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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arthas-TW Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1迷你擁抱冷月 Chosen OneArthas-TW2207Not updated
2旖曈 狗窩Arthas-TW2095Not updated
3Dellia 狗窩Arthas-TW2086Not updated
4Rodrigodiaz Goodness GraciousArthas-TW2051Not updated
5Brute 狗窩Arthas-TW2050Not updated
6我是紙包拉雞 看見聯盟一聲吼 連殺帶守就不走Arthas-TW2048Not updated
7狄月  Arthas-TW2034Not updated
8五行變化 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW2013Not updated
8晨小熙  Arthas-TW2013Not updated
10陨落的狼王 所羅門Arthas-TW2010Not updated
11擁抱冷月丫姨 Chosen OneArthas-TW2009Not updated
12逐術者 DivideArthas-TW2008Not updated
13Myangeltal 狗窩Arthas-TW2001Not updated
14維歷亞 暮曦Arthas-TW1964Not updated
15Enprani 狗窩Arthas-TW1962Not updated
16天降戰神 暮曦Arthas-TW1941Not updated
17邱阿舍 ReincarnationArthas-TW1936Not updated
18哇係咚 Chosen OneArthas-TW1932Not updated
19暮色隨風 ROOMArthas-TW1928Not updated
20不死擁抱冷月 Chosen OneArthas-TW1920Not updated
21浴血圣光 Dream of eternalArthas-TW1919Not updated
22月冷抱擁 Chosen OneArthas-TW1917Not updated
23Chihan Finding NeverlandArthas-TW1916Not updated
23Magick NeverSayNeverArthas-TW1916Not updated
25曉僧 Chosen OneArthas-TW1910Not updated
26口白虎口 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW1906Not updated
27不死盜 看見聯盟一聲吼 連殺帶守就不走Arthas-TW1898Not updated
28Junetempest We will win eventuallyArthas-TW1897Not updated
29那些年的火 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW1894Not updated
30魅力甜心  Arthas-TW1888Not updated
31Leokiller  Arthas-TW1887Not updated
32超級香椒 Dream of eternalArthas-TW1878Not updated
33乂淚雪霜痕乂 巧克力夢想莊園Arthas-TW1873Not updated
34武侍  Arthas-TW1866Not updated
35新見遥佳 HordicideArthas-TW1856Not updated
36太太買根蔥吧 Chosen OneArthas-TW1855Not updated
36飛踢呼巴掌 Peace of FormosaArthas-TW1855Not updated
38Holydrag 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW1854Not updated
38乳油香木果  Arthas-TW1854Not updated
40Yosafire 我還有點餓Arthas-TW1853Not updated
41北韓觀音坐蓮 索蘭尼亞騎士團Arthas-TW1838Not updated
42地獄小霸王 靈魂歸宿Arthas-TW1837Not updated
43霜明雪 NEW Devil May CryArthas-TW1836Not updated
44瓦里安國王 五木路海七海八北中南縱貫大本營Arthas-TW1829Not updated
45蓝梦萧寒 We will win eventuallyArthas-TW1827Not updated
46神聖巨龍  Arthas-TW1822Not updated
47蔡胖胖  Arthas-TW1818Not updated
48Ashuan 現代啟示錄Arthas-TW1817Not updated
49布來克雪特 MythologyArthas-TW1815Not updated
49吃飽等睡覺 NEW Devil May CryArthas-TW1815Not updated
51雪影孤鴻 NEW Devil May CryArthas-TW1811Not updated
52安卓拉 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW1810Not updated
53白毛掌櫃 JudgementArthas-TW1809Not updated
54輕心 冷冰Arthas-TW1807Not updated
54娃娃粉 詐騙集團Arthas-TW1807Not updated
54小俏屁 NEW Devil May CryArthas-TW1807Not updated
57布箂德彼特  Arthas-TW1806Not updated
57臣西 休閒者之灣Arthas-TW1806Not updated
59月吻月傷心 Chosen OneArthas-TW1805Not updated
59雪花雲影 十年樹木百年樹袋熊Arthas-TW1805Not updated
61陰陽葫蘆  Arthas-TW1804Not updated
62組我嘛齁 風花雪月殿堂Arthas-TW1801Not updated
63乂洛剎乂 We will win eventuallyArthas-TW1799Not updated
63夜暗殺者 黑執事軍團Arthas-TW1799Not updated
65萌瓏 We will win eventuallyArthas-TW1798Not updated
66萬年富貴 暮曦Arthas-TW1797Not updated
66滅團之花 龍之逆鱗Arthas-TW1797Not updated
68Rocco 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW1794Not updated
69Aequiverita  Arthas-TW1793Not updated
70Shadowstorm Dragon SoulArthas-TW1792Not updated
71冬握湖 Dream of eternalArthas-TW1791Not updated
72卍火卍 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW1783Not updated
73岸玖 NEW Devil May CryArthas-TW1782Not updated
73貧僧不戲女表 所羅門Arthas-TW1782Not updated
75寸白 冷冰Arthas-TW1779Not updated
75一嗜神一 我還有點餓Arthas-TW1779Not updated
77也能步步成詩 Goodness GraciousArthas-TW1776Not updated
78Drdot  Arthas-TW1773Not updated
79雷伯伯 NeverSayNeverArthas-TW1772Not updated
80撕裂的傑克 愛丟卡慘細Arthas-TW1770Not updated
81Abyssalblade We will win eventuallyArthas-TW1765Not updated
81牛伯牌沙茶醬 巧克力夢想莊園Arthas-TW1765Not updated
83心靈沉默 ROOMArthas-TW1762Not updated
84Scarletj 休閒者之灣Arthas-TW1759Not updated
85Nasse ImpactArthas-TW1757Not updated
86臥雲峰 NEW Devil May CryArthas-TW1756Not updated
87瑪琳鼠 黑執事軍團Arthas-TW1751Not updated
88劉易士 NEW Devil May CryArthas-TW1747Not updated
88Passant 所羅門Arthas-TW1747Not updated
90Skarlett 索蘭尼亞騎士團Arthas-TW1743Not updated
91Dingting 蒼穹之弓Arthas-TW1742Not updated
92讚牛一哥 DisplaceArthas-TW1738Not updated
93喪門斧 休閒小筑Arthas-TW1732Not updated
93Lynlolz We will win eventuallyArthas-TW1732Not updated
95Emotional 風花雪月殿堂Arthas-TW1731Not updated
96Ouza 暮曦Arthas-TW1730Not updated
97夕藏  Arthas-TW1727Not updated
98小鬼不趴 We will win eventuallyArthas-TW1726Not updated
99小乘魔法  Arthas-TW1722Not updated
99Necomancer Luchadora SociedadArthas-TW1722Not updated

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