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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Anachronos-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Denchqt Curse IncAnachronos-EU2327Not updated
2Tiladia ScorpionsAnachronos-EU2177Not updated
3Niceboat Curse IncAnachronos-EU2126Not updated
4Stormedge The Molochean HandAnachronos-EU2110Not updated
4Beomani Knights of NiAnachronos-EU2110Not updated
6Wàrmán WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU2013Not updated
7Philosophyz Curse IncAnachronos-EU2006Not updated
8Buckston Curse IncAnachronos-EU2000Not updated
9Luxy Curse IncAnachronos-EU1988Not updated
10Elementrix WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU1974Not updated
11Grím Curse IncAnachronos-EU1968Not updated
12Mallicious WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU1946Not updated
13Madicken Scandinavian ArmyAnachronos-EU1944Not updated
14Minnorak EinherjarAnachronos-EU1943Not updated
15Skrím KäpykaartiAnachronos-EU1913Not updated
16Attacker  Anachronos-EU1911Not updated
17Tseven Angelz of the DarksideAnachronos-EU1910Not updated
18Ookidooki WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU1898Not updated
19Forsaken Curse IncAnachronos-EU1884Not updated
20Slu The Wrath of TempestAnachronos-EU1880Not updated
21Seamo WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU1874Not updated
22Jaychillz RuinedAnachronos-EU1867Not updated
23Eròs Scandinavian ArmyAnachronos-EU1865Not updated
24Nîghtfavor  Anachronos-EU1821Not updated
25Andik The Everlasting RoseAnachronos-EU1820Not updated
26Slimshaun WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU1819Not updated
27Impossíbrew WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU1816Not updated
28Shannara Angelz of the DarksideAnachronos-EU1815Not updated
29Fyakuza Czech AllianceAnachronos-EU1801Not updated
30Babaghanoush WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU1794Not updated
31Theorion Hells TigersAnachronos-EU1792Not updated
32Innerection The Molochean HandAnachronos-EU1791Not updated
33Daaster The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU1786Not updated
34Swordhand Scandinavian ArmyAnachronos-EU1784Not updated
35Finalflash RuinedAnachronos-EU1780Not updated
36Sturdessa WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU1772Not updated
37Auralee The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU1768Not updated
38Elerion The LegacyAnachronos-EU1759Not updated
39Antiad Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU1751Not updated
40Bradspitt To The Ends Of EarthAnachronos-EU1690Not updated
41Lagomtjock Scandinavian ArmyAnachronos-EU1677Not updated
42Wídowmaker The HordemastersAnachronos-EU1655Not updated
43Galvick The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU1652Not updated
44Robroys To The Ends Of EarthAnachronos-EU1638Not updated
45Scheherazzad WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU1622Not updated
46Eiya Curia RegisAnachronos-EU1609Not updated
47Zethrough The HordemastersAnachronos-EU1593Not updated
48Taalgard The HordemastersAnachronos-EU1538Not updated
48Attéro The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU1538Not updated
50Caang EinherjarAnachronos-EU1493Not updated
51Madcowdiseaz WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU1475Not updated
52Rakkaus The ButcherAnachronos-EU1464Not updated
53Warriorista Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU1148Not updated
54Zethrock The HordemastersAnachronos-EU1143Not updated
55Babagalosch WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU1141Not updated
56Shatakrog Angelz of the DarksideAnachronos-EU960Not updated
56Katypérry ScorpionsAnachronos-EU960Not updated
56Dasy Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU960Not updated
59Harrietta Scandinavian ArmyAnachronos-EU958Not updated
59Jeqwuauhju WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU958Not updated
61Sicklycutter The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU768Not updated
61Mulfwulf The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU768Not updated
61Wibblewobble All Nuke SkullAnachronos-EU768Not updated
64Darkfacez The HordemastersAnachronos-EU767Not updated
64Jadelyn The Everlasting RoseAnachronos-EU767Not updated
66Gangsta WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU766Not updated
67Tiera Terribly ConfusedAnachronos-EU576Not updated
67Reamy WTF Officer she was AFKAnachronos-EU576Not updated
67Safiq BULGARIAAnachronos-EU576Not updated
67Blazèshot The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU576Not updated
67Aviztwo Soul CollectorsAnachronos-EU576Not updated
67Akuna Curse IncAnachronos-EU576Not updated
67Móònraven The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU576Not updated
67Verse The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU576Not updated
67Fazie Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU576Not updated
67Tracilordz The Molochean HandAnachronos-EU576Not updated
67Fourtwenny The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU576Not updated
67Premiums  Anachronos-EU576Not updated
79Elvalad The HordemastersAnachronos-EU575Not updated
80Grimmy The HordemastersAnachronos-EU384Not updated
80Darksleeper The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU384Not updated
80Sileniced The HordemastersAnachronos-EU384Not updated
80Frobii The HordemastersAnachronos-EU384Not updated
80Gummibär RuinedAnachronos-EU384Not updated
80Premîum Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU384Not updated
80Doony The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU384Not updated
80Cherekee RuinedAnachronos-EU384Not updated
80Doomraiden The HordemastersAnachronos-EU384Not updated
80Fazestabber The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU384Not updated
80Noball DeludedAnachronos-EU384Not updated
80Celestïa The Killer CarebearsAnachronos-EU384Not updated
80Zyrial The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU384Not updated
93Novayné Imaginary ClubAnachronos-EU192Not updated
93Máyse The Everlasting RoseAnachronos-EU192Not updated
93Warbled The HordemastersAnachronos-EU192Not updated
93Chedge The Molochean HandAnachronos-EU192Not updated
93Marmx  Anachronos-EU192Not updated
93Isolaa The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU192Not updated
93Jägermiester The HordemastersAnachronos-EU192Not updated
93Elodie The Holy JudgementAnachronos-EU192Not updated

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