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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Antonidas-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Janeima Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US2298Not updated
2Salainn Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US2242Not updated
3Zanrath Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US2222Not updated
4Seishe Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US2219Not updated
5Bordak  Antonidas-US2204Not updated
6Anathemá  Antonidas-US2190Not updated
7Myrdinn  Antonidas-US2183Not updated
8Dotdotgoosé Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US2159Not updated
9Teachi Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US2088Not updated
10Zanraith Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US2050Not updated
11Andrastte Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US2048Not updated
12Pannaxx PureAntonidas-US2038Not updated
13Togakureryu  Antonidas-US2030Not updated
14Theshadowzz Fairy TaleAntonidas-US2024Not updated
15Wakafloka Alaskan Ice DragonAntonidas-US2015Not updated
16Dottndash RUSHAntonidas-US1992Not updated
17Bowwork Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1986Not updated
18Mittzi Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1957Not updated
19Cmjr Unholy WarriorsAntonidas-US1952Not updated
20Xpert After ShockAntonidas-US1944Not updated
21Ifrostya Unholy WarriorsAntonidas-US1940Not updated
22Speed PureAntonidas-US1935Not updated
23Samyna Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1933Not updated
24Adventurous Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1928Not updated
25Cx Fairy TaleAntonidas-US1919Not updated
26Maebhe Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1912Not updated
27Bubbleblower Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1908Not updated
28Brokenhearts Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1902Not updated
29Elightra Core RaidersAntonidas-US1896Not updated
30Isuxathealin  Antonidas-US1878Not updated
31Silentagôny Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1869Not updated
31Xyelenè Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1869Not updated
33Samsius All Youve GotAntonidas-US1856Not updated
34Zannicus Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1841Not updated
35Medaj Core RaidersAntonidas-US1836Not updated
35Nomicon Death by StormAntonidas-US1836Not updated
37Forsakeeqt Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1827Not updated
38Tatertotzz Core RaidersAntonidas-US1826Not updated
39Thejudicator Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1809Not updated
40Aet No FuryAntonidas-US1807Not updated
41Papoose After ShockAntonidas-US1794Not updated
42Crazzya No FuryAntonidas-US1782Not updated
43Morphireen Murloc MonsterAntonidas-US1780Not updated
44Muderofdôöm  Antonidas-US1772Not updated
45Arthurias UprisingAntonidas-US1761Not updated
46Gwargilly Blood On Our HandsAntonidas-US1757Not updated
47Nolanstabs  Antonidas-US1745Not updated
48Bloodknightz AxiomAntonidas-US1741Not updated
48Amorose  Antonidas-US1741Not updated
50Thundand  Antonidas-US1706Not updated
51Artumesprime UprisingAntonidas-US1696Not updated
52Rolánd  Antonidas-US1676Not updated
53Jachrik  Antonidas-US1673Not updated
54Ikarriss  Antonidas-US1670Not updated
55Junikins UprisingAntonidas-US1667Not updated
56Sizzla Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US1662Not updated
57Toffys No FuryAntonidas-US1638Not updated
58Duspair New ReignAntonidas-US1622Not updated
59Saliad  Antonidas-US1617Not updated
60Shokzy PureAntonidas-US1610Not updated
61Krackz Knights of PieAntonidas-US1601Not updated
62Seductrex Blood On Our HandsAntonidas-US1582Not updated
63Jairil  Antonidas-US1581Not updated
64Ðoctorwhø Emerald KnightsAntonidas-US1522Not updated
65Yelrah Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US1515Not updated
66Swarlly Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1507Not updated
67Options Fairy TaleAntonidas-US1476Not updated
68Tickleeqt  Antonidas-US1341Not updated
69Aliaida Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1340Not updated
70Ijit  Antonidas-US1339Not updated
71Humphreys Mouse RatAntonidas-US1335Not updated
71Càstel Murloc MonsterAntonidas-US1335Not updated
73Grriizz UnionAntonidas-US1333Not updated
74Shivsalot Fairy TaleAntonidas-US1328Not updated
75Backpak Fairy TaleAntonidas-US1325Not updated
76Junichu UprisingAntonidas-US1318Not updated
77Heálthis Kaos AbyssAntonidas-US1308Not updated
78Miro Dark VortexAntonidas-US1304Not updated
79Gøødy Tyrannical SupremacyAntonidas-US1292Not updated
80Myrdinnx  Antonidas-US1152Not updated
81Burningsoulz  Antonidas-US1151Not updated
82Burkaeus Forge of SoulsAntonidas-US1150Not updated
83Tylerdurdenx Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1143Not updated
84Raugmar  Antonidas-US1141Not updated
85Dûo Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US1139Not updated
86Jadelian UprisingAntonidas-US1122Not updated
87Dethramnous  Antonidas-US960Not updated
87Sameul Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US960Not updated
89Kungfumaster  Antonidas-US959Not updated
90Thuti Knights of PieAntonidas-US957Not updated
90Kokonutt Dark Souls EliteAntonidas-US957
92Moobette UprisingAntonidas-US956Not updated
93Malise PureAntonidas-US953Not updated
94Furikuri XRaidedAntonidas-US768Not updated
94Mancow Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US768Not updated
94Raidaroth VALISAntonidas-US768Not updated
94Zaideo The Wings of LifeAntonidas-US768Not updated
94Selenägomez  Antonidas-US768Not updated
94Meurtrière VALISAntonidas-US768Not updated
94Frarah  Antonidas-US768Not updated

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