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Azgalor-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Croné  Azgalor-US2206
2Xustpyrc Overdramatic Guild NameAzgalor-US2132
3Unsalvation  Azgalor-US2126
4Moridius Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US2122
5Sistafista Overdramatic Guild NameAzgalor-US2108
6Shakinhaiti Overdramatic Guild NameAzgalor-US2096
7Umadbro  Azgalor-US2071
8Tallperffqt Overdramatic Guild NameAzgalor-US2054
9Kelika Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US2010
10Zonsxo  Azgalor-US2007
11Vitals Overdramatic Guild NameAzgalor-US1998
12Headyhealz  Azgalor-US1993Not updated
13Permablazed Crimson HandAzgalor-US1986
13Aligor Riders Of BrohanAzgalor-US1986
15Violiviance AnimosityAzgalor-US1982
16Vasilus  Azgalor-US1980
17Questlife  Azgalor-US1961
18Barkmanqt Riders Of BrohanAzgalor-US1957
19Gaurdians AnimosityAzgalor-US1937
20Morgawr Riders Of BrohanAzgalor-US1925
21Carramrodtko Overdramatic Guild NameAzgalor-US1921
22Dreadfrost WARLORDS of THE LEGENDAzgalor-US1907
23Impure Empires at WarAzgalor-US1906Not updated
24Gorong Empires at WarAzgalor-US1888
25Anderus OmnipotentAzgalor-US1886
26Orikx Empires at WarAzgalor-US1880
27Allgood OmnipotentAzgalor-US1855
28Jkrowling The Drunken PokemonAzgalor-US1853Not updated
29Piratejimm AnimosityAzgalor-US1851
30Monkk  Azgalor-US1849
31Cocomonga Riders Of BrohanAzgalor-US1842
32Dustyrhodes Empires at WarAzgalor-US1833
33Kriptonic OmnipotentAzgalor-US1832
34Tigereyees Business TimeAzgalor-US1830Not updated
35Justsaypull  Azgalor-US1826
36Wazka Empires at WarAzgalor-US1825
37Elementocow Empires at WarAzgalor-US1813
37Bonesetter Penile MonkeysAzgalor-US1813
39Oddessy Empires at WarAzgalor-US1810
40Guntherz Shadow of DeathAzgalor-US1809
41Piratejim AnimosityAzgalor-US1794
42Mookkie Minions of MarsAzgalor-US1787
43Manchaniz AnimosityAzgalor-US1786
44Cashballer OmnipotentAzgalor-US1783
45Arcwarrior Empires at WarAzgalor-US1777
46Anomi VanguardAzgalor-US1774
47Taag  Azgalor-US1770Not updated
48Ketamical Riders Of BrohanAzgalor-US1763
49Tehkayo OmnipotentAzgalor-US1756
50Mikalah OmnipotentAzgalor-US1752
51Shrék The Drunken PokemonAzgalor-US1744
52Hulkfudd Empires at WarAzgalor-US1735
53Tailéé OmnipotentAzgalor-US1731
54Dottedup Queen Annes RevengeAzgalor-US1728
55Rocktscience Penile MonkeysAzgalor-US1721
56Aeneth Overdramatic Guild NameAzgalor-US1714
57Custom  Azgalor-US1708
58Peegoochoo Penile MonkeysAzgalor-US1705
59Aestolar HonorAzgalor-US1694
60Speedie WarpigAzgalor-US1693
61Magejalook Grasp of DeathAzgalor-US1686
62Tidez Empires at WarAzgalor-US1685
63Shiftx  Azgalor-US1676
64Restac Ours is the FuryAzgalor-US1673
64Bubblesz Empires at WarAzgalor-US1673
66Rumorr  Azgalor-US1672
67Wreckdal Black Dragon ClanAzgalor-US1671
68Cohiba  Azgalor-US1669
69Antitheist Riders Of BrohanAzgalor-US1666
69Crushedyou ëxtinctAzgalor-US1666Not updated
71Bedell  Azgalor-US1662
72Apollinariya Penile MonkeysAzgalor-US1659
73Understorms StrifeAzgalor-US1658
74Adolescents WarpigAzgalor-US1656
75Ashinë  Azgalor-US1651
76Protox Empires at WarAzgalor-US1650
77Vett Pursuit Of The FallenAzgalor-US1648Not updated
78ßeyonce OmnipotentAzgalor-US1639
79Tyrl HonorAzgalor-US1625
80Fiercelime Penile MonkeysAzgalor-US1620
81Talianadi Huge in JapanAzgalor-US1618
82Antichristus Riders Of BrohanAzgalor-US1613
82Pandafu AnimosityAzgalor-US1613
84Poondeluxe Overdramatic Guild NameAzgalor-US1611
85Bonkpal OmnipotentAzgalor-US1610
86Aworgvergina Overdramatic Guild NameAzgalor-US1594
87Deathshottzz  Azgalor-US1592
88Ordont  Azgalor-US1589
89Xecutor ÅgønyAzgalor-US1587
90Hynastus  Azgalor-US1562
91Apollohunts Riders Of BrohanAzgalor-US1559
92Bobloublaw BlacklistedAzgalor-US1550
93Fearis BlacklistedAzgalor-US1530
94Junkyardog Empires at WarAzgalor-US1524Not updated
95Soghinx WARLORDS of THE LEGENDAzgalor-US1497
96Røse  Azgalor-US1496
97Pooberidoo Penile MonkeysAzgalor-US1488
98Squishylock ReunitedAzgalor-US1477
99Shamown Overdramatic Guild NameAzgalor-US1460
100Dingo The EchoAzgalor-US1454Not updated

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