Incarimo EndzeitBlackmoore-EU2246
35Ârahan Boiling BloodBlackmoore-EU2245Not updated
36Fenolia InquisitionBlackmoore-EU2239
37Pappnas BosshaftBlackmoore-EU2234Not updated
37Æçøð RagequitBlackmoore-EU2234
39Knossbert TempestBlackmoore-EU2233
40Abraxis Hope n DespairBlackmoore-EU2230
41Noramun FactBlackmoore-EU2228Not updated
42Jâkita Boiling BloodBlackmoore-EU2226Not updated
43Ayra FotmplayBlackmoore-EU2224Not updated
44Dämíen Coming to GankBlackmoore-EU2222Not updated
44Hammerelli  Blackmoore-EU2222Not updated
46Quivazzaya givin loveBlackmoore-EU2220
46Casuality InfernalBlackmoore-EU2220Not updated
46Imweedy BosshaftBlackmoore-EU2220
49Alunyah givin loveBlackmoore-EU2217
50Idk ProfectusBlackmoore-EU2215Not updated
51ßluejr Coming to GankBlackmoore-EU2214Not updated
51Ameno BosshaftBlackmoore-EU2214Not updated
53Schlafmohn InfamousBlackmoore-EU2213
53Sellissa Coming to GankBlackmoore-EU2213Not updated
55Ramì Female Body InspectorsBlackmoore-EU2212
55Bãdman  Blackmoore-EU2212Not updated
55Jebîga BosshaftBlackmoore-EU2212Not updated
58Swagin givin loveBlackmoore-EU2211
59Riukki givin loveBlackmoore-EU2207
59Chkn givin loveBlackmoore-EU2207
61Satisfied FotmplayBlackmoore-EU2206Not updated
62Fàncy BosshaftBlackmoore-EU2205Not updated
63Jakï Enrage CrewBlackmoore-EU2204Not updated
63Rawrlock  Blackmoore-EU2204Not updated
63Idc ProfectusBlackmoore-EU2204Not updated
66Løokatme MythBlackmoore-EU2203Not updated
67Znooky Female Body InspectorsBlackmoore-EU2202
67Sapprise ANGELSTRIKEBlackmoore-EU2202Not updated
67Imdizzy Multi FußknechtBlackmoore-EU2202
67Anarki the FinestBlackmoore-EU2202
71Raüber TimelessBlackmoore-EU2201Not updated
71Fanaiya BosshaftBlackmoore-EU2201Not updated
73Nookyana gemachtes NestBlackmoore-EU2199
74Sházz Pepperoni LoversBlackmoore-EU2196
75Téyra Not In My HouseBlackmoore-EU2195Not updated
76Tikali Voodoo PuppiesBlackmoore-EU2191
77Rastalolz  Blackmoore-EU2188Not updated
78Jaisklar  Blackmoore-EU2187Not updated
79Healherz Army of HardcoreBlackmoore-EU2184
80Páblø BosshaftBlackmoore-EU2181Not updated
81Riby  Blackmoore-EU2177Not updated
81Kalgram No LimitBlackmoore-EU2177Not updated
83Azubu givin loveBlackmoore-EU2176
84Rumblebumble  Blackmoore-EU2175Not updated
85Sallyshaxd givin loveBlackmoore-EU2173Not updated
86Vool givin loveBlackmoore-EU2170
87Funnal PunisherBlackmoore-EU2169
88Enéll  Blackmoore-EU2165Not updated
88Kuhbana  Blackmoore-EU2165Not updated
90Kuhpílot Enrage CrewBlackmoore-EU2164Not updated
91Fearfünf Du hälst dein SchnautzBlackmoore-EU2161Not updated
92Lharje Not In My HouseBlackmoore-EU2158Not updated
93Nosense BosshaftBlackmoore-EU2157Not updated
94Thræx BosshaftBlackmoore-EU2155Not updated
94Juicyfire BosshaftBlackmoore-EU2155Not updated
96Mojokelthar Mojobro CompanyBlackmoore-EU2154Not updated
97Flud BosshaftBlackmoore-EU2153Not updated
98Roguetastic Kein Bier for FearBlackmoore-EU2152Not updated
99Velmónt  Blackmoore-EU2151Not updated
99Speédy Not In My HouseBlackmoore-EU2151Not updated

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