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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Anub'arak-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Burston InfinitelyAnub'arak-EU2320
2Saiphedia  Anub'arak-EU2187Not updated
3Trâz  Anub'arak-EU2160Not updated
4Sejô Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2141
5Shilanda Carpe NoctemAnub'arak-EU2129Not updated
6Illidamn Carpe NoctemAnub'arak-EU2118Not updated
7Hisea Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU2107
8Glôrîa RedhandsAnub'arak-EU2071Not updated
9Luzífêr Carpe NoctemAnub'arak-EU2069Not updated
10Verrana RedhandsAnub'arak-EU2059Not updated
11Taradrim Virtus et FidesAnub'arak-EU2052Not updated
12Acediå Herrschaft des ChaosAnub'arak-EU2039
13Farfan HypeAnub'arak-EU2034Not updated
14Braza Just for the showAnub'arak-EU2028Not updated
15Glória RedhandsAnub'arak-EU2020Not updated
16Konkyra Carpe NoctemAnub'arak-EU2013Not updated
17Corruptôr BloodWolveAnub'arak-EU2000Not updated
18Mánú Die Knatzl FiddlerAnub'arak-EU1984Not updated
19Bamlor RedhandsAnub'arak-EU1981Not updated
20Bufú Die Knatzl FiddlerAnub'arak-EU1975Not updated
21Szb HypeAnub'arak-EU1958Not updated
22Raxez Endstation GeistheilerAnub'arak-EU1956Not updated
23Backslide  Anub'arak-EU1946Not updated
23Ruyalol For The SheepAnub'arak-EU1946Not updated
25Salbei Carpe NoctemAnub'arak-EU1945
26Peøplez Jetzt im KinoAnub'arak-EU1941
27Cultrarîus Doomhammer Acumen ClanAnub'arak-EU1933
27Donikar Orgrimmars CowboysAnub'arak-EU1933Not updated
29Dryfos InfinitelyAnub'arak-EU1928
30Darkên Endstation GeistheilerAnub'arak-EU1923Not updated
31Balmør RedhandsAnub'arak-EU1922Not updated
32Raintry Die Knatzl FiddlerAnub'arak-EU1913Not updated
33Isofora EquilibíumAnub'arak-EU1871
34Revii For The SheepAnub'arak-EU1863
35Flírtý FightCircleAnub'arak-EU1861Not updated
36Xylol Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU1857
37Jardor Semper FidelisAnub'arak-EU1851
38Glòria RedhandsAnub'arak-EU1845Not updated
39Mailing BloodWolveAnub'arak-EU1844
40Scuse Herrschaft des ChaosAnub'arak-EU1838
41Craynos Carpe NoctemAnub'arak-EU1833Not updated
42Tøøweak Endless RageAnub'arak-EU1832Not updated
42Naelyn Semper FidelisAnub'arak-EU1832
44Mysticdark RedhandsAnub'arak-EU1831Not updated
45Logrok Club der dichten TöterAnub'arak-EU1823Not updated
46Kasâk Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU1821
47Tydør RedhandsAnub'arak-EU1818Not updated
48Aboran Fejn KaszabiAnub'arak-EU1817
49Fôxii Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU1814
49Daroon Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU1814
49Skilløfdeath Amazing RandomsAnub'arak-EU1814Not updated
52Pyroxion Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU1813
52Thérry Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU1813
52Ayende Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU1813
55Louro Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU1811
56Esía Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU1808
57Yolomancer Doomhammer Acumen ClanAnub'arak-EU1806
58Wrondis Endstation GeistheilerAnub'arak-EU1801Not updated
59Razerna Endstation GeistheilerAnub'arak-EU1798Not updated
60Coolice Death BringerAnub'arak-EU1790
61Miodri Jetzt im KinoAnub'arak-EU1788
62Hogo Sua sponteAnub'arak-EU1781Not updated
63Raiox New Orc GankeesAnub'arak-EU1779Not updated
64Vijû Corpse GrindersAnub'arak-EU1769Not updated
65Knuffel SkullcrushAnub'arak-EU1766
66Amsem SkullcrushAnub'arak-EU1763
67Nelvia  Anub'arak-EU1758Not updated
68Razen Novus Ordo MundiAnub'arak-EU1753Not updated
69Jeesa Novus Ordo MundiAnub'arak-EU1749
70Indn Jetzt im KinoAnub'arak-EU1744Not updated
71Térax Doomhammer Acumen ClanAnub'arak-EU1736
72Holyhands Amazing RandomsAnub'arak-EU1723
73Ulo Carpe NoctemAnub'arak-EU1722Not updated
74Holzkopf Faust GottesAnub'arak-EU1721
75Encephalon Endstation GeistheilerAnub'arak-EU1708Not updated
76Ryle FLAUSCHIG UND BÖSEAnub'arak-EU1706Not updated
76Kiwibaum CARNAGEAnub'arak-EU1706Not updated
78Zuel Semper FidelisAnub'arak-EU1705Not updated
79Hanaq Herrschaft des ChaosAnub'arak-EU1701
80Kaprikorn Faust GottesAnub'arak-EU1700Not updated
81Arjya Endstation GeistheilerAnub'arak-EU1695Not updated
82Prettyboy Faust GottesAnub'arak-EU1694
83Gur Jetzt im KinoAnub'arak-EU1691
84Crypti HeroesAnub'arak-EU1686
85Stierkopf Endstation GeistheilerAnub'arak-EU1685Not updated
86Chîllbert Endstation GeistheilerAnub'arak-EU1684Not updated
86Clêo HeroesAnub'arak-EU1684
88Thomsn Carpe NoctemAnub'arak-EU1681Not updated
89Yxlol Souls CouncilAnub'arak-EU1668
90Xineohp HeroesAnub'arak-EU1666
91Eraserr Herrschaft des ChaosAnub'arak-EU1665
92Capowe Faust GottesAnub'arak-EU1651
93Skull Herrschaft des ChaosAnub'arak-EU1648
94Deltaon  Anub'arak-EU1640Not updated
95Càmorra Endstation GeistheilerAnub'arak-EU1638Not updated
96Gôdzíllâ School of RevengeAnub'arak-EU1624
96Pinselhuber SkullcrushAnub'arak-EU1624Not updated
98Shanea Endstation GeistheilerAnub'arak-EU1617Not updated
99Liquidgreen Doomhammer Acumen ClanAnub'arak-EU1599
100Darkay Just for the showAnub'arak-EU1598Not updated

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