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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Blackhand-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Apojin Die Wächter der SchattenBlackhand-EU2626
2Meganfoxoxo Monkey BusinessBlackhand-EU2439Not updated
3Isarai SapientisBlackhand-EU2373Not updated
4Laundry The EpicsBlackhand-EU2304Not updated
4Rockshót  Blackhand-EU2304Not updated
6Kazuun TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU2272Not updated
7Platzgo Controversial DecisionBlackhand-EU2267Not updated
8Shamebunny BloodlustBlackhand-EU2240Not updated
9Mazréd noneBlackhand-EU2239Not updated
10Skêlêtôr Burning ChinchillasBlackhand-EU2234Not updated
11Philotres Burning ChinchillasBlackhand-EU2230
12Izumar Controversial DecisionBlackhand-EU2229Not updated
13Mikáà Infinitum AeternitasBlackhand-EU2226
14Mazred noneBlackhand-EU2220Not updated
15Phoffer Monkey BusinessBlackhand-EU2218Not updated
16Nüsse LóTusBlackhand-EU2216
16Zérro Controversial DecisionBlackhand-EU2216Not updated
16Phenomina In TenebrisBlackhand-EU2216
19Fîrun eplexBlackhand-EU2214
20Jayses Random Raid MafiaBlackhand-EU2210Not updated
21Edolol Infernal troopBlackhand-EU2208Not updated
22Ahiko LóTusBlackhand-EU2207
23Drjayfisto Random Raid MafiaBlackhand-EU2205
23Snikch SapientisBlackhand-EU2205Not updated
25Youngbløød HostileBlackhand-EU2204Not updated
26Alleyesonme Random Raid MafiaBlackhand-EU2203
27Jaystruction Random Raid MafiaBlackhand-EU2200Not updated
28Avalena I Friendship Is Magic IBlackhand-EU2197
29Dkbunny BloodlustBlackhand-EU2188
29Tarînf UtopieBlackhand-EU2188Not updated
31Zaì HayvansBlackhand-EU2182Not updated
32Tuciina  Blackhand-EU2161Not updated
33Pentà HayvansBlackhand-EU2140
34Zérrø Controversial DecisionBlackhand-EU2116Not updated
35Ràmmar SecundaniBlackhand-EU2112Not updated
35Kiwieis Wild InstinctBlackhand-EU2112Not updated
37Aiza LóTusBlackhand-EU2110
37Kotvernichta HayvansBlackhand-EU2110
39Tuciino  Blackhand-EU2108Not updated
40Fiitch HostileBlackhand-EU2107Not updated
40Rhesusfaktor LóTusBlackhand-EU2107
42Mÿstt Dark SpeciesBlackhand-EU2101
43Seldsal ImpactBlackhand-EU2098
44Harû  Blackhand-EU2096Not updated
45Critsher HayvansBlackhand-EU2092
46Pandadancer HayvansBlackhand-EU2091
46Dodtcom LóTusBlackhand-EU2091
48Killerkröte HayvansBlackhand-EU2090Not updated
48Ásuná HayvansBlackhand-EU2090Not updated
50Bärenstark murderous frenzyBlackhand-EU2089
51Blacklêaf Mächtig viel MojoBlackhand-EU2088Not updated
51Pestklaue WeltenbummlerBlackhand-EU2088
53Lêylâ Töchter der NachtBlackhand-EU2083Not updated
54Thrizlol BrokenBlackhand-EU2079Not updated
55Elsder eplexBlackhand-EU2078
55Edololz OnFireBlackhand-EU2078Not updated
57Talítha Last TryBlackhand-EU2068Not updated
58Diaboloss Controversial DecisionBlackhand-EU2066Not updated
59Pûmba Reditio PravumBlackhand-EU2059Not updated
60Szkaar OnFireBlackhand-EU2058
61Qrankx nilBlackhand-EU2056Not updated
62Touchee LóTusBlackhand-EU2055
62Rôshân Monkey BusinessBlackhand-EU2055Not updated
64Venysil ImpactBlackhand-EU2053
65Namaah HayvansBlackhand-EU2049
66Reapocalypse BloodforgedBlackhand-EU2043Not updated
67Drodo Viva los TiozBlackhand-EU2040Not updated
67Grâm Controversial DecisionBlackhand-EU2040Not updated
69Cainia HayvansBlackhand-EU2036Not updated
70Rockatz LóTusBlackhand-EU2034
71Crythês Think PínkBlackhand-EU2032Not updated
72Mazq noneBlackhand-EU2030Not updated
73Burzel OMG they Killed KennyBlackhand-EU2029Not updated
74Vastaro  Blackhand-EU2028Not updated
75Tramonti TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU2026Not updated
75Iain E L Y S I O NBlackhand-EU2026Not updated
77Icymagic Next plsBlackhand-EU2025Not updated
77Gorescream BloodforgedBlackhand-EU2025Not updated
79Arilea in exordiumBlackhand-EU2024Not updated
79Boxinggirl Circle of ProphetsBlackhand-EU2024Not updated
81Siçkz Against all OddsBlackhand-EU2022
81Pustl LóTusBlackhand-EU2022
81Kharnesh Project XBlackhand-EU2022
84Thrizer BrokenBlackhand-EU2018Not updated
85Øô LóTusBlackhand-EU2013
86Greenvelvet LóTusBlackhand-EU2011
87Shadrasi LóTusBlackhand-EU2010
88Khenna  Blackhand-EU2006Not updated
89Mecci Reditio PravumBlackhand-EU2005Not updated
90Antitrust Crowd ControlBlackhand-EU2004
91Elsas E L Y S I O NBlackhand-EU2003Not updated
91Sólidus E L Y S I O NBlackhand-EU2003Not updated
93Crysteliah LóTusBlackhand-EU2002
94Stolás LóTusBlackhand-EU2001
95Metalljacksn FateBlackhand-EU2000Not updated
95Xamî Töchter der NachtBlackhand-EU2000Not updated
97Drakaz  Blackhand-EU1996Not updated
98Bulana zergtBlackhand-EU1993Not updated
99Pitbullix MadfrogGamingBlackhand-EU1992
100Myestig  Blackhand-EU1991Not updated

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