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Argent Dawn-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Pinka VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2350
2Kísses RóttenArgent Dawn-EU2212
3Sassysparrow ZénithArgent Dawn-EU2200
4Beaaryia ZénithArgent Dawn-EU2158
5Hakkebøffen Path of DestructionArgent Dawn-EU2131
6Icyxlord RóttenArgent Dawn-EU2126
7Falconknight ZénithArgent Dawn-EU2102
8Lilleane VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2029
9Snaskatutte RóttenArgent Dawn-EU2025
10Nigbird ZénithArgent Dawn-EU2019
11Dekayz RóttenArgent Dawn-EU2013
11Drægane  Argent Dawn-EU2013
11Nizoc Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU2013
14Voorgevel Charlottes FamiliarsArgent Dawn-EU2011
14Chamdaman Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU2011
16Licks RóttenArgent Dawn-EU2010
17Rayken The Goldbane DominionArgent Dawn-EU2009
18Korthias Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU2006
19Manapause Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU2005
20Chopy Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU2003
21Elégy Windhunds Rebel ForceArgent Dawn-EU2001
22Aayría ZénithArgent Dawn-EU2000
23Noogi  Argent Dawn-EU1997Not updated
24Viragoon Windhunds Rebel ForceArgent Dawn-EU1996
24Mukraa Windhunds Rebel ForceArgent Dawn-EU1996
26Delonna LEGITArgent Dawn-EU1994
27Wymp Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1993
28Azhmajii VerdictArgent Dawn-EU1991
29Shaw VerdictArgent Dawn-EU1990
30Jimjom RóttenArgent Dawn-EU1986
31Ðiscobiscuit Windhunds Rebel ForceArgent Dawn-EU1980
32Rused Windhunds Rebel ForceArgent Dawn-EU1979
32Dreadlord Windhunds Rebel ForceArgent Dawn-EU1979
34Enlightener Path of DestructionArgent Dawn-EU1974
35Apocalyptix Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1972
36Rockyz ExtortionArgent Dawn-EU1969
37Destructuz Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1967
38Vaggy  Argent Dawn-EU1966Not updated
38Humanfalcon ZénithArgent Dawn-EU1966
40Shadebloom ValorArgent Dawn-EU1965
41Njang VerdictArgent Dawn-EU1962
41Vaggysag NemésisArgent Dawn-EU1962
43Arrion ValorArgent Dawn-EU1959
43Khastros ValorArgent Dawn-EU1959
45Shadowshiver Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1958
46Claudio ValorArgent Dawn-EU1955
46Thornsheart ValorArgent Dawn-EU1955
48Setsuka  Argent Dawn-EU1953
49Strail Windhunds Rebel ForceArgent Dawn-EU1952
50Fetbritta GØDZArgent Dawn-EU1950
50Esion Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1950
52Blightreaper ValorArgent Dawn-EU1948
53Realífe NemésisArgent Dawn-EU1936
53Naisguy  Argent Dawn-EU1936
55Shangar ValorArgent Dawn-EU1933
55Dyner Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1933
55Nekaraf Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1933
58Ewoker Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1931
59Bloodmoon ValorArgent Dawn-EU1927
60Sollypop The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU1926
61Dezok The Final EclipseArgent Dawn-EU1925
62Lamelime Cloud ControlArgent Dawn-EU1922
62Kukkiyokai Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1922
62Terrorhoof The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU1922
65Nasry VerdictArgent Dawn-EU1921
65Feddxx VerdictArgent Dawn-EU1921
67Castrian Dawnshade BrotherhoodArgent Dawn-EU1913
68Barly ImmunityArgent Dawn-EU1912
69Coralgore Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1911
70Innexxess RuinArgent Dawn-EU1910
71Yessa  Argent Dawn-EU1909
71Lissarya The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU1909
73Ixnay VerdictArgent Dawn-EU1908
73Gilanial NemésisArgent Dawn-EU1908
73Bikkhuni The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU1908
76Fanerion VerdictArgent Dawn-EU1906
76Nasghar The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU1906
78Anuchit ThornArgent Dawn-EU1902Not updated
79Aearia Köttbullar från IKEAArgent Dawn-EU1901
79Gertta The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU1901
81Sreykong The Vapid CiphersArgent Dawn-EU1900
82Shae  Argent Dawn-EU1899
82Mattssie HatebreedersArgent Dawn-EU1899
84Zahnos  Argent Dawn-EU1898
85Nimtak DominionArgent Dawn-EU1897
85Ed The AristocracyArgent Dawn-EU1897
87Coreh NemésisArgent Dawn-EU1893
88Thyldrassia ZhanaiArgent Dawn-EU1891
88Shilmerinn The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU1891
88Chexela Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1891
88Glamia VerdictArgent Dawn-EU1891
88Clarks AkumaArgent Dawn-EU1891
93Hesmina DominionArgent Dawn-EU1890
94Rosasfar ValorArgent Dawn-EU1889
95Innoxious  Argent Dawn-EU1884
95Díabolical DerelictaArgent Dawn-EU1884
97Rigamortís  Argent Dawn-EU1883
98Lenthall Order of the Red ValourArgent Dawn-EU1882
98Watodo VinculumArgent Dawn-EU1882
100Jacuss The AristocracyArgent Dawn-EU1872

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