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Arthas-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Iconicus Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2401
2Farmsalot Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2364
3Joshx  Arthas-US2355
4Tacopaladin Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2334
5Kornflake Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2325
6Passivefistz hey im resolvingArthas-US2322
7Mônkie Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2299
8Seweratt Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2291
9Sewerat Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2289
10Tacomunchin Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2248
11Bænk Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2234
12Bucaneerz Positive EnergyArthas-US2222
13Kubakong Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2202
14Passîvefîst hey im resolvingArthas-US2197
15Orcrush Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2189
16Shatterx ProzacArthas-US2183
17Kornflakejr Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2170
18Farmsaton Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2150
18Koobiee Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2150
20Fabreeze  Arthas-US2144
21Drtranlol Darkest DawnArthas-US2133
22Artigoqt Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2124
23Liffychi ClarityArthas-US2123
24Gorbonjr Darkest DawnArthas-US2122
25Atebaul Positive EnergyArthas-US2119
26Zachreious Ebony RevengeArthas-US2118
27Passivefìst  Arthas-US2117
28Cutie Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2113
29Tjofmagic WHOLESOME GUYSArthas-US2111
30Sõuza ABAPArthas-US2106
30Zirix MyrmidonsArthas-US2106
32Icyclez TrapGodzArthas-US2095
33Cheesê AphrodisiacArthas-US2090
34Passîvefist hey im resolvingArthas-US2083
35Passivefistx hey im resolvingArthas-US2082
36Chokeonmysap Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2076
36Skyekami Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2076
36Genehek UnhumanArthas-US2076
39Oopsfeared Darkest DawnArthas-US2074
40Limiter ABAPArthas-US2073
41Sookmesookme Matt DamonArthas-US2069
42Thejahdog Positive EnergyArthas-US2065
43Gnobol Top BananasArthas-US2064
44Plùtø Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2063
45Gbz ProzacArthas-US2061
45Larusso Baby Skele Goon SquadArthas-US2061
47Passivefist hey im resolvingArthas-US2059
47Dirtesanchez BUT MOM SAYS IM HANDSOMEArthas-US2059
49Sätin ABAPArthas-US2058
50Khaini EvolutionArthas-US2057
51Killumantii Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2053
52Dontkilme Positive EnergyArthas-US2052
53Brad Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2051
54Disquietude EvolutionArthas-US2050
54Canadianmonk Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2050
56Dubsee Uncharted GamingArthas-US2049
57Zerølimitz Bestest FriendsArthas-US2047
58Arnumo ABAPArthas-US2046
59Mad Matt DamonArthas-US2044
60Griffyth  Arthas-US2042Not updated
61Ramboh Spitters are QuittersArthas-US2041
62Wickedëst The Struggle is RealArthas-US2040
63Kfchickenx ABAPArthas-US2038
64Locksmash ABAPArthas-US2035
64Galykronsfoe ABAPArthas-US2035
66Kinobe ABAPArthas-US2033
67Joystik EvolutionArthas-US2031
68Cotopaxa The UnderdogsArthas-US2030
68Baddr ABAPArthas-US2030
70Dellanz Nightfall GamingArthas-US2029
71Tankat Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2028
72Bowbap ABAPArthas-US2027
72Arkáèl Nightfall GamingArthas-US2027
72Vanquíshed Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2027
72Verfluchen ProzacArthas-US2027Not updated
76Kloudninê The UnderdogsArthas-US2026
77Warod ABAPArthas-US2025
77Wowisevil Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2025
79Tabaz AdelanteArthas-US2022
80Regenerater  Arthas-US2020
80Sunoskay ABAPArthas-US2020
82Darksack ABAPArthas-US2019
82Frostbomba TrapGodzArthas-US2019
84Belleautrix EvolutionArthas-US2018
84Oakenheal ABAPArthas-US2018
84Freenicetry shawarmas and coronasArthas-US2018
84Synack Down RangeArthas-US2018
88Shizzune Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2017
88Absolve Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2017
88Tulo BrigadeArthas-US2017
88Oneeightysvn ABAPArthas-US2017
92Lobsterbisk The Struggle is RealArthas-US2016
93Chernobog TrapGodzArthas-US2014
94Taco GUTRENDArthas-US2013
95Darensproles Down RangeArthas-US2011
96Plâgue EvolutionArthas-US2010
97Unluckey Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2009
97Jlumz RazziaArthas-US2009
99Lubugg Rogues take zero skillArthas-US2008
99Kørtex Rachael Ray Fight ClubArthas-US2008

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