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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Alexstrasza-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Preservé ContingencyAlexstrasza-US2323Not updated
2Oakk KineticAlexstrasza-US2258Not updated
3Intoxicate Dead Mans PartyAlexstrasza-US2130Not updated
4Kÿkÿ DemiseAlexstrasza-US2052Not updated
5Såkurå DemiseAlexstrasza-US2042Not updated
6Ifaldigz ContingencyAlexstrasza-US2005Not updated
7Høneyßadgër SãnctuaryAlexstrasza-US2004Not updated
8Peachee Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1966Not updated
9Damuall Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1946Not updated
10Wassuupp Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1943Not updated
11Moopocalypse Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1934Not updated
11Tinkerspelle Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1934Not updated
13Divrp ContingencyAlexstrasza-US1923Not updated
14Kredazzittz  Alexstrasza-US1921Not updated
15Ursavus Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1914Not updated
16Heavyreams Once upon a TimeAlexstrasza-US1911Not updated
17Comatoast Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1904Not updated
18Koz SãnctuaryAlexstrasza-US1903Not updated
19Grovesvenor  Alexstrasza-US1901Not updated
20Blåckrose DemiseAlexstrasza-US1895Not updated
21Imprison DemiseAlexstrasza-US1891Not updated
22Blazingbows The Great ExperimentAlexstrasza-US1888Not updated
23Raviolee Dark TideAlexstrasza-US1881Not updated
24Vasik SãnctuaryAlexstrasza-US1880Not updated
25Grimmkar  Alexstrasza-US1879Not updated
26Aimngrip Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1876Not updated
27Mvshaman DemiseAlexstrasza-US1874Not updated
28Ciggax Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1871Not updated
29Hísana DemiseAlexstrasza-US1869Not updated
30Treehuggerss Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1866Not updated
31Kudlez Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1864Not updated
32Ragdas KineticAlexstrasza-US1863Not updated
33Tomatoed Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1859Not updated
34Foldzydr ContingencyAlexstrasza-US1851Not updated
35Ôneshot DemiseAlexstrasza-US1845Not updated
36Sleepingbag Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1831Not updated
37Monkybrewstr Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1829Not updated
38Totëmtoast Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1819Not updated
39Kÿlër DemiseAlexstrasza-US1818Not updated
39Johnsbåby DemiseAlexstrasza-US1818Not updated
41Wowdk Gypsies of DraenorAlexstrasza-US1817Not updated
42Warthor DemiseAlexstrasza-US1814Not updated
43Ponz Dead Mans PartyAlexstrasza-US1810Not updated
43Fleshrender Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1810Not updated
45Gariell Agents Of ChangeAlexstrasza-US1807Not updated
46Glazzcannon Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1801Not updated
47Ciggasfury Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1799Not updated
47Tateytots Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1799Not updated
49Dôts DemiseAlexstrasza-US1797Not updated
49Aimnsheep Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1797Not updated
51Lovelyrose DemiseAlexstrasza-US1796Not updated
52Drízzít Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1792Not updated
53Drüid Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1771Not updated
54Abråxas SãnctuaryAlexstrasza-US1742Not updated
55Samoo Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1741Not updated
56Aimie The Odds Favor UsAlexstrasza-US1733Not updated
57Lightitup Circle of SevenAlexstrasza-US1724Not updated
58Stakks Extacy and ChaosAlexstrasza-US1709Not updated
59Aimnfire Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1702Not updated
60Clab  Alexstrasza-US1689Not updated
61Kungfucigga Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1672Not updated
62Lethalbella Signs of InsanityAlexstrasza-US1655Not updated
63Scientifik Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1643Not updated
64Necroshine Hordes Of HellAlexstrasza-US1640Not updated
65Konscript ArmisticeAlexstrasza-US1626Not updated
66Grumioii AbsolutéAlexstrasza-US1625Not updated
67Chavonne Dark TideAlexstrasza-US1613Not updated
68Orupp Dead Mans PartyAlexstrasza-US1607Not updated
69Erebank ImmortaI KnightsAlexstrasza-US1599Not updated
70Primãl SãnctuaryAlexstrasza-US1598Not updated
71Badtzmaruu Ministry of DarknessAlexstrasza-US1579Not updated
72Talc KineticAlexstrasza-US1568Not updated
73Nedmund Chaos CrusadersAlexstrasza-US1566Not updated
74Foldzymonk ContingencyAlexstrasza-US1533Not updated
75Unholypadre Outta This WorldAlexstrasza-US1520Not updated
76Åsuna DemiseAlexstrasza-US1513Not updated
77Trainbang DemiseAlexstrasza-US1510Not updated
78Sahkistrasza Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1485Not updated
79Hrìst Gone CampingAlexstrasza-US1465Not updated
80Thelse Scions of EternityAlexstrasza-US1457Not updated
81Sefron ArmisticeAlexstrasza-US1431Not updated
82Leomancer Rage and ManaAlexstrasza-US1315Not updated
83Sethrow Dark TideAlexstrasza-US1151Not updated
83Problim ContingencyAlexstrasza-US1151Not updated
85Kraujas Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1150Not updated
86Santory DemiseAlexstrasza-US1149Not updated
86Roxxnn Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US1149Not updated
88Purloin ContingencyAlexstrasza-US1138Not updated
89Chowdar Pursuit of HappinessAlexstrasza-US960Not updated
89Sïnglemom Women and ChildrenAlexstrasza-US960Not updated
89Bigolboy Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US960Not updated
92Andreleena Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US959Not updated
92Sjkillar Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US959Not updated
92Kovelbra Mérchants of DéathAlexstrasza-US959Not updated
95Tannali Visceral OrderAlexstrasza-US958Not updated
96Snaapback IncursionAlexstrasza-US957Not updated
97Babydee DemiseAlexstrasza-US768Not updated
97Rckola InvíctusAlexstrasza-US768Not updated
97Falkornn KineticAlexstrasza-US768Not updated
97ßeatrikz Mystic LegendsAlexstrasza-US768Not updated

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