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Black Dragonflight-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Boat MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US2289
2Arcangon EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US2285
3Lantaroth MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US2206
4Steveø  Black Dragonflight-US2200
5Pyroblitz ReverenceBlack Dragonflight-US2092Not updated
6Infinus PvP HerosBlack Dragonflight-US2077
7Deathsnaps MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US2065
8Battleharpy MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US2053
9Caze SurrealityBlack Dragonflight-US2051Not updated
10Chinamon  Black Dragonflight-US2050
11Gumbyrocker Sick by ÐefinitionBlack Dragonflight-US2045
12Izbiar ReverenceBlack Dragonflight-US2041
13Stoopêdfays RecklessBlack Dragonflight-US2039
13Jaciegrace KillërsBlack Dragonflight-US2039
15Isodus MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US2024
16Cheifkelso ReverenceBlack Dragonflight-US2018
17Drznae EchelonBlack Dragonflight-US2013
18Getonme  Black Dragonflight-US2012
19Bodhu PvP HerosBlack Dragonflight-US2010
20Papercat Miss NobodyBlack Dragonflight-US2006
21Mâst Team DaggerBlack Dragonflight-US2002
22Sidiuos RetrospectBlack Dragonflight-US1990
22Bite UnforseenBlack Dragonflight-US1990
24Wickedclownx MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US1989
25Arkhon  Black Dragonflight-US1980
26Stenchtrench PvP HerosBlack Dragonflight-US1979
27Lÿf BDF AllstarsBlack Dragonflight-US1977
28Selunis Novus InitiumBlack Dragonflight-US1968
29Thelonenarf  Black Dragonflight-US1955
30Juðgemental Novus InitiumBlack Dragonflight-US1944
31Pvplegendz PvP HerosBlack Dragonflight-US1941
32Ïnk Miss NobodyBlack Dragonflight-US1940
33Viy SurrealityBlack Dragonflight-US1939
34Mîké BDF AllstarsBlack Dragonflight-US1934
35Dontdotmebro  Black Dragonflight-US1931
36Langsam Levelling GuildBlack Dragonflight-US1927
37Datsikk PvP HerosBlack Dragonflight-US1926
38Mastawarlok  Black Dragonflight-US1925
39Lankaster  Black Dragonflight-US1923
40Quelthanas Last ExileBlack Dragonflight-US1922
41Plânkton Dream TeamBlack Dragonflight-US1921
42Guerrera The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1910
43Fnatikz is ProBlack Dragonflight-US1908Not updated
44Fnatik is ProBlack Dragonflight-US1907
45Tells SRGBlack Dragonflight-US1899
46Fartbubble  Black Dragonflight-US1897Not updated
47Rockkastle ADXBlack Dragonflight-US1895
48Defilth RetrospectBlack Dragonflight-US1894
49Dróod Dream TeamBlack Dragonflight-US1891
50Swegginit MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US1885
50Beatfeet  Black Dragonflight-US1885
52Imthedopest PvP HerosBlack Dragonflight-US1882
53Morongo HeartlessBlack Dragonflight-US1876
54Rikez The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1870
54Ariatari The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1870
56Wwbeastboyww The Dirty HordeBlack Dragonflight-US1869
57Tova MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US1867
57Thaliesious  Black Dragonflight-US1867
59Ærtai  Black Dragonflight-US1866
60Realus The Dirty HordeBlack Dragonflight-US1865
60Vënom Dream TeamBlack Dragonflight-US1865Not updated
62Dustee  Black Dragonflight-US1862
63Zallafiel The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1857
63Danksauce  Black Dragonflight-US1857
63Bobby PvP HerosBlack Dragonflight-US1857
66Galathor MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US1852
66Magnamalo DepartedBlack Dragonflight-US1852Not updated
66Bagofdirt  Black Dragonflight-US1852
69Hoylmoly  Black Dragonflight-US1849
69Gabrin PvP HerosBlack Dragonflight-US1849
69Chaøsbølt The Dirty HordeBlack Dragonflight-US1849
72Chadww FHBlack Dragonflight-US1848
73Dimman The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1846
74Rickiebobby PvP HerosBlack Dragonflight-US1842
75Mërker Dream TeamBlack Dragonflight-US1841Not updated
76Balanaar JaegersBlack Dragonflight-US1835Not updated
77Krisz Exercitus OblivionisBlack Dragonflight-US1831Not updated
78Blazinvenom  Black Dragonflight-US1829Not updated
78Ðøä PvP HerosBlack Dragonflight-US1829Not updated
80Deathbear ADXBlack Dragonflight-US1828
81Vonfleurer  Black Dragonflight-US1826
82Deathtoya PvP HerosBlack Dragonflight-US1825
83Bustabust  Black Dragonflight-US1824
84Décès  Black Dragonflight-US1823
85Codyray  Black Dragonflight-US1821Not updated
86Bristyn PvP HerosBlack Dragonflight-US1814Not updated
87Dcrypt  Black Dragonflight-US1813
88Grimordius  Black Dragonflight-US1812
89Xaioling  Black Dragonflight-US1798
90Mezzy Best Friends ForeverBlack Dragonflight-US1792
90Gseries JFK needed resilBlack Dragonflight-US1792Not updated
92Jontar  Black Dragonflight-US1789Not updated
93Disinterred The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1785
94Døzer PrimeBlack Dragonflight-US1782
94Chëlsif The Dirty HordeBlack Dragonflight-US1782
96Yecalol Best Friends ForeverBlack Dragonflight-US1778
97Tabernak  Black Dragonflight-US1768
98Termnallance Novus InitiumBlack Dragonflight-US1767
98Levera Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US1767
100Skeme RetrospectBlack Dragonflight-US1766

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