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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arthas-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Lifebløøm ClarityArthas-US2541Not updated
2Tacopaladin Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2485Not updated
3Sewerat Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2463Not updated
4Soupkitchenz Playground HeroesArthas-US2445Not updated
5Farmsalot Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2422Not updated
6Mônkie Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2417Not updated
7Joshx WHOLESOME GUYSArthas-US2405Not updated
8Capstone  Arthas-US2365Not updated
9Passivefistz DodgeDuckDipDiveDodgeArthas-US2360Not updated
10Passivefîst War FrontArthas-US2337Not updated
10Wrecklessqt  Arthas-US2337Not updated
12Kornflake Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2326Not updated
13Passîvefist DodgeDuckDipDiveDodgeArthas-US2322Not updated
13Seweratt Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2322Not updated
15Orcrush Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2304Not updated
16Mahjohnson FunkArthas-US2279Not updated
17Shizzune Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2271Not updated
18Bucaneerz Positive EnergyArthas-US2269Not updated
19Røkt Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2268Not updated
19Jabs Bestest FriendsArthas-US2268Not updated
19Snpplefacts Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2268Not updated
22Zenfist Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2267Not updated
23Fatgodz Playground HeroesArthas-US2264Not updated
24Passîvefîst DodgeDuckDipDiveDodgeArthas-US2249Not updated
25Hoodbyair SUPER SOURArthas-US2241Not updated
26Tankat Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2240Not updated
27Viksqt Top BananasArthas-US2235Not updated
27Killumantii Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2235Not updated
29Stéveirwin Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2228Not updated
30Vapz War FrontArthas-US2224Not updated
31Absolve Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2219Not updated
32Liffychi ClarityArthas-US2217Not updated
33Sbionage Villains on VacationArthas-US2216Not updated
34Gnomekiter  Arthas-US2215Not updated
35Necroticks Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2213Not updated
35Boomchickenz EverlastedArthas-US2213Not updated
37Shatterx ProzacArthas-US2209Not updated
38Manbêartree War FrontArthas-US2208Not updated
38Endjob Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2208Not updated
40Myrektum PopotanArthas-US2207Not updated
41Passivefìst DodgeDuckDipDiveDodgeArthas-US2206Not updated
42Destinyjr  Arthas-US2204Not updated
43Mãrs Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2202Not updated
44Angry War FrontArthas-US2200Not updated
45Toughbreak War FrontArthas-US2199Not updated
46Longandhard War FrontArthas-US2197Not updated
47Passivefistx DodgeDuckDipDiveDodgeArthas-US2191Not updated
48Asapurplhaze The Laughing CoffinArthas-US2190Not updated
49Barrage War FrontArthas-US2179Not updated
49Warsage RebelArthas-US2179Not updated
51Cyhilol Nightfall GamingArthas-US2175Not updated
52Detoxlegend Playground HeroesArthas-US2174Not updated
53Intimus RebelArthas-US2173Not updated
54Brad Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2168Not updated
54Coachberry  Arthas-US2168Not updated
56Lillithess RebelArthas-US2164Not updated
57Slevon Slash WhoArthas-US2163Not updated
58Luxdelux I Drunk BeersArthas-US2158Not updated
59ßåîîsâck  Arthas-US2156Not updated
60Snipedyou Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2149Not updated
61Fabreeze  Arthas-US2148Not updated
61Die War FrontArthas-US2148Not updated
63Tobam STRENGTHArthas-US2140Not updated
64Gbz ProzacArthas-US2136Not updated
65Mystix World ClassArthas-US2135Not updated
66Freenicetry shawarmas and coronasArthas-US2134Not updated
67Vengesim The UnderdogsArthas-US2133Not updated
68Squirttz FunkArthas-US2132Not updated
69Zonggo ABAPArthas-US2130Not updated
70Shadowkit RebelArthas-US2127Not updated
70Minè War FrontArthas-US2127Not updated
70Crishaur Dark AscensionArthas-US2127Not updated
73Kaiyakish  Arthas-US2126Not updated
74Cheesê  Arthas-US2125Not updated
75Arnumo ABAPArthas-US2123Not updated
76Icemace RebelArthas-US2122Not updated
77Empty TGArthas-US2119Not updated
78Huntelsa The SwornArthas-US2116Not updated
78Sõuza ABAPArthas-US2116Not updated
80Stìckyícky ABAPArthas-US2115Not updated
81Ssjpikachu War FrontArthas-US2113Not updated
81Synack ABAPArthas-US2113Not updated
83Slerpslerp War FrontArthas-US2112Not updated
83Kreeperz Fabled ChaosArthas-US2112Not updated
85Krtisho  Arthas-US2111Not updated
85Tjofmagic WHOLESOME GUYSArthas-US2111Not updated
87Fupax Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2110Not updated
88Treezyqt War FrontArthas-US2109Not updated
89Tyragg We Own The IsleArthas-US2107Not updated
90Zirix cool dudesArthas-US2106Not updated
90Dupidydoo War FrontArthas-US2106Not updated
92Freákymage Nerd CrewArthas-US2105Not updated
92Bzn  Arthas-US2105Not updated
94Kos Villains on VacationArthas-US2102Not updated
94Trollfemale  Arthas-US2102Not updated
96Moosefart  Arthas-US2101Not updated
97Myrlidon War FrontArthas-US2100Not updated
98Ironreagan Nightfall GamingArthas-US2099Not updated
98Tanx Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2099Not updated
100Yolodruid Identity CrisisArthas-US2098Not updated

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