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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Barthilas-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Erzanna MercilessBarthilas-US2499Not updated
2Dueldmg In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2424Not updated
3Owlpacino In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2414Not updated
4Royerikson In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2413Not updated
5Meekaa In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2409Not updated
6Valdro Blue LabelBarthilas-US2353Not updated
7Bloodykola Hots Dots n Kidney ShotsBarthilas-US2340Not updated
8Vanderlyle In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2310Not updated
9Nicordontery WhiplashBarthilas-US2309Not updated
10Nervz In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2268Not updated
11Gongala Play SchoolBarthilas-US2262Not updated
12Goodsey In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2253Not updated
13Vasundra In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2237Not updated
14Hrashi In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2230Not updated
15Lotsofgreen Hots Dots n Kidney ShotsBarthilas-US2222Not updated
16Kz Warlocks of DraenorBarthilas-US2209Not updated
17Terúh The Stylish FewBarthilas-US2207Not updated
18ßoss Victorious SecretsBarthilas-US2200Not updated
19Shêêp Play SchoolBarthilas-US2181Not updated
20Renshen The Stylish FewBarthilas-US2163Not updated
21Pantak Streets AheadBarthilas-US2152Not updated
22Óóòòôökíllém Hots Dots n Kidney ShotsBarthilas-US2139Not updated
23Cos When Bored Smash HordeBarthilas-US2137Not updated
24Vayuu Shadow Step Falcon PunchBarthilas-US2135Not updated
24Mattk Shadow Step Falcon PunchBarthilas-US2135Not updated
26Thomas MinigameBarthilas-US2131Not updated
27Minionfour Blacksmithing SuppliesBarthilas-US2122Not updated
28Wammieshammy  Barthilas-US2118Not updated
29Mitcheh OptimusBarthilas-US2114Not updated
30Axantic Hots Dots n Kidney ShotsBarthilas-US2112Not updated
31Backflash Distinct DisadvantageBarthilas-US2104Not updated
32Aussies In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2097Not updated
33Emiliock EASY MODEBarthilas-US2096Not updated
33Treyci  Barthilas-US2096Not updated
33Måttx In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2096Not updated
36Dontgoforkil Hots Dots n Kidney ShotsBarthilas-US2095Not updated
37Bent NMBBarthilas-US2094Not updated
38Crittkitty Blood Sweat N TiersBarthilas-US2091Not updated
38Alwaysmiles Hots Dots n Kidney ShotsBarthilas-US2091Not updated
40Startale When Bored Smash HordeBarthilas-US2089Not updated
41Doofdoofman Hots Dots n Kidney ShotsBarthilas-US2088Not updated
42Egwyn When Bored Smash HordeBarthilas-US2086Not updated
42Kalaharie When Bored Smash HordeBarthilas-US2086Not updated
44Inocence When Bored Smash HordeBarthilas-US2080Not updated
44Shamanjohn Wheres The Rum GoneBarthilas-US2080Not updated
46Crayy EnigmaBarthilas-US2078Not updated
47Bata LithiumBarthilas-US2068Not updated
47Tsubodaí Top TierBarthilas-US2068Not updated
49Tanngnjóstr  Barthilas-US2065Not updated
50Coolwin ToleranceBarthilas-US2063Not updated
51Somalipirate In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2059Not updated
52Vroyla The EndlessBarthilas-US2056Not updated
53Boozey OptimusBarthilas-US2055Not updated
54Omnigrind LCDBarthilas-US2053Not updated
55Mellkior Top TierBarthilas-US2049Not updated
55Badream ToleranceBarthilas-US2049Not updated
57Chuxxie AscensionBarthilas-US2048Not updated
58Imahealerr ToleranceBarthilas-US2043Not updated
59Lapslock Shadow Step Falcon PunchBarthilas-US2040Not updated
60Gódkíngrhyán The VaticanBarthilas-US2038Not updated
61Purgethesoul The VaticanBarthilas-US2037Not updated
62Spriestlol ToleranceBarthilas-US2036Not updated
63Cryonic Top TierBarthilas-US2035Not updated
64Tubie ToleranceBarthilas-US2031Not updated
65Teslastørm Warlocks of DraenorBarthilas-US2030Not updated
66Annhe ToleranceBarthilas-US2029Not updated
66Chømpey Victorious SecretsBarthilas-US2029Not updated
68Shagzx DeceiveBarthilas-US2028Not updated
69Drzz ToleranceBarthilas-US2027Not updated
70Calm NMBBarthilas-US2025Not updated
71Dennzel LCDBarthilas-US2022Not updated
72Legendge ToleranceBarthilas-US2020Not updated
73Staliin Top TierBarthilas-US2018Not updated
74Allstar Brave New WorldBarthilas-US2015Not updated
75Chuckles AscensionBarthilas-US2014Not updated
76Capricciosa Flawless VictoryBarthilas-US2012Not updated
77Ilvv Hots Dots n Kidney ShotsBarthilas-US2010Not updated
78Shiftinshaft The Tax CollectorBarthilas-US2009Not updated
79Tahalahon When Bored Smash HordeBarthilas-US2007Not updated
80Niks NMBBarthilas-US2004Not updated
80Hekkaflame DuskBarthilas-US2004Not updated
80Fwuarkyeaah Hots Dots n Kidney ShotsBarthilas-US2004Not updated
83Delloss MinigameBarthilas-US2003Not updated
83Supercatm In Memory of John ZhaoBarthilas-US2003Not updated
85Repmor Blue LabelBarthilas-US2000Not updated
86Tahamoot VertigoBarthilas-US1997Not updated
87Hypeting  Barthilas-US1996Not updated
88Demonstrate The Tax CollectorBarthilas-US1992Not updated
89Gidron NMBBarthilas-US1989Not updated
90Bobxz Victorious SecretsBarthilas-US1988Not updated
91Avengerr EASY MODEBarthilas-US1982Not updated
92Razeege  Barthilas-US1981Not updated
93Dudestorm The ForgottenBarthilas-US1980Not updated
94Nillbee DanteBarthilas-US1974Not updated
94Samz Cause I CanBarthilas-US1974Not updated
96Cry Blood Sweat N TiersBarthilas-US1970Not updated
97Lacocaina  Barthilas-US1967Not updated
98Lifetapz Flawless VictoryBarthilas-US1965Not updated
99Llillillill Flawless VictoryBarthilas-US1962Not updated
100Lucid  Barthilas-US1961Not updated

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