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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Arthas-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Mageburn EndArthas-EU2331Not updated
2Poppei TrafiQArthas-EU2253Not updated
3Libertrix EndArthas-EU2209Not updated
4Jexon  Arthas-EU2204Not updated
5Zélda ViatorisArthas-EU2171Not updated
6Plinea EndArthas-EU2166Not updated
7Çrouch Icelance Pew PewArthas-EU2160Not updated
7Gatroxbunnyx EndArthas-EU2160Not updated
9Asisterion DefianceArthas-EU2157Not updated
10Majmun The Boondock SaintsArthas-EU2149Not updated
11Talinya ViatorisArthas-EU2143Not updated
12Einlaufqt FBGMArthas-EU2122Not updated
13Crazygottlob Immortal InfinityArthas-EU2112Not updated
14Gion ViatorisArthas-EU2105Not updated
15Syntrox EndArthas-EU2104Not updated
16Xilvery EndArthas-EU2089Not updated
17Silverzone EndArthas-EU2086Not updated
18Pelahe Icelance Pew PewArthas-EU2060Not updated
19Ludendudess I Soylent Green IArthas-EU2058Not updated
20Rodarió NoxiousArthas-EU2055Not updated
21Krachbumlol OH A DOLLARArthas-EU2033Not updated
22Solaný ENDLICH ERLÖSTArthas-EU2025Not updated
23Crazygodlohb Seriøus like a RaidbawzArthas-EU2020Not updated
24Nasú NoxiousArthas-EU2019Not updated
25Nýlzz I Soylent Green IArthas-EU2007Not updated
26Lyialol EndArthas-EU2006Not updated
27Emêlie Real Nordic LowlandersArthas-EU1999Not updated
28Shotx EndArthas-EU1995Not updated
29Umbrifer Ignis DraconisArthas-EU1993Not updated
30Òîó I Soylent Green IArthas-EU1987Not updated
31Akraya EndArthas-EU1986Not updated
32Terru  Arthas-EU1981Not updated
33Prilé EndArthas-EU1976Not updated
34Perrywinckle Ignis DraconisArthas-EU1970Not updated
35Marcato I Soylent Green IArthas-EU1969Not updated
36Niridia LaUltimaArthas-EU1966Not updated
37Shinury PrimusArthas-EU1953Not updated
38Kellen Real Nordic LowlandersArthas-EU1942Not updated
39Rênôvâtîo Independent GamingArthas-EU1940Not updated
39Ðaria Independent GamingArthas-EU1940Not updated
41Roksy Punishers of UranusArthas-EU1937Not updated
41Çyç I Soylent Green IArthas-EU1937Not updated
43Crazygustav Immortal InfinityArthas-EU1936Not updated
44Cyrusz Wrynns Garde EliteArthas-EU1935Not updated
45Schmandmann Punishers of UranusArthas-EU1934Not updated
46Constantiin Die UnbelehrbarenArthas-EU1928Not updated
47Randâle Real Nordic LowlandersArthas-EU1926Not updated
47Kaolinite Icelance Pew PewArthas-EU1926Not updated
47Cøøcey Immortal InfinityArthas-EU1926Not updated
50Shruikán NoxiousArthas-EU1924Not updated
51Firoda BATTLEGROUND WARSArthas-EU1918Not updated
52Hypodruide MAINArthas-EU1915Not updated
53Shâyô NoxiousArthas-EU1914Not updated
53Nutra Rebell ohne GrundArthas-EU1914Not updated
55Chemistry  Arthas-EU1912Not updated
56Maerlyn  Arthas-EU1909Not updated
57Evalena StyxArthas-EU1908Not updated
58Erdbeerbär PrimusArthas-EU1905Not updated
58Musica Punishers of UranusArthas-EU1905Not updated
60Showtimê CONVICTIOArthas-EU1896Not updated
61Archïmedez Tränen der KriegerArthas-EU1893Not updated
62Mahagouni PrimusArthas-EU1892Not updated
63Gambít Real Nordic LowlandersArthas-EU1888Not updated
64Adysha Alliance of TarsonisArthas-EU1871Not updated
65Yvez Punishers of UranusArthas-EU1867Not updated
66Galdran THGArthas-EU1866Not updated
67Buckx OH A DOLLARArthas-EU1862Not updated
68Bläserich Real Nordic LowlandersArthas-EU1853Not updated
69Draacor ImpactArthas-EU1849Not updated
70Showtimé CONVICTIOArthas-EU1847Not updated
71Shoqt Gilde von ShoqtArthas-EU1844Not updated
71Ðæxôr  Arthas-EU1844Not updated
71Libertytko EndArthas-EU1844Not updated
74Yololz SchlappeseppelsArthas-EU1842Not updated
75Crazyjosef Seriøus like a RaidbawzArthas-EU1828Not updated
76Vaqx ToXic GamingArthas-EU1827Not updated
77Lulamar Real Nordic LowlandersArthas-EU1826Not updated
77Vaqz Eternal InfinityArthas-EU1826Not updated
79Armadaa AmityArthas-EU1825Not updated
79Jenøva NoxiousArthas-EU1825Not updated
81Xarvas Im WC brennt noch LichtArthas-EU1822Not updated
81Azghula Ignis DraconisArthas-EU1822Not updated
83Mariayoana Guardians of UnderworldArthas-EU1820Not updated
84Kazume Real Nordic LowlandersArthas-EU1815Not updated
85Todgeweiht MAINArthas-EU1811Not updated
86Dunkeltuss Real Nordic LowlandersArthas-EU1809Not updated
86Flamê Real Nordic LowlandersArthas-EU1809Not updated
88Sibra Independent GamingArthas-EU1804Not updated
89Caprisûn Ignis DraconisArthas-EU1793Not updated
90Moisha MAINArthas-EU1786Not updated
91Calida Schwarzer PhönixArthas-EU1781Not updated
92Dierunde Solis DefectioArthas-EU1770Not updated
93Rubyrubina Ignis DraconisArthas-EU1768Not updated
94Longaria Punishers of UranusArthas-EU1767Not updated
94Selenagomez IllustriousArthas-EU1767Not updated
94Crusnik Punishers of UranusArthas-EU1767Not updated
97Aviell Ignis DraconisArthas-EU1763Not updated
97Scôrpiôn SchlappeseppelsArthas-EU1763Not updated
99Blackkyd Ignis DraconisArthas-EU1762Not updated
100Lynnéa NoxiousArthas-EU1756Not updated

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