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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Azshara-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Vanish High Skill MusicalAzshara-EU2344Not updated
2Erø MoonzlingeAzshara-EU2290Not updated
3Vanishqt High Skill MusicalAzshara-EU2285Not updated
4Iilliill ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU2281Not updated
5Amazzinq afterlifeAzshara-EU2256Not updated
6Stackhouse HansebängerAzshara-EU2249Not updated
7Røkkshøxx Rising WarlordsAzshara-EU2243Not updated
8Josè  Azshara-EU2220Not updated
9Kysyl RefresheDAzshara-EU2219Not updated
9Crowdly NEVER SAY NOAzshara-EU2219Not updated
9Arukeks T A N T R U MAzshara-EU2219Not updated
12Solarà Grand PubahsAzshara-EU2217Not updated
13Akîona Team SheriffAzshara-EU2216Not updated
13Jayolololol Grand PubahsAzshara-EU2216Not updated
15Cøndle T A N T R U MAzshara-EU2210Not updated
16ßlxlß RefresheDAzshara-EU2204Not updated
17Bakterie Rising WarlordsAzshara-EU2202Not updated
17Ciru ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU2202Not updated
19Shcdarkyo ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU2201Not updated
20Jayolol MoonzlingeAzshara-EU2184Not updated
21Otax HighlightAzshara-EU2179Not updated
22Jartana ACHTUNG ÜBLER LOADERAzshara-EU2163Not updated
23Dotmeifucan Rising WarlordsAzshara-EU2159Not updated
24Aksix HighlightAzshara-EU2135Not updated
25Noxm T A N T R U MAzshara-EU2129Not updated
26Xetraxos ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU2127Not updated
27Munq Rising WarlordsAzshara-EU2122Not updated
28Knallbatross HighlightAzshara-EU2112Not updated
28Jirschôlino HighlightAzshara-EU2112Not updated
30Tschingis RefresheDAzshara-EU2105Not updated
31Mertahasi impudenceAzshara-EU2102Not updated
31Særjo unheilbarAzshara-EU2102Not updated
33Boomkash Rising WarlordsAzshara-EU2093Not updated
34Hilife T A N T R U MAzshara-EU2069Not updated
35Kámajin HighlightAzshara-EU2056Not updated
36Shaarawy Rising WarlordsAzshara-EU2051Not updated
37Jaylune Rising WarlordsAzshara-EU2037Not updated
38Zaia VariaAzshara-EU2026Not updated
39Optimas Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU2025Not updated
40Jayboom MoonzlingeAzshara-EU2023Not updated
41Baklol Rising WarlordsAzshara-EU2019Not updated
42Fhtagn improvedAzshara-EU2015Not updated
43Haadi Dark MojoAzshara-EU2013Not updated
44Belsazar MoonzlingeAzshara-EU2012Not updated
45 Senjin Mojo TruppAzshara-EU2008Not updated
46Olivaro ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU2007Not updated
47Batlecruiser fallen ângelAzshara-EU2006Not updated
48Øptimusshift got talentAzshara-EU2004Not updated
49Druwides  Azshara-EU2001Not updated
50Zlog HighlightAzshara-EU2000Not updated
51Ripsor Rising WarlordsAzshara-EU1997Not updated
51Breitseite Rising WarlordsAzshara-EU1997Not updated
53Cussed ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU1987Not updated
54Flippinninja ACHTUNG ÜBLER LOADERAzshara-EU1986Not updated
55Yúkí CutiesAzshara-EU1974Not updated
56Paipa KUSHAzshara-EU1972Not updated
57Âmarula DRUCKWELLEAzshara-EU1968Not updated
58Daon Rising WarlordsAzshara-EU1960Not updated
59Sumyl ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU1957Not updated
60Lokiarr ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU1956Not updated
61Crumbling ACHTUNG ÜBLER LOADERAzshara-EU1954Not updated
62Arpexìa AdvanceAzshara-EU1953Not updated
62Wasplol HighlightAzshara-EU1953Not updated
64Æxéqt Nerve GamingAzshara-EU1949Not updated
65Icceecold Wächter von WalhallAzshara-EU1947Not updated
66Sujajin Einmal mit ProfisAzshara-EU1941Not updated
67Tamboure Point of no ReturnAzshara-EU1935Not updated
68Cyenn ACHTUNG ÜBLER LOADERAzshara-EU1933Not updated
69Rakasha Rising WarlordsAzshara-EU1926Not updated
70Twent The Nights WatchAzshara-EU1925Not updated
71Zhall MoonzlingeAzshara-EU1922Not updated
71Mightylol T A N T R U MAzshara-EU1922Not updated
73Mûrêdô EF BIE EIAzshara-EU1920Not updated
73Crayzon InfinitýAzshara-EU1920Not updated
75Dauminio HighlightAzshara-EU1916Not updated
75Eileen moonbear squadAzshara-EU1916Not updated
77Charaz MoonzlingeAzshara-EU1914Not updated
78Sinamus Shadows on the wallAzshara-EU1913Not updated
79Andustrud ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU1909Not updated
79Quickjigg ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU1909Not updated
81Bämbutscha MoonzlingeAzshara-EU1908Not updated
82Saemuel FluxusAzshara-EU1907Not updated
83Sliqul T A N T R U MAzshara-EU1904Not updated
84Kaydan InsomniaAzshara-EU1896Not updated
85Bloome HêroesAzshara-EU1895Not updated
85Fearoht ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU1895Not updated
87Apo Senjin Mojo TruppAzshara-EU1890Not updated
88Dariomo  Azshara-EU1886Not updated
89Koelsch Venomous PoisonAzshara-EU1885Not updated
90Schokonugget HighlightAzshara-EU1883Not updated
91Faexx ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU1881Not updated
92Flamex ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU1879Not updated
93Pyroka KrabbelgruppeAzshara-EU1877Not updated
94Swedrqt OM NOM NOM DELICIOUSAzshara-EU1876Not updated
95Noblesix The Nights WatchAzshara-EU1873Not updated
95Crowdley NEVER SAY NOAzshara-EU1873Not updated
97Fúro ONLY ONESHOT MACROAzshara-EU1868Not updated
98Krollgar MoonzlingeAzshara-EU1865Not updated
99Yunasdead HighlightAzshara-EU1860Not updated
100Fizzlebengo DRUCKWELLEAzshara-EU1857Not updated

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