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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arygos-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Mojøu noxaArygos-EU2159Not updated
2Anemìa ElitepoebelArygos-EU2156Not updated
3Àryà CônfidencéArygos-EU2142Not updated
4Onkela Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU2053Not updated
5Gougth PantheonArygos-EU2039Not updated
6Xevosh CônfidencéArygos-EU2017Not updated
7Winira CônfidencéArygos-EU1997Not updated
8Sûnshîne  Arygos-EU1979Not updated
9Croy PurityArygos-EU1909Not updated
10Sepplichtmes Arygos GoldstückeArygos-EU1841Not updated
11Stunt Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU1837Not updated
12Sicâria Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU1823Not updated
13Rhay FrontlineArygos-EU1814Not updated
14Caldera nakamaArygos-EU1780Not updated
15Anzulo PurityArygos-EU1778Not updated
16Silverhead PurityArygos-EU1765Not updated
17Híggíns  Arygos-EU1752Not updated
18Shyall KirosoiArygos-EU1750Not updated
19Infilitus Invictus XVArygos-EU1734Not updated
20Wunderheiler PiroxArygos-EU1721Not updated
21Faenor Arygos GoldstückeArygos-EU1662Not updated
22Cøffeê PurityArygos-EU1646Not updated
23Hateful PurityArygos-EU1645Not updated
24Unicon PurityArygos-EU1639Not updated
25Mirona PurityArygos-EU1638Not updated
26Gîo PantheonArygos-EU1635Not updated
27Ituuri Warriors of honourArygos-EU1633Not updated
28Geiligster PurityArygos-EU1616Not updated
29Fejka FunfaktorArygos-EU1593Not updated
30Indenkopf Bund der BruderschaftArygos-EU1469Not updated
31Ælena PurityArygos-EU1440Not updated
32Raiderheat PhálanxArygos-EU1297Not updated
33Pumadâce TafelrundeArygos-EU1148Not updated
34Lènn RisingArygos-EU960Not updated
35Ladiera PurityArygos-EU958Not updated
36Jerycho Warriors of honourArygos-EU957Not updated
37Urmet Terra NovaArygos-EU949Not updated
38Tryzanâ Custos SapientiaArygos-EU768Not updated
39Deoxxis call to armsArygos-EU767Not updated
40Moriamus The Guardians of HopeArygos-EU766Not updated
41Pepperolina nakamaArygos-EU576Not updated
41Maggotofwar Darkness RebornArygos-EU576Not updated
41Derulia PhálanxArygos-EU576Not updated
41Lightsummon CônfidencéArygos-EU576Not updated
45Athotis Fußgänger der ApokalypseArygos-EU575Not updated
46Wórzzag harder CritZArygos-EU384Not updated
46Starfarmer  Arygos-EU384Not updated
46Lócdog harder CritZArygos-EU384Not updated
46Upfive UltimativeAllianzArygos-EU384Not updated
46Alunja RisingArygos-EU384Not updated
46Priestquisit Feder und SchwertArygos-EU384Not updated
46Stûnt  Arygos-EU384Not updated
46Phienxo RisingArygos-EU384Not updated
46Merandea PurityArygos-EU384Not updated
46Palinaí Feuer und FlammeArygos-EU384Not updated
46Torike Second TryArygos-EU384Not updated
57Lùmy FrontlineArygos-EU192Not updated
57Rebita RisíngArygos-EU192Not updated
57Eaks RisingArygos-EU192Not updated
57Àcheron PiroxArygos-EU192Not updated
57Ráy Sulphur SoulsArygos-EU192Not updated
57Dachner PhálanxArygos-EU192Not updated
57Mortîus RisingArygos-EU192Not updated
57Hackeneyed PhálanxArygos-EU192Not updated
57Cypher Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU192Not updated
57Minar Invictus XVArygos-EU192Not updated
57Smashpanda ExecuteArygos-EU192Not updated
57Émilie PantheonArygos-EU192Not updated
57Jôhnléé Sulphur SoulsArygos-EU192Not updated
70Mystickt Bloody DamnationArygos-EU15Not updated
71Aenschel The Dark DevilArygos-EU0Not updated
71Gnouf Forsaken ForcesArygos-EU0Not updated
71Lifeforce GesangsvereinArygos-EU0Not updated
71Fockewulf Bataillon der FinsternisArygos-EU0Not updated
71Falmarel The ManiacsArygos-EU0Not updated
71Elofanjun Gemeinschaft der DrachenArygos-EU0Not updated
71Amosina Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU0Not updated
71Sànchez  Arygos-EU0Not updated
71Elaisa RisingArygos-EU0Not updated
71Anduîn RisingArygos-EU0Not updated
71Weine CortexArygos-EU0Not updated
71Skaraba nakamaArygos-EU0Not updated
71Dharmon Gemeinschaft der DrachenArygos-EU0Not updated
71Fredegunde Warriors of honourArygos-EU0Not updated
71Amalaswintha Warriors of honourArygos-EU0Not updated
71Mysliwy Fröhliche ChaotenArygos-EU0Not updated
71Grag BerserkerArygos-EU0Not updated
71Odo  Arygos-EU0Not updated
71Laurin Band of BrothersArygos-EU0Not updated
71Yasila WirArygos-EU0Not updated
71Doomdemon mYstixHeRosArygos-EU0Not updated
71Rasorae Cârpe NôctemArygos-EU0Not updated
71Achamian The ManiacsArygos-EU0Not updated
71Miena DruckwelleArygos-EU0Not updated
71Feniá Schwarze BrigadeArygos-EU0Not updated
71Viankari Dark MinistryArygos-EU0Not updated
71Demonfear Graue PantherArygos-EU0Not updated
71Gendik nakamaArygos-EU0Not updated
71Andrejdelany Forsaken ForcesArygos-EU0Not updated
71Averrille Only the good Die youngArygos-EU0Not updated

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