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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arygos-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Malv Afflicted SoulsArygos-US2367Not updated
2Primesuspect Afflicted SoulsArygos-US2214Not updated
3Destiny Afflicted SoulsArygos-US2197Not updated
4Obéryn Afflicted SoulsArygos-US2192Not updated
5Milk Hates Your FaceArygos-US2146Not updated
6Jokled Afflicted SoulsArygos-US2130Not updated
7Scrappycoco  Arygos-US2103Not updated
8Armssycle Fresh Baked PunsArygos-US2087Not updated
9Paradox Afflicted SoulsArygos-US2059Not updated
10Neidermeyer Honor RisingArygos-US2034Not updated
10Mufasaah Afflicted SoulsArygos-US2034Not updated
12Luleezy Afflicted SoulsArygos-US2011Not updated
13Yourlove Separation AnxietyArygos-US1965Not updated
14Loveblessing Separation AnxietyArygos-US1959Not updated
15Magemagick Hates Your FaceArygos-US1948Not updated
16Lejola Hates Your FaceArygos-US1942Not updated
17Gréen Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1937Not updated
18Hopez Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1916Not updated
19Drdowny Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1915Not updated
20Bajheera ImmersiveArygos-US1906Not updated
21Restoqt Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1905Not updated
22Edivh Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1885Not updated
23Wellspring Separation AnxietyArygos-US1880Not updated
24Hates PvP AcademyArygos-US1871Not updated
24Gripps Separation AnxietyArygos-US1871Not updated
26Perc Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US1868Not updated
27Selfie Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1864Not updated
28Beloved Separation AnxietyArygos-US1862Not updated
29Snocky VindictaeArygos-US1858Not updated
30Dorpard Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US1856Not updated
31Greéd Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US1840Not updated
32Adorei Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1839Not updated
32Secìazz Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US1839Not updated
34Ozzbourne PvP AcademyArygos-US1838Not updated
35Dejusai Into the FrayArygos-US1825Not updated
36Porcodio Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1821Not updated
37Rogjin Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US1820Not updated
38Intermere AmbivalenceArygos-US1819Not updated
38Ryödan Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US1819Not updated
40Willies Aggressive PerfectorArygos-US1815Not updated
41Loveya Separation AnxietyArygos-US1812Not updated
42Alauyina Kings Of ChaosArygos-US1807Not updated
43Warmongar PvP AcademyArygos-US1806Not updated
44Prïde Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US1803Not updated
45Faithshield Separation AnxietyArygos-US1778Not updated
46Baconlordx Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1774Not updated
47Itisfinished Separation AnxietyArygos-US1769Not updated
48Beaudoin Circle of TitansArygos-US1749Not updated
49Zortise ImmersiveArygos-US1737Not updated
50Kirijolith Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1735Not updated
51Warteen Omens of WarArygos-US1730Not updated
52Faithhopeluv Separation AnxietyArygos-US1717Not updated
53Kurann DunedainArygos-US1703Not updated
54Soulcarver Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US1691Not updated
54Drekthrax Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US1691Not updated
56Chillbourne  Arygos-US1688Not updated
56Bloodshadows Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US1688Not updated
58Alleles Kings Of ChaosArygos-US1681Not updated
59Naelinna Kings Of ChaosArygos-US1675Not updated
60Blackshadows Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US1665Not updated
61Shamazz Kings Of ChaosArygos-US1659Not updated
62Legbreaker Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US1647Not updated
63Buubuu Legendary SoldiersArygos-US1633Not updated
64Steef Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1628Not updated
65Sebrin Kings Of ChaosArygos-US1626Not updated
66Kollman Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US1620Not updated
67Chaomein Kings Of ChaosArygos-US1611Not updated
68Kiyatso Kings Of ChaosArygos-US1605Not updated
69Ebin Kings Of ChaosArygos-US1571Not updated
70Firststrike  Arygos-US1546Not updated
71Burgerbutt Kings Of ChaosArygos-US1532Not updated
72Wize Altoholics AnonymousArygos-US1513Not updated
73Malemortus Omens of WarArygos-US1511Not updated
74Fungtao Kings Of ChaosArygos-US1499Not updated
75Dofenshmirtz Kings Of ChaosArygos-US1479Not updated
76Leafittome  Arygos-US1477Not updated
77Downyjr Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1340Not updated
78Combät Emma Watson Fan ClubArygos-US1338Not updated
79Jokléd Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1337Not updated
80Nc Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US1329Not updated
81Infiñity Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1326Not updated
82Muffy Omens of WarArygos-US1308Not updated
83ßhudda Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1144Not updated
84Nexsus Afflicted SoulsArygos-US1142Not updated
85Diaven Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US1121Not updated
86Miryks Afflicted SoulsArygos-US959Not updated
86Sèkhmet Afflicted SoulsArygos-US959Not updated
86Onixz Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US959Not updated
86Dawnzy AmbivalenceArygos-US959Not updated
90Worgi Afflicted SoulsArygos-US957Not updated
90Warrenpeace Hack the PlanetArygos-US957Not updated
90Zarenna Into the FrayArygos-US957Not updated
93Jizzleonyou Afflicted SoulsArygos-US956Not updated
94Thassit Afflicted SoulsArygos-US768Not updated
94Vellyne Blood Knight MercenariesArygos-US768Not updated
94Coolkat Emma Watson Fan ClubArygos-US768Not updated
94Cendel Altoholics AnonymousArygos-US768Not updated
94Critmypantss Afflicted SoulsArygos-US768Not updated
99Killys Afflicted SoulsArygos-US767Not updated
99Wontonn Kings Of ChaosArygos-US767Not updated

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