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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Al'Akir-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Vorsum ApathiaAl'Akir-EU2495Not updated
2Ireine AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU2473Not updated
3Trelborg FacelessAl'Akir-EU2429Not updated
4Ahana AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU2379Not updated
5Saakyqt Dunder MifflinAl'Akir-EU2361Not updated
6Chupacabrahz CrimsonAl'Akir-EU2314Not updated
7Handsfree RabaRebasedAl'Akir-EU2309Not updated
8Zz  Al'Akir-EU2304Not updated
9Darqstrom NefandumAl'Akir-EU2302Not updated
10Mikrozz Exsurge DomineAl'Akir-EU2257Not updated
11Zechey AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU2245Not updated
12Chaosbeast AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU2238Not updated
13Sindrome DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU2217Not updated
14Destati  Al'Akir-EU2203Not updated
15Bweé HalcyonAl'Akir-EU2197Not updated
16Dayken Crits N GigglesAl'Akir-EU2194Not updated
17Voldelig Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU2181Not updated
18Vesps Deus Ex MachinaAl'Akir-EU2179Not updated
19Uguraz Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU2177Not updated
20Veldionz Carried by looksAl'Akir-EU2176Not updated
21Brainbeater AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU2161Not updated
22Sindròme DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU2160Not updated
23Hoaxeh DìyùAl'Akir-EU2137Not updated
24Nienn CrimsonAl'Akir-EU2136Not updated
25Wóòt Of The BrotherhoodAl'Akir-EU2125Not updated
25Brobocop Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU2125Not updated
27Halko Vipinää tötteröönAl'Akir-EU2122Not updated
28Stevou HalcyonAl'Akir-EU2099Not updated
29Summera DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU2085Not updated
30Bunnylove RabaRebasedAl'Akir-EU2064Not updated
31Totemlyhot Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU2055Not updated
32Moloch DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU2054Not updated
32Lazeeqt Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU2054Not updated
34Trinaestica Laid BackAl'Akir-EU2053Not updated
35Aydara CrimsonAl'Akir-EU2051Not updated
36Dksurviboidk Vipinää tötteröönAl'Akir-EU2043Not updated
37Zuey AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU2042Not updated
37Vesp Shady GameplayAl'Akir-EU2042Not updated
39Braytakk R O M AAl'Akir-EU2041Not updated
39Xuenly RabaRebasedAl'Akir-EU2041Not updated
41Hurp AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU2040Not updated
42Markwannabee AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU2036Not updated
43Totan DefianceAl'Akir-EU2034Not updated
44Vinsci Vipinää tötteröönAl'Akir-EU2026Not updated
44Chucknórrís AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU2026Not updated
46Seekery RabaRebasedAl'Akir-EU2025Not updated
47Cursedx Exsurge DomineAl'Akir-EU2024Not updated
48Mekia R O M AAl'Akir-EU2021Not updated
49Wax Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU2014Not updated
50Monk Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU2011Not updated
51Mmhon CrimsonAl'Akir-EU2007Not updated
52Eraserx Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU2003Not updated
53Hawan RabaRebasedAl'Akir-EU1999Not updated
53Ashlyyz RabaRebasedAl'Akir-EU1999Not updated
53Karupüksid RabaRebasedAl'Akir-EU1999Not updated
56Stollenxd Filthy FewAl'Akir-EU1995Not updated
57Laterlaus AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU1994Not updated
58Zcarr RabaRebasedAl'Akir-EU1993Not updated
58Isgy CorporationAl'Akir-EU1993Not updated
60Wilfire InvidusAl'Akir-EU1991Not updated
60Àrya R O M AAl'Akir-EU1991Not updated
60Pytta AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU1991Not updated
63Surmlól KalevlasedAl'Akir-EU1990Not updated
64Marsuu RabaRebasedAl'Akir-EU1989Not updated
65Evilsin EndGameAl'Akir-EU1985Not updated
65Profitkitty RabaRebasedAl'Akir-EU1985Not updated
67Spragleknas AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU1983Not updated
68Jahimees RabaRebasedAl'Akir-EU1982Not updated
68Trellocken FacelessAl'Akir-EU1982Not updated
70Roitalot PrestigeAl'Akir-EU1977Not updated
70Farkooz Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU1977Not updated
72Datbeardman CrimsonAl'Akir-EU1974Not updated
73Ökö EpäreilukerhoAl'Akir-EU1969Not updated
74Dotdotflay AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU1967Not updated
75Kõps RabaRebasedAl'Akir-EU1964Not updated
75Beesto Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU1964Not updated
75Frostpust AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU1964Not updated
78Drewbie Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU1958Not updated
79Harrypotar R O M AAl'Akir-EU1956Not updated
80Ezhal  Al'Akir-EU1952Not updated
80Jahik RabaRebasedAl'Akir-EU1952Not updated
82Aldii AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU1951Not updated
83Gönuts AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU1950Not updated
84Massivepower KalevlasedAl'Akir-EU1948Not updated
85Soldsoul Living LegendsAl'Akir-EU1947Not updated
86Smutsfläcken ApexAl'Akir-EU1945Not updated
87Akenaton GladHeAteHerAl'Akir-EU1934Not updated
88Airly AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU1930Not updated
89Bartiovanni Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU1928Not updated
90Huliheehee CrimsonAl'Akir-EU1927Not updated
91Dreadful Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU1926Not updated
92Sysrq Blood RainAl'Akir-EU1925Not updated
93Bantho KalevlasedAl'Akir-EU1924Not updated
94Argentum DataBG TeamAl'Akir-EU1922Not updated
94Doodskop Top Notch TVAl'Akir-EU1922Not updated
96Péanút CrimsonAl'Akir-EU1919Not updated
97Skitsjo ExperimentAl'Akir-EU1917Not updated
98Amanathqt Bruce LeeAl'Akir-EU1911Not updated
99Gato AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU1907Not updated
100Callmeboss AIRBORN PvPAl'Akir-EU1906Not updated

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