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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Argent Dawn-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Pinka VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2477Not updated
2Glamiator LightArgent Dawn-EU2422Not updated
3Vickieh BAMBOOZLEEDArgent Dawn-EU2313Not updated
4Feddx VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2292Not updated
5Glamìa VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2282Not updated
6Pixsél TitansArgent Dawn-EU2271Not updated
7Brittablazin VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2265Not updated
8Ixnay VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2261Not updated
9Fredic VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2247Not updated
10Kérisa VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2243Not updated
11Hattie VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2239Not updated
12Werst Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU2233Not updated
13Kísses RóttenArgent Dawn-EU2229Not updated
14Bigboar Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU2220Not updated
15Hyperr TitansArgent Dawn-EU2219Not updated
16Erca  Argent Dawn-EU2217Not updated
17Njang VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2216Not updated
18Glamia VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2213Not updated
19Feddxlel VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2212Not updated
20Ømëgå TitansArgent Dawn-EU2211Not updated
21Kukkiyokai TitansArgent Dawn-EU2198Not updated
22Sizka  Argent Dawn-EU2194Not updated
22Manapause TitansArgent Dawn-EU2194Not updated
24Mixina VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2173Not updated
25Prypyette VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2172Not updated
26Esion TitansArgent Dawn-EU2165Not updated
27Koopa TitansArgent Dawn-EU2158Not updated
28Harroldora VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2157Not updated
29Eeb TitansArgent Dawn-EU2153Not updated
30Azhule Orb of SoulsArgent Dawn-EU2151Not updated
31Dæx VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2143Not updated
32Aayría ZénithArgent Dawn-EU2142Not updated
33Snaskatutte RóttenArgent Dawn-EU2139Not updated
34Rekted TitansArgent Dawn-EU2133Not updated
35Auchenax We have TEAArgent Dawn-EU2124Not updated
36Nasghar The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU2115Not updated
37Licks RóttenArgent Dawn-EU2108Not updated
38Vyneal VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2103Not updated
39Katurina Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU2099Not updated
40Ranq Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU2089Not updated
41Korthias Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU2088Not updated
41Jenzin Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU2088Not updated
43Ashford Strangulation PointArgent Dawn-EU2085Not updated
44Fanerion VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2082Not updated
44Morsøe P R I D E F U L B O Y SArgent Dawn-EU2082Not updated
46Mêrcy  Argent Dawn-EU2080Not updated
47Impact VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2063Not updated
48Fredx VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2057Not updated
49Eurotrashqtx ZénithArgent Dawn-EU2056Not updated
50Beefbird The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU2046Not updated
51Sollypop The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU2036Not updated
52Vaggysagqt GET IN LINKArgent Dawn-EU2034Not updated
52Jeggred AmentiaArgent Dawn-EU2034Not updated
54Backpédal The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU2033Not updated
55Bóúnty The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU2031Not updated
56Lilleane VerdictArgent Dawn-EU2029Not updated
57Reifa Three SpiresArgent Dawn-EU2026Not updated
58Shilmerinn The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU2021Not updated
59Alington The ChosenArgent Dawn-EU2018Not updated
59Bródir  Argent Dawn-EU2018Not updated
61Nìleq Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU2017Not updated
61Rosasfar The Guild of GuildsArgent Dawn-EU2017Not updated
63Dekayz  Argent Dawn-EU2013Not updated
64Latia LightArgent Dawn-EU2011Not updated
65Nisroch MoonlightArgent Dawn-EU2008Not updated
66Lissarya The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU2007Not updated
66Ponó The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU2007Not updated
68Addigi The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU2005Not updated
69Krykor Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU2000Not updated
70Castrian Dawnshade BrotherhoodArgent Dawn-EU1995Not updated
71Whîteknight MistfallArgent Dawn-EU1992Not updated
71Ghroll ValiojoukkoArgent Dawn-EU1992Not updated
73Harroldina VerdictArgent Dawn-EU1991Not updated
74Shadebloom Strangulation PointArgent Dawn-EU1990Not updated
74Eovia House RivorndirArgent Dawn-EU1990Not updated
76Kazkojin Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1988Not updated
77Taiwin Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1984Not updated
78Gertta The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU1983Not updated
78Türin Wave of MutilationArgent Dawn-EU1983Not updated
80Strah The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU1982Not updated
81Jimjom RóttenArgent Dawn-EU1979Not updated
81Dreadlord Tell Lie VisionArgent Dawn-EU1979Not updated
83Danielson Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1977Not updated
84Cesha VerdictArgent Dawn-EU1976Not updated
85Lilleklas House of RobertsArgent Dawn-EU1975Not updated
86Yiiro NukezArgent Dawn-EU1974Not updated
87Marteena Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1972Not updated
87Nekaraf Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1972Not updated
89Phalek NukezArgent Dawn-EU1971Not updated
90Rockyz ExtortionArgent Dawn-EU1969Not updated
91Durogor Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1968Not updated
92Ansi Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1967Not updated
93Druidedy Blood GuardArgent Dawn-EU1964Not updated
94Fluffyhugs Here Be MonstersArgent Dawn-EU1963Not updated
95Arhvan Team RaftArgent Dawn-EU1959Not updated
95Khastros SwearikeArgent Dawn-EU1959Not updated
97Scarodorne The UndecidedArgent Dawn-EU1957Not updated
98Ed Infinitum PraeliumArgent Dawn-EU1955Not updated
98Claudio SwearikeArgent Dawn-EU1955Not updated
100Saar TitansArgent Dawn-EU1952Not updated

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