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Antonidas-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Anathemá  Antonidas-US2182
2Pannaxx PureAntonidas-US2038
3Markc  Antonidas-US1961Not updated
4Bowwork Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1944
5Janeima Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1937
6Wickedwayz Metus AbsentiaAntonidas-US1930
7Dethlyshadow Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1925Not updated
8Salainn Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1909
9Cmjr  Antonidas-US1904
10Monktease Fat Girls Cant LoSAntonidas-US1892Not updated
11Bubbleblower Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1866
12Bordak  Antonidas-US1859
13Medaj Core RaidersAntonidas-US1836
14Isuxathealin Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1835
15Shadowdots Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1822Not updated
16Zanraith Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1821
17Seishe Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1816
18Silentagôny Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1813
19Maebhe Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1809
20Tatertotzz Core RaidersAntonidas-US1797
21Crazzya XRaidedAntonidas-US1782
22Xpert After ShockAntonidas-US1777
23Zannicus Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1776
24Amorose  Antonidas-US1755
25Makhavik Murloc MonsterAntonidas-US1754
26Martician  Antonidas-US1751
27Elightra Core RaidersAntonidas-US1750
28Samsius All Youve GotAntonidas-US1716
29Chaniqua Knights of NiAntonidas-US1712
30Brokenhearts Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1706
31Gorac The DictatorsAntonidas-US1695Not updated
32Morphireen Murloc MonsterAntonidas-US1686
33Jachrik  Antonidas-US1673Not updated
34Sizzla Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US1662
35Esteroth Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1644
36Shädôwscôut Dark Souls EliteAntonidas-US1627Not updated
37Duspair Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1622Not updated
38Samyna Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1618
39Thejudicator Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1608
40Krackz Knights of PieAntonidas-US1601
41Andrastte Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1521
42Mumrah Id Sap DatAntonidas-US1520
43Yelrah Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US1515
44Swarlly Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1507Not updated
45Càstel Murloc MonsterAntonidas-US1335
46Grriizz The DictatorsAntonidas-US1333
47Dottndash RUSHAntonidas-US1330
48Burningsoulz Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1151
49Jrheals  Antonidas-US1147
50Tylerdurdenx Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US1143
51Mágñi  Antonidas-US1142
52Wolfmunin Crimson DragonsAntonidas-US1140
53Dûo Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US1139
54Aliaida Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US963
55Sameul Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US960
56Necrobabe  Antonidas-US959
56Burkaeus Dangerous AllianceAntonidas-US959
58Mattðemon Murloc MonsterAntonidas-US958
58Tobìnfrost Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US958
58Humphreys Mouse RatAntonidas-US958
61Thuti Knights of PieAntonidas-US957
61Kokonutt Dark Souls EliteAntonidas-US957
61Tigz jokers wildAntonidas-US957
64Waràc AxiomAntonidas-US768Not updated
64Furikuri XRaidedAntonidas-US768
64Mancow Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US768
64Stealthee Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US768
64Furythunder Forge of SoulsAntonidas-US768
64Zaideo The Wings of LifeAntonidas-US768
64Martinian  Antonidas-US768
64Frarah Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US768
64Scyrlol The DictatorsAntonidas-US768
73Tlo LionheartedAntonidas-US767Not updated
73Surrëal Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US767
75Wildshöt The DictatorsAntonidas-US765
76Frostdeeps Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US576Not updated
76Krogtrog The DictatorsAntonidas-US576
76Vanquìshed Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US576
76Dakiel THUGSAntonidas-US576
76Undeadxlord Wild BunchAntonidas-US576
76Ìsïs Knights and SavioursAntonidas-US576
76Grimslade Dies IraeAntonidas-US576
76Hizumi Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US576Not updated
84Sekar No FuryAntonidas-US384
84Olivë Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US384
84Thenz Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US384
84Raidaroth VALISAntonidas-US384
84Miltar The Hidden Leaf NinjasAntonidas-US384
84Mokito Murloc MonsterAntonidas-US384
84Bicady Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US384
84Shamallamá Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US384
84Yasgur The DictatorsAntonidas-US384
84Sylisa Unknown GuildAntonidas-US384Not updated
84Terisani Pirates Say YarAntonidas-US384
84Ronard LionheartedAntonidas-US384
84Hudine Dangerous AllianceAntonidas-US384
84Ragnix Knights of NiAntonidas-US384Not updated
84Hollabakmage PureAntonidas-US384
84Praedator  Antonidas-US384
84Lamiae Obscure IntentionsAntonidas-US384

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