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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Arathor-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Shivá  Arathor-US2154Not updated
2Doug NocuousArathor-US2135
3Yorra Baddies IncArathor-US2096
4Peowpeow  Arathor-US2079Not updated
5Peowder LogicalArathor-US2073Not updated
6Ringô Bane of SorrowArathor-US2061Not updated
7Thorìn The UndergroundArathor-US2033Not updated
8Bandaidftw ProfitArathor-US2031Not updated
9Deldrich  Arathor-US2009Not updated
10Obamadin  Arathor-US1971Not updated
10Greìvus Baddies IncArathor-US1971
12Jaaria NocuousArathor-US1965Not updated
13Healingrock  Arathor-US1940
14Reeses  Arathor-US1925Not updated
15Shiftix  Arathor-US1920Not updated
16Slitwrist CUDLEYArathor-US1914Not updated
17Aradead Bad Cat StuffArathor-US1911Not updated
18Venudo Baddies IncArathor-US1901Not updated
19Legolàs The UndergroundArathor-US1897
20Skoozie Baddies IncArathor-US1896Not updated
21Scarbage Bad Cat StuffArathor-US1894Not updated
22Drfornskin El Día de los MuertosArathor-US1883Not updated
22Fellowes Bane of SorrowArathor-US1883Not updated
24Zuggyzugzug Mors Omnia SolvitArathor-US1856Not updated
25Morthious FateArathor-US1845Not updated
26Carvins El Día de los MuertosArathor-US1822Not updated
27Conquerorr Baddies IncArathor-US1813Not updated
28Babybefstalk MadnessArathor-US1781Not updated
29Abandon  Arathor-US1777Not updated
30Kawwi Bane of SorrowArathor-US1765Not updated
31Iceteawitice  Arathor-US1754Not updated
31Atsu  Arathor-US1754Not updated
33Boöpin For The HordeArathor-US1747Not updated
34Irishlife The UndergroundArathor-US1739
35Valkyrié apocolypsArathor-US1737Not updated
36Pom TreasonArathor-US1721
37Harharr Unleashed ContendersArathor-US1691Not updated
38Lawldps  Arathor-US1674Not updated
39Goel Baddies IncArathor-US1658Not updated
40Darkpits One hundred proofArathor-US1618Not updated
41Alysa  Arathor-US1601Not updated
42Sentz FRIENDS UNITEDArathor-US1585Not updated
43Caros Royal House of AzerothArathor-US1550Not updated
44Zarakheel DarksteelArathor-US1549Not updated
45Tyrent TreasonArathor-US1542
46Beatraidia  Arathor-US1520Not updated
47Blackhorde One hundred proofArathor-US1518
48Ohmm One hundred proofArathor-US1496Not updated
49Mussôlini  Arathor-US1470Not updated
50Barnebus Savage DarknessArathor-US1464Not updated
51Dirtydangler NocuousArathor-US1340Not updated
52Scraggly Bane of SorrowArathor-US1339Not updated
53Hugh TreasonArathor-US1338
54Zaxx The Seventh TowerArathor-US1320Not updated
55Fanglethorn Savage DarknessArathor-US1152Not updated
56Ayllessa  Arathor-US1148Not updated
57Ceremalayeth  Arathor-US1140Not updated
58Deathskullx Bane of SorrowArathor-US959Not updated
58Moodswings Midnight MaraudersArathor-US959Not updated
60Ekxoh Raven MystArathor-US958Not updated
61Khitchary  Arathor-US956Not updated
62Lunarpony Shark Throwing BearsArathor-US768Not updated
62Victuss Midnight MaraudersArathor-US768Not updated
62Grimfoe Baddies IncArathor-US768Not updated
62Tazbis One hundred proofArathor-US768
62Fandam Raiders of the StormArathor-US768Not updated
62Hartass  Arathor-US768Not updated
62Wite Raiders of the StormArathor-US768Not updated
62Payso Raiders of the StormArathor-US768Not updated
70Vläd One hundred proofArathor-US767Not updated
70Sfiresttos Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeArathor-US767Not updated
72Jordsophie  Arathor-US576Not updated
72Mopaul  Arathor-US576Not updated
72Filoso Baddies IncArathor-US576Not updated
72Wynston  Arathor-US576Not updated
72Steamysalmon  Arathor-US576Not updated
72Vanedia One hundred proofArathor-US576
72Fuzznutt Baddies IncArathor-US576Not updated
72Letissa The Iron LegionArathor-US576Not updated
72Fiction NocuousArathor-US576Not updated
72Lôck We Kick Your DarnassusArathor-US576Not updated
72Lukexz Based FreestylerzArathor-US576Not updated
72Mektapath GambitArathor-US576Not updated
72Monkefofo TreasonArathor-US576Not updated
85Viopi Core ThreeArathor-US575
86Felathria NocuousArathor-US384Not updated
86Bingan Royal House of AzerothArathor-US384Not updated
86Paul NocuousArathor-US384Not updated
86Saszquatch Savage DarknessArathor-US384Not updated
86Lindrayn apocolypsArathor-US384Not updated
86Kelimvor GodModeArathor-US384Not updated
86Belfftw Baddies IncArathor-US384Not updated
86Kadreil Bane of SorrowArathor-US384Not updated
86Tallyss FRIENDS UNITEDArathor-US384Not updated
86Goonz FRIENDS UNITEDArathor-US384Not updated
86Helloween Random violenceArathor-US384Not updated
86Stevejabs Virtue in the WastelandArathor-US384Not updated
86Dwreck Baddies IncArathor-US384Not updated
86Achilleus  Arathor-US384Not updated
86Nemizon Bane of SorrowArathor-US384Not updated

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