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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Baelgun-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Thewilky PwnstarsBaelgun-US2226Not updated
2Lunger Circle SevenBaelgun-US2046Not updated
3Pyah Deaths riseBaelgun-US2015Not updated
3Aresoul Mors MortisBaelgun-US2015Not updated
5Skullztwo Mors MortisBaelgun-US2007Not updated
6Tiia FuryBaelgun-US2001Not updated
7Roldorn FuryBaelgun-US1994Not updated
8Poppadukes MementoMoriBaelgun-US1973Not updated
9Ricødom to the shadowrealm u ratBaelgun-US1967Not updated
10Starshoter to the shadowrealm u ratBaelgun-US1960Not updated
11Camzqt StrifeBaelgun-US1954Not updated
12Example  Baelgun-US1945Not updated
13Edathol CrispBaelgun-US1901Not updated
14Wzrd flowerpowerBaelgun-US1900Not updated
15Czark MementoMoriBaelgun-US1866Not updated
16Bunter Assault IncorporatedBaelgun-US1861Not updated
17Failshaman FuryBaelgun-US1860Not updated
18Tifinyonn HysteriaBaelgun-US1859Not updated
19Afax Die with MusicBaelgun-US1854Not updated
20Ðesire  Baelgun-US1850Not updated
21Oowaajee The Dread PirateBaelgun-US1844Not updated
22Cannisa HellscreamBaelgun-US1841Not updated
23Bloodbelch HellscreamBaelgun-US1840Not updated
24Orion CrispBaelgun-US1839Not updated
25Bungalow  Baelgun-US1836Not updated
26Awesómesauce flowerpowerBaelgun-US1833Not updated
27Evieb FreshBaelgun-US1829Not updated
28Darkelfen flowerpowerBaelgun-US1819Not updated
29Yourlife MementoMoriBaelgun-US1815Not updated
30Velasca IntegrityBaelgun-US1811Not updated
31Bøss DovikinwarriorsBaelgun-US1807Not updated
32Tearzinarena MementoMoriBaelgun-US1805Not updated
33Rezalota flowerpowerBaelgun-US1794Not updated
34Rosabell MementoMoriBaelgun-US1772Not updated
35Demhotz MementoMoriBaelgun-US1769Not updated
36Xmr HellscreamBaelgun-US1762Not updated
37ßläzë MementoMoriBaelgun-US1750Not updated
38Wickedðream MementoMoriBaelgun-US1740Not updated
39Blâckðêmøñ MementoMoriBaelgun-US1736Not updated
40Metsys MementoMoriBaelgun-US1729Not updated
41Torne  Baelgun-US1728Not updated
42Motionz Knights of ShadowsBaelgun-US1727Not updated
43Sîlêñcê MementoMoriBaelgun-US1713Not updated
44Wolf  Baelgun-US1710Not updated
45Sparkcaster MementoMoriBaelgun-US1706Not updated
46Marnabarne Army of the HordeBaelgun-US1698Not updated
46Bonesmäsher MementoMoriBaelgun-US1698Not updated
48Laxmagra MementoMoriBaelgun-US1692Not updated
49Bigkritties flowerpowerBaelgun-US1689Not updated
49Bluespally MementoMoriBaelgun-US1689Not updated
51Harbrîngêr MementoMoriBaelgun-US1688Not updated
52Atréyu MementoMoriBaelgun-US1678Not updated
52Riddle  Baelgun-US1678Not updated
54Bravion Harbingers of DeathBaelgun-US1666Not updated
55Iridal MementoMoriBaelgun-US1659Not updated
56Fochi flowerpowerBaelgun-US1654Not updated
57Grendelf MementoMoriBaelgun-US1638Not updated
58Secondself MementoMoriBaelgun-US1635Not updated
59Promethea MementoMoriBaelgun-US1615Not updated
60Âva MementoMoriBaelgun-US1614Not updated
61Mault MementoMoriBaelgun-US1612Not updated
62Clyda flowerpowerBaelgun-US1605Not updated
63Furyukimura Fury of the GodsBaelgun-US1594Not updated
64Skadouche MementoMoriBaelgun-US1592Not updated
65Marethyu  Baelgun-US1583Not updated
66Bigmojoe Requiem InfernusBaelgun-US1544Not updated
67Syrisjen flowerpowerBaelgun-US1495Not updated
68Entai MementoMoriBaelgun-US1483Not updated
69Prøtøtÿpé  Baelgun-US1482Not updated
70Ningend MementoMoriBaelgun-US1481Not updated
71Tammerlane flowerpowerBaelgun-US1401Not updated
72Cardiir Genuine InsanityBaelgun-US1386Not updated
73Healbots  Baelgun-US1338Not updated
74Druidgaurd MementoMoriBaelgun-US1334Not updated
75Lunitari MementoMoriBaelgun-US1331Not updated
76Çß MementoMoriBaelgun-US1327Not updated
77Elmérfudd FuryBaelgun-US1314Not updated
78Iröñ MementoMoriBaelgun-US1149Not updated
79Life Requiem InfernusBaelgun-US1148Not updated
79Køma  Baelgun-US1148Not updated
79Arcust  Baelgun-US1148Not updated
82Ceaserhealin FuryBaelgun-US1147Not updated
83Lilsofty flowerpowerBaelgun-US1146Not updated
84Nition Knights of ShadowsBaelgun-US1136Not updated
85Watismyname SeksiBaelgun-US960Not updated
85Dropdedqt SeksiBaelgun-US960Not updated
87Goesoft  Baelgun-US959Not updated
88Missión SACREDBaelgun-US958Not updated
88Sutri HellscreamBaelgun-US958Not updated
90Menaney Limit BreakBaelgun-US768Not updated
90Highfonic Night MaraudersBaelgun-US768Not updated
90Shocks  Baelgun-US768Not updated
90Madkhaz  Baelgun-US768Not updated
90Zéùs  Baelgun-US768Not updated
90Excønvict Requiem InfernusBaelgun-US768Not updated
90Crushbone to the shadowrealm u ratBaelgun-US768Not updated
90Ninjr MementoMoriBaelgun-US768Not updated
98Kolarr Circle SevenBaelgun-US767Not updated
98Carébéar MementoMoriBaelgun-US767Not updated
98Chants Harbingers of DeathBaelgun-US767Not updated

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