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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Auchindoun-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Lurtéx Glads N DropoutsAuchindoun-EU2733Not updated
2Gaßßê Glads N DropoutsAuchindoun-EU2486Not updated
3Djbubziboo Glads N DropoutsAuchindoun-EU2474Not updated
4Lurtèx Fifty shades of PvPAuchindoun-EU2469Not updated
5Turtlebob RecapAuchindoun-EU2462Not updated
6Drainytrain Fifty shades of PvPAuchindoun-EU2448Not updated
7Psychohontas HydraAuchindoun-EU2447Not updated
8Hayzabonatwo  Auchindoun-EU2422Not updated
9Varoo Glads N DropoutsAuchindoun-EU2397Not updated
10Twerkingqt CorruptedAuchindoun-EU2395Not updated
11Freak  Auchindoun-EU2373Not updated
12Moondaawn Glads N DropoutsAuchindoun-EU2353Not updated
13Flaminx  Auchindoun-EU2339Not updated
14Søtalind RecapAuchindoun-EU2338Not updated
15Shalindria RecapAuchindoun-EU2329Not updated
16Efficíent Red DawnAuchindoun-EU2323Not updated
17Arcasha HydraAuchindoun-EU2303Not updated
18Screwling Glads N DropoutsAuchindoun-EU2291Not updated
19Adalind RecapAuchindoun-EU2277Not updated
20Brotalityx RecapAuchindoun-EU2267Not updated
21Frostlotus RecapAuchindoun-EU2252Not updated
22Ilidon HydraAuchindoun-EU2243Not updated
23Lurtex Fifty shades of PvPAuchindoun-EU2236Not updated
24Dúyào  Auchindoun-EU2233Not updated
25Xannadu The Moving Fast MenAuchindoun-EU2231Not updated
25Shalindrie RecapAuchindoun-EU2231Not updated
27Nizzita icecreamAuchindoun-EU2226Not updated
28Deamsqt Krav MagaAuchindoun-EU2215Not updated
29Manigon WarcryAuchindoun-EU2209Not updated
30Tyronex T J P FAuchindoun-EU2203Not updated
31Syntax RecapAuchindoun-EU2171Not updated
32Skløtts HydraAuchindoun-EU2167Not updated
33Ilidonn HydraAuchindoun-EU2165Not updated
34Littlemanboy RecapAuchindoun-EU2162Not updated
34Blazín CorruptedAuchindoun-EU2162Not updated
36Ozzlo HydraAuchindoun-EU2161Not updated
37Chib RecapAuchindoun-EU2154Not updated
38Sneakysusie HydraAuchindoun-EU2137Not updated
39Ozmk HydraAuchindoun-EU2121Not updated
40Belou RecapAuchindoun-EU2104Not updated
41Calti WhateverAuchindoun-EU2099Not updated
42Likeabaus RecapAuchindoun-EU2094Not updated
43Hulm HydraAuchindoun-EU2078Not updated
44Treetarded RecapAuchindoun-EU2061Not updated
45Mandea RecapAuchindoun-EU2060Not updated
46ßee Red DawnAuchindoun-EU2056Not updated
47Crwd WhateverAuchindoun-EU2055Not updated
48Irisis WhateverAuchindoun-EU2053Not updated
49Lynja RecapAuchindoun-EU2032Not updated
50Theundertaka Red DawnAuchindoun-EU2027Not updated
51Leelol Gankers ParadiseAuchindoun-EU2024Not updated
52Zákàrum DeterminationAuchindoun-EU2020Not updated
53Djxx RecapAuchindoun-EU1994Not updated
54Óddish RecapAuchindoun-EU1993Not updated
55Gonefishing Simply The BestAuchindoun-EU1990Not updated
56Illidon HydraAuchindoun-EU1973Not updated
57Rhaxxina GobbleAuchindoun-EU1972Not updated
58Snówjob The CovenantAuchindoun-EU1960Not updated
58Dolochov The CovenantAuchindoun-EU1960Not updated
58Zenadour Gankers ParadiseAuchindoun-EU1960Not updated
61Bunzabudd UnoptimisticAuchindoun-EU1953Not updated
61Azæl Gankers ParadiseAuchindoun-EU1953Not updated
63Perfectionz DisbandedAuchindoun-EU1948Not updated
63Aerlios RecapAuchindoun-EU1948Not updated
65Diagrams RecapAuchindoun-EU1947Not updated
66Deliverer DeterminationAuchindoun-EU1940Not updated
67Zenosso Bloodwolf TribeAuchindoun-EU1936Not updated
68Corrupter Malicious IntentionsAuchindoun-EU1935Not updated
68Scumx Glads N DropoutsAuchindoun-EU1935Not updated
70Joeyoe Gankers ParadiseAuchindoun-EU1928Not updated
71Estariol The CovenantAuchindoun-EU1927Not updated
72Preacia STORMWIND RANGERSAuchindoun-EU1922Not updated
73Treffir Fifth DawnAuchindoun-EU1918Not updated
74Nathanoj Red DawnAuchindoun-EU1915Not updated
74Bloodstyle  Auchindoun-EU1915Not updated
76Strawberrie SnowblindAuchindoun-EU1910Not updated
77Onliné Tyrs KämparAuchindoun-EU1908Not updated
78Wokz Tyrs KämparAuchindoun-EU1903Not updated
79Lîfebloom ColdforgedAuchindoun-EU1902Not updated
79Aluii Red DawnAuchindoun-EU1902Not updated
81Neyru Gankers ParadiseAuchindoun-EU1900Not updated
82Milakunix Glads N DropoutsAuchindoun-EU1899Not updated
83Mileyzør Glads N DropoutsAuchindoun-EU1898Not updated
83Emmaw Krav MagaAuchindoun-EU1898Not updated
85Myrahs ArchangelAuchindoun-EU1896Not updated
86Ooaren Zylos HandAuchindoun-EU1895Not updated
87Fluque Gankers ParadiseAuchindoun-EU1887Not updated
88Scryghst RecapAuchindoun-EU1884Not updated
89Tibbarn WarcryAuchindoun-EU1882Not updated
90Kwezel Hesanti Predator TeamAuchindoun-EU1875Not updated
91Dovapriest  Auchindoun-EU1865Not updated
92Acqua RecapAuchindoun-EU1864Not updated
93Lodor Bloodwolf TribeAuchindoun-EU1861Not updated
94Nystes Bloodwolf TribeAuchindoun-EU1860Not updated
95Spartas The CovenantAuchindoun-EU1853Not updated
96Milunka Krav MagaAuchindoun-EU1852Not updated
97Voltraise Gankers ParadiseAuchindoun-EU1851Not updated
98Lightsblade LobotomizedAuchindoun-EU1848Not updated
99Pracks RecapAuchindoun-EU1844Not updated
100Konsekvens Ancient CircleAuchindoun-EU1843Not updated

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