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Alterac Mountains-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Dhi Hair Club for MenAlterac Mountains-US2142
2Hakwaztok Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US2134
3Sarig Respect Meh AuthoritehAlterac Mountains-US2127
4Critidin  Alterac Mountains-US2111
5Hakuu Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US2090
6Limskragma The ConspiracyAlterac Mountains-US2087
7Frozenjuice Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US2078
8Inertia The ConspiracyAlterac Mountains-US2076
9Ninti Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US2071
10Wampastomp Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US2067
11Lexan GrimmAlterac Mountains-US2056
12Niñt Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US2055
13Chris  Alterac Mountains-US2053
14Usnitchudie The ConspiracyAlterac Mountains-US2046
15Sñeäky Hair Club for MenAlterac Mountains-US2044
16Puckinfanda The BrewMastersAlterac Mountains-US2040
17Tama  Alterac Mountains-US2028
17Lovethedrip The ConspiracyAlterac Mountains-US2028
19Xaivo Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US2025
20Promonk Hair Club for MenAlterac Mountains-US2020
21Tonare TemplarusAlterac Mountains-US2018
22Lawlskee VirtueAlterac Mountains-US2010
23Jlyn Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US2008
24Happywaffle  Alterac Mountains-US2007
25Iruza The ConspiracyAlterac Mountains-US1999
26Nynt Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US1992
27Dierice WARFORGEDAlterac Mountains-US1989Not updated
28Borav Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US1984
29Donng  Alterac Mountains-US1983
29Samuraizack THE HIT SQUADAlterac Mountains-US1983
31Nínt Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US1981
32Krónos Forgot To BlockAlterac Mountains-US1970
32Blutark Respect Meh AuthoritehAlterac Mountains-US1970
34Trivervo The ConspiracyAlterac Mountains-US1963
35Urekö  Alterac Mountains-US1962
36Soulbreeder Hair Club for MenAlterac Mountains-US1958
37Aldanon The ConspiracyAlterac Mountains-US1955
38Danewb The BrewMastersAlterac Mountains-US1953Not updated
39Dacota ResurrectedAlterac Mountains-US1952
39Crimsondk Epic FlailAlterac Mountains-US1952
41Shinkakuu Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US1951
42Dogfacgrmlyn ArmadaAlterac Mountains-US1950
43Blazeddruid The ConspiracyAlterac Mountains-US1946
44Katalade Ministry of AnarchyAlterac Mountains-US1944
45Nagnol Ministry of AnarchyAlterac Mountains-US1943
46Riptaytay Vanquished AssaultAlterac Mountains-US1929
47Decây  Alterac Mountains-US1927
47Alexkitty Vanquished AssaultAlterac Mountains-US1927
49Walrusmist Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US1926
50Sowen Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US1924
51Venk  Alterac Mountains-US1923
52Unstopablee ResurrectedAlterac Mountains-US1921
53Colton Greatly ExaggeratedAlterac Mountains-US1920
54Ellisar TemplarusAlterac Mountains-US1917Not updated
55Blazeitupkid The ConspiracyAlterac Mountains-US1916
56Ldygagardian Hired KillersAlterac Mountains-US1915
57Furlow CatastrophicAlterac Mountains-US1913
58Sadpancake Hair Club for MenAlterac Mountains-US1912
59Shapeshiftah  Alterac Mountains-US1911
60Focuse TemplarusAlterac Mountains-US1907
61Chijitsu Serious BusinessAlterac Mountains-US1905
62Lilgrumpster Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US1892
63Bndovralphaq GrimmAlterac Mountains-US1888Not updated
63Smàsh Ministry of AnarchyAlterac Mountains-US1888Not updated
65Wishicleaved CatastrophicAlterac Mountains-US1887Not updated
66Ophrawindfur Ministry of AnarchyAlterac Mountains-US1883
67Dicdirkler Escrow of SoulsAlterac Mountains-US1882
68Xtoddgam The Shattered CouncilAlterac Mountains-US1877
69Lilstaxs Kings DestroyAlterac Mountains-US1875
70Sñeâky Hair Club for MenAlterac Mountains-US1871
71Sinaloense  Alterac Mountains-US1868
71Bonng The BrewMastersAlterac Mountains-US1868
73Monkljackson Hired KillersAlterac Mountains-US1859
74Ince ShÅdes Øf ÇhÅoSAlterac Mountains-US1858
75Lovulongtime We Bring HellAlterac Mountains-US1854
75Zoayir IronHorde DealersAlterac Mountains-US1854
77Jabbie With MaliceAlterac Mountains-US1853
78Hugglez VillainsAlterac Mountains-US1850
79Starvnmarvn Zero Talent Points IRLAlterac Mountains-US1848Not updated
80Stopnwo ResurrectedAlterac Mountains-US1847
81Dubby MensaAlterac Mountains-US1846
82Cacophobia Serious BusinessAlterac Mountains-US1843
83Tristren Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US1842Not updated
84Grumpter Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US1841
85Randomlykill Escrow of SoulsAlterac Mountains-US1840
86Celisse Escrow of SoulsAlterac Mountains-US1836
87Creepiest The ConspiracyAlterac Mountains-US1835
88Cár Ministry of AnarchyAlterac Mountains-US1833
88Rdytodps Escrow of SoulsAlterac Mountains-US1833
90Gillete Donut ShopAlterac Mountains-US1831
91Incå The ConspiracyAlterac Mountains-US1829Not updated
92Cahar  Alterac Mountains-US1825Not updated
93Brinley  Alterac Mountains-US1823
94Allanön  Alterac Mountains-US1821
95Belarel Less Raiding More RatingAlterac Mountains-US1820
95Reddman Massacre SceneAlterac Mountains-US1820
97Onedozeneyes Married to the GameAlterac Mountains-US1819
98Tránsformer ResurrectedAlterac Mountains-US1818Not updated
98Peggyhill Escrow of SoulsAlterac Mountains-US1818
98Shanris We Bring HellAlterac Mountains-US1818

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