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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Azshara-KR Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Solareclips The Great BeyondAzshara-KR2384
1죄인 퇴 물 들Azshara-KR2384Not updated
1Trollkim 비 누Azshara-KR2384
4해도되 모질이Azshara-KR2209Not updated
5오대장일까 The FelixAzshara-KR2206Not updated
6홍비서  Azshara-KR2139Not updated
7Coding The Great BeyondAzshara-KR2091Not updated
8따부 The Great BeyondAzshara-KR2083
9씸쓰 ParousiaAzshara-KR2058Not updated
10푸세 Vincit Omnia VeritasAzshara-KR2053Not updated
11얼핏님 모질이Azshara-KR2049Not updated
12Coldplayz SwaggerAzshara-KR2048Not updated
13Kufa  Azshara-KR2046
14Selectx La Cosa NostraAzshara-KR2039Not updated
15햅트인필드 The Great BeyondAzshara-KR2036Not updated
16대무킹 모질이Azshara-KR2031Not updated
17폭전  Azshara-KR2028
18김천적 모질이Azshara-KR2026Not updated
19햅트 The Great BeyondAzshara-KR2025Not updated
19Grupain La Cosa NostraAzshara-KR2025Not updated
21Hotissues 모질이Azshara-KR2024Not updated
22맙쏘삿 모질이Azshara-KR2022Not updated
23Shindxyz The Great BeyondAzshara-KR2020Not updated
23강북멋쟁이 동네노는형Azshara-KR2020Not updated
25김우정 The Great BeyondAzshara-KR2013Not updated
26Lunareclips The Great BeyondAzshara-KR2010
27백향님 모질이Azshara-KR2006
28핫이술 모질이Azshara-KR2004Not updated
29황태성 DCINSIDEAzshara-KR2002
30석혈 모질이Azshara-KR2001Not updated
31Iamzod The Great BeyondAzshara-KR1993Not updated
32Lcn La Cosa NostraAzshara-KR1989Not updated
33Selectk 모질이Azshara-KR1983
34Eungboyswag 모질이Azshara-KR1979Not updated
35낙타이즈커밍 The Great BeyondAzshara-KR1977Not updated
36Nookerswag 모질이Azshara-KR1974Not updated
37Pegasii C o u p l e sAzshara-KR1968Not updated
38벗겨진대머리 동네노는형Azshara-KR1966Not updated
39꾀미 The Great BeyondAzshara-KR1965Not updated
40죠뚜 Over TimeAzshara-KR1958Not updated
40Bcus SwaggerAzshara-KR1958Not updated
40스페럴크 노스와 구울들Azshara-KR1958Not updated
43Monsterboy 모질이Azshara-KR1955
44의료지원 암을 치료하러왔다 환자는 어딨는가Azshara-KR1954Not updated
45의철 La Cosa NostraAzshara-KR1951
46불량꼬맹이 동네노는형Azshara-KR1948Not updated
47Rivon The Great BeyondAzshara-KR1946Not updated
48하디슈 모질이Azshara-KR1945Not updated
49Hellring 평화와 사랑Azshara-KR1943Not updated
50Ccoding The Great BeyondAzshara-KR1942Not updated
51네오펀치 DCINSIDEAzshara-KR1941
52Bovswag 모질이Azshara-KR1938Not updated
53보스준님 모질이Azshara-KR1937Not updated
54견습사제 비 누Azshara-KR1936Not updated
55Corneli La Cosa NostraAzshara-KR1930Not updated
55계약서 암을 치료하러왔다 환자는 어딨는가Azshara-KR1930Not updated
55Eungswagx 모질이Azshara-KR1930
58Dogkaebi 방구석 개망나늬Azshara-KR1929
59세꿈 La Cosa NostraAzshara-KR1921Not updated
60얼핏킹 모질이Azshara-KR1919
61김령호 모질이Azshara-KR1918Not updated
62덫배달 평화와 사랑Azshara-KR1915Not updated
63카센  Azshara-KR1906
63위론 실패는 성룡의 어머니Azshara-KR1906
65Soae V AAzshara-KR1905Not updated
66항문속꽃힌단검 모질이Azshara-KR1903Not updated
67김꼬막 실패는 성룡의 어머니Azshara-KR1902
68Jahmilitko 모질이Azshara-KR1900Not updated
69Magiruler VortexAzshara-KR1898Not updated
70쓰러님 모질이Azshara-KR1896Not updated
71전사얏 La Cosa NostraAzshara-KR1895Not updated
71삐약삐약병아리 어서와 평전커팅은 처음이지Azshara-KR1895
71오빠나해두되 모질이Azshara-KR1895Not updated
71꽃부니즘 북태평양고기압Azshara-KR1895Not updated
75후춘화 모질이Azshara-KR1893Not updated
76Feux La Cosa NostraAzshara-KR1889
76위백 La Cosa NostraAzshara-KR1889Not updated
78유리세 VortexAzshara-KR1888Not updated
78타킷 암을 치료하러왔다 환자는 어딨는가Azshara-KR1888Not updated
78Baldoje 모질이Azshara-KR1888Not updated
81Youtoo SwaggerAzshara-KR1887Not updated
82Eungswag 모질이Azshara-KR1886
83꽃들녘 트간지Azshara-KR1884
84Janne 이 방 인Azshara-KR1883Not updated
84Shooterz La Cosa NostraAzshara-KR1883Not updated
86Stin  Azshara-KR1881Not updated
87의철찡 La Cosa NostraAzshara-KR1880
88언피 예전엔 잘했습니다Azshara-KR1878Not updated
89Xfive 모질이Azshara-KR1874Not updated
90래밍  Azshara-KR1871Not updated
90핫마멀 모질이Azshara-KR1871Not updated
92핫이슈님 모질이Azshara-KR1867Not updated
93죠투 모질이Azshara-KR1864
94Mujuk 달콤한 상상Azshara-KR1862Not updated
95Rebrum 모질이Azshara-KR1861Not updated
96Stormwave 모질이Azshara-KR1860Not updated
97Balorz 다가와줘 베이베Azshara-KR1857Not updated
98Avicili 모질이Azshara-KR1856Not updated
98Lavirgule 노스와 구울들Azshara-KR1856Not updated
100Darabee La Cosa NostraAzshara-KR1854Not updated

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