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Arthas-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Farmsalot Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2399
2Iconicus Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2391
3Farmsaton Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2378
4Joshx WHOLESOME GUYSArthas-US2355
5Tacopaladin Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2326
6Passivefistz hey im resolvingArthas-US2322
7Kornflake Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2306
8Mônkie Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2293
9Seweratt Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2291
10Sewerat Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2287
11Ohmega BloodthirstyArthas-US2242
12Bucaneerz Positive EnergyArthas-US2241
13Passîvefîst hey im resolvingArthas-US2235
14Bænk Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2233
15Tacomunchin Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2232
16Ravanah ABAPArthas-US2212
17Kubakong Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2202
18Capstone WHOLESOME GUYSArthas-US2191
19Shatterx ProzacArthas-US2186
20Barrage War FrontArthas-US2179
21Gnomekiter Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2173
22Kornflakejr Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2166
23Orcrush Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2158
24Oopsfeared Darkest DawnArthas-US2151
25Vengesim The UnderdogsArthas-US2148
26Fabreeze  Arthas-US2144
27Koobiee Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2142
27Destinyjr War FrontArthas-US2142
29Drtranlol Darkest DawnArthas-US2139
29Arnumo ABAPArthas-US2139
31Passivefistx hey im resolvingArthas-US2138
32Cheesê AphrodisiacArthas-US2135
33Zonggo ABAPArthas-US2124
34Gorbonjr Darkest DawnArthas-US2122
35Atebaul Positive EnergyArthas-US2119Not updated
36Zachreious Ebony RevengeArthas-US2118Not updated
37Passivefìst  Arthas-US2117Not updated
38Snipedyou Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2114
39Synack ABAPArthas-US2113
40Destiny Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2112
41Tjofmagic WHOLESOME GUYSArthas-US2111
42Treezyqt War FrontArthas-US2109
42Liffychi ClarityArthas-US2109
44Spuhmoni TrapGodzArthas-US2107
45Vapz War FrontArthas-US2106
45Zirix MyrmidonsArthas-US2106
47Stéveirwin  Arthas-US2103
48Zhanrocks War FrontArthas-US2102
48Trollfemale Nightfall GamingArthas-US2102
50Slerpslerp Sons Of DarkshireArthas-US2101
51Myrlidon War FrontArthas-US2100
51Hoodratslut Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2100
53Snackiepoo War FrontArthas-US2098
54Shizzune Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2096
54Kolohe Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2096
56Plùtø Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2095
57Sõuza ABAPArthas-US2094
58Die War FrontArthas-US2093
59Toughbreak War FrontArthas-US2092
59Boomchickenz EverlastedArthas-US2092
61Røkt Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2091
61Sphinx Spitters are QuittersArthas-US2091
63Sunoskay ABAPArthas-US2090
63Cutie Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2090
65Cotopaxa The UnderdogsArthas-US2088
65Bowbap ABAPArthas-US2088
67Lubugg Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2087
68Absolve Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2085
69Hellabandz NEVER ROLLED ALLIArthas-US2083
69Passîvefist hey im resolvingArthas-US2083Not updated
71Monkeyfarts ProzacArthas-US2081
71Xevaris ABAPArthas-US2081
73Zoerin Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2080
73Oseros  Arthas-US2080
75Tanx Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2079
76Necroticks Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2078
76Darksack ABAPArthas-US2078
78Genehek UnhumanArthas-US2076Not updated
79Usuitakumi War FrontArthas-US2075
79Chokeonmysap Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2075
81Manbêartree War FrontArthas-US2072
81Slaverie ABAPArthas-US2072
83Zenfist Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2071
84Sookmesookme Matt DamonArthas-US2069
84Kwam ABAPArthas-US2069
86Unluckey Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2067
87Kalimer War FrontArthas-US2066
87Canadianmonk Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2066
89Sbionage Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2065
89Thejahdog Positive EnergyArthas-US2065Not updated
89Freenicetry shawarmas and coronasArthas-US2065
92Gnobol Top BananasArthas-US2064
93Skyekami Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2062
93Sillypuddy StaticArthas-US2062
95Gbz ProzacArthas-US2061
96Passivefist hey im resolvingArthas-US2059Not updated
96Dirtesanchez BUT MOM SAYS IM HANDSOMEArthas-US2059
98Skrrt ABAPArthas-US2055
99Edgelord ABAPArthas-US2054
100Tulo BrigadeArthas-US2052

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