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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Area 52-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Eliteqt Natural SelectionArea 52-US2473Not updated
2Kolodots Natural SelectionArea 52-US2450Not updated
3Dwaynewave Natural SelectionArea 52-US2442Not updated
4Razedcold  Area 52-US2364Not updated
5Razedbb  Area 52-US2354Not updated
6Lapdancex feels some type of wayArea 52-US2294Not updated
7Eckbok CausticArea 52-US2266Not updated
8Hyyo feels some type of wayArea 52-US2263Not updated
9Ilovebailey dont claim dos cuz u badArea 52-US2255Not updated
10Weedgodtko dont claim dos cuz u badArea 52-US2231Not updated
11Coäl GiggityArea 52-US2227Not updated
12Littlebbraze  Area 52-US2225Not updated
13Wobbegong  Area 52-US2223Not updated
14Rïgzby dont claim dos cuz u badArea 52-US2220Not updated
15Twochainzxx dont claim dos cuz u badArea 52-US2217Not updated
16Ruther Ladies OnlyArea 52-US2209Not updated
17Healtodie Hi FriendsArea 52-US2208Not updated
17Cutest Hi FriendsArea 52-US2208Not updated
19Jukemasterj mindplayArea 52-US2207Not updated
20Chadbutler Ladies OnlyArea 52-US2204Not updated
20Kimhyuna Hi FriendsArea 52-US2204Not updated
22Rettickyz Star PowerArea 52-US2192Not updated
23Whognu Hi FriendsArea 52-US2190Not updated
24Bigdaddynova mindplayArea 52-US2189Not updated
25Coldrazed mindplayArea 52-US2179Not updated
26Honeypuff feels some type of wayArea 52-US2170Not updated
27Spriestlol  Area 52-US2164Not updated
28Flowxo is kinda like godArea 52-US2161Not updated
29Pyroscience mindplayArea 52-US2155Not updated
30Naptimex SystemArea 52-US2150Not updated
31Larry Hi FriendsArea 52-US2145Not updated
32Bass ScornArea 52-US2142Not updated
33Kârmâ SaberenceArea 52-US2141Not updated
34Tokinz BDPArea 52-US2136Not updated
35Meatballspam Hi FriendsArea 52-US2132Not updated
36Generated  Area 52-US2127Not updated
37Maiehem We Dont Believe In FCsArea 52-US2119Not updated
38Meverick At least we got stablesArea 52-US2115Not updated
38Blaznfattys At least we got stablesArea 52-US2115Not updated
38Trùckerz At least we got stablesArea 52-US2115Not updated
41Freedöm OD ReduxArea 52-US2113Not updated
42Andari At least we got stablesArea 52-US2110Not updated
43Saltyjohnson Hi FriendsArea 52-US2109Not updated
44Coldkritz At least we got stablesArea 52-US2108Not updated
44Gioboyswag Strawberry Puppy KissesArea 52-US2108Not updated
46Saronyx At least we got stablesArea 52-US2107Not updated
47Irolez BDPArea 52-US2098Not updated
48Molsonexport feels some type of wayArea 52-US2094Not updated
49Inmáte PotentArea 52-US2088Not updated
50Tex SaberenceArea 52-US2086Not updated
51Tachii  Area 52-US2085Not updated
52Casualy BDPArea 52-US2084Not updated
53Strikeout BDPArea 52-US2082Not updated
53Dwaynewavex  Area 52-US2082Not updated
55Rebki  Area 52-US2078Not updated
56Recklessrob AsphyxiaArea 52-US2077Not updated
57Strugglesx Warrior NationArea 52-US2075Not updated
57Lleps LucidArea 52-US2075Not updated
57Kêiko At least we got stablesArea 52-US2075Not updated
60Tripolt SaberenceArea 52-US2074Not updated
61Bholes Meat GrinderArea 52-US2073Not updated
62Zachey BDPArea 52-US2072Not updated
63Nethershadow  Area 52-US2070Not updated
64Chelsinator TechniqueArea 52-US2066Not updated
65Thirrallisa Paradigm ShiftArea 52-US2062Not updated
66Darkwookies ScornArea 52-US2060Not updated
67Tylivanvè SkilledArea 52-US2058Not updated
67Varlekia The ChösenArea 52-US2058Not updated
69Minusthebeár DisturbingThePeaceArea 52-US2053Not updated
70Vikingodin FreakshowArea 52-US2052Not updated
70Sinovahz mindplayArea 52-US2052Not updated
70Vigilantê Electric CityArea 52-US2052Not updated
73Grinfoe Lincoln Wìped On OperaArea 52-US2050Not updated
74Molsondry feels some type of wayArea 52-US2049Not updated
75Vzv  Area 52-US2047Not updated
76Gsonerd  Area 52-US2043Not updated
77Septiç BDPArea 52-US2039Not updated
78Girandzim GiggityArea 52-US2037Not updated
79Viceverza BDPArea 52-US2036Not updated
80Niveophile At least we got stablesArea 52-US2033Not updated
80Prøtigy We Might Be RaidersArea 52-US2033Not updated
80Steelmonger BDPArea 52-US2033Not updated
83Mailene Ladies OnlyArea 52-US2032Not updated
83Peacetfout feels some type of wayArea 52-US2032Not updated
85Sozen BDPArea 52-US2027Not updated
86Xzelias BDPArea 52-US2025Not updated
87Acedog Sippy Cup DisasterArea 52-US2023Not updated
88Phanatik Delicious CakeArea 52-US2019Not updated
89Zoomen Six Beers DeepArea 52-US2018Not updated
90Jwowcannons Knights of ArcaniaArea 52-US2017Not updated
91Corruptëd Get The CartArea 52-US2015Not updated
92Peelmasterp feels some type of wayArea 52-US2013Not updated
93Yaucano  Area 52-US2012Not updated
94Brawlolol SaberenceArea 52-US2009Not updated
95Smokinele We Dont Believe In FCsArea 52-US2008Not updated
95Ketrina BDPArea 52-US2008Not updated
97Brunthar Touch of EvilArea 52-US2005Not updated
97Cloudstrïfe Fractured GamingArea 52-US2005Not updated
99Oaxaka BDPArea 52-US2004Not updated
99Bigbrawls BDPArea 52-US2004Not updated

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