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Black Dragonflight-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Buttercupx BDF AllstarsBlack Dragonflight-US2246
2Supcutie BDF AllstarsBlack Dragonflight-US2121
3Bootysmackin BDF AllstarsBlack Dragonflight-US1872
4Jaciegrace KillërsBlack Dragonflight-US1803
5Dimman The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1753
6Roxys  Black Dragonflight-US1749
7Metharian The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1748
8Mîké BDF AllstarsBlack Dragonflight-US1739
9Mattiemonk The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1735
10Doomer BDF AllstarsBlack Dragonflight-US1734
11Disinterred The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1731
12Rahfael The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1722
13Rikez The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1720
14Ariatari The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1716
15Fnatik is ProBlack Dragonflight-US1715
16Eeylops FuseBlack Dragonflight-US1710
17Plantagenet ReverenceBlack Dragonflight-US1705
18Kelthezar The Gank FactoryBlack Dragonflight-US1703
19Natral  Black Dragonflight-US1690Not updated
20Lantaroth MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US1679
21Ïnk Miss NobodyBlack Dragonflight-US1678
22Tova MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US1674
23Izbiar ReverenceBlack Dragonflight-US1665
24Pyroblitz ReverenceBlack Dragonflight-US1663
25Lÿf BDF AllstarsBlack Dragonflight-US1647
26Intrepid MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US1645
26Fnatikz is ProBlack Dragonflight-US1645
28Thaliesious Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US1644
29Zallafiel The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1637
29Stoopêdfays Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US1637
31Hottz Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US1632
32Wickedclownx MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US1623
33Tacokísses The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1618
34Spacepanther  Black Dragonflight-US1616
35Aznakira RefugeBlack Dragonflight-US1612
36Crystalfyre MaraudersBlack Dragonflight-US1608
37Papercat Miss NobodyBlack Dragonflight-US1602
38Niet SurrealityBlack Dragonflight-US1594
39Muster The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1582
40Deynastus Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US1580
41Janitorjudas Calamitous ContentBlack Dragonflight-US1572
42Beatfeet  Black Dragonflight-US1565Not updated
43Wavves Miss NobodyBlack Dragonflight-US1563
44Yecalol Best Friends ForeverBlack Dragonflight-US1559
45Ærtai Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US1552
46Thelonenarf  Black Dragonflight-US1527
47Saviorless The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1516
47Totemswag Miss NobodyBlack Dragonflight-US1516Not updated
49Aerandir Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US1509
50Vashie Autism SpeaksBlack Dragonflight-US1507
51Checkyoursix I N D E P E N D E N TBlack Dragonflight-US1497
52Hoylmoly FuseBlack Dragonflight-US1491
52Jmaxxs BDF AllstarsBlack Dragonflight-US1491
54Loud ReverenceBlack Dragonflight-US1476
55Audioholic Calamitous ContentBlack Dragonflight-US1474
56Tusskin  Black Dragonflight-US1472
57Ghostsniper Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US1471
58Marzo  Black Dragonflight-US1469
59Eviltimes  Black Dragonflight-US1463
60Galathor MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US1458
61Nolte Street FighterzBlack Dragonflight-US1456Not updated
62Hexecution The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1455
63Jadey MaraudersBlack Dragonflight-US1444
64Gayatri Autism SpeaksBlack Dragonflight-US1437
65Xyphøid Rising PhoenixBlack Dragonflight-US1413
66Xalek  Black Dragonflight-US1406Not updated
67Mydotskill Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US1363
68Tikaleeth Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US1320
69Strahn Sons of the StormBlack Dragonflight-US1317
70Kathoey We Downed Chuck NorrisBlack Dragonflight-US1311
71Naturalhunta Distinct ÄdvantageBlack Dragonflight-US1309
72Sausagestorm The Bad LadsBlack Dragonflight-US1306
73Nocannobb I N D E P E N D E N TBlack Dragonflight-US1305
74Prowlwolf We Downed Chuck NorrisBlack Dragonflight-US1302
75Cherubs I N D E P E N D E N TBlack Dragonflight-US1300
75Levera Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US1300
77Lisari ReverenceBlack Dragonflight-US1299
78Huntedwolf We Downed Chuck NorrisBlack Dragonflight-US1297
79Nymu  Black Dragonflight-US1291
80Zombiebars  Black Dragonflight-US1290
81Holyshno The Lost PrideBlack Dragonflight-US1256Not updated
82Floki MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US1146
83Bite FuseBlack Dragonflight-US1144
84Wolvesbanes We Downed Chuck NorrisBlack Dragonflight-US1141
85Ebb MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US1138
86Evaporation Honor GuardBlack Dragonflight-US1137
87Xaarha Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US1136
88Dtziwt Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US1133
89Ahlimaar Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US1132
90Xeler MaraudersBlack Dragonflight-US1130Not updated
91Zatality ReverenceBlack Dragonflight-US1128
92Hâs divine explosionBlack Dragonflight-US1123Not updated
93Alcedonia  Black Dragonflight-US959Not updated
94Rawked Bad HabitsBlack Dragonflight-US957
94Babayagaa MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US957
96Frostndanuts  Black Dragonflight-US956Not updated
96Snowbawls Blood of VengeanceBlack Dragonflight-US956
98Xoku Hella Timez IncBlack Dragonflight-US955Not updated
98Rakonos Darkside Of The HordeBlack Dragonflight-US955
98Beltface MemoirsBlack Dragonflight-US955

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