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Akama-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Silentdaggr  Akama-US2086
2Syssai  Akama-US2068Not updated
3Ogcontrol Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2067
4Speedolighto Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2059Not updated
5Wafflecakes  Akama-US2045
5Rzenx Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2045
7Duskowl Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US2034
8Illusiouz Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2033
9Dotsalots BelligerenceAkama-US2032
10Tulegit Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2031
11Xukie  Akama-US2028
12Kairouac Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2022
13Tonica Crimson WolvesAkama-US2019
14Assargency  Akama-US2013
14Kíts Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2013
16Cobrabauce PhenomAkama-US2011
17Waytulegit Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2008
18Woogi Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2004
19Oogie Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2001
20Whatthatmean  Akama-US1996
21Darkchoclate AscendanceAkama-US1992
22Fearoids Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1978
23Stonetoes Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1974
24Maddcowe  Akama-US1973
25Wired Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1972
26Angstreaper Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1970
26Teazenasty Akamaz Most WantedAkama-US1970
28Boreded BelligerenceAkama-US1961
29Endemic Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1958
30Téa Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1950
31Vrax Crimson WolvesAkama-US1946
32Tinder BelligerenceAkama-US1944
33Lerqt BelligerenceAkama-US1942
34Hunterixx Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1939
34Stupidpanda Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1939
36Öbliterated  Akama-US1937
37Rigaur Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1936
37Imsofrosty Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1936
39Yomix Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1934
40Lonestar Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1933
41Grônk Crimson WolvesAkama-US1926
42Colavaere BelligerenceAkama-US1924
43Shadowgoddes Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1914
43Veganaise OMG I HAVE NO BUTTONSAkama-US1914
45Loogi Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1905
46Tonkabear  Akama-US1902
47Zingasa Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1901
48Xsuntzu BelligerenceAkama-US1895
49Dueltalents Akamaz Most WantedAkama-US1894
50Fènrir Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1893
51Tunguskä  Akama-US1887
51Angstmender Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1887
53Aedin Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1885
54Bricksquads Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1877
55Ohnoess  Akama-US1873
56Exotixs Simple MechanicsAkama-US1872
57Blutrot Akamaz Most WantedAkama-US1871Not updated
58Morrowwind Akamaz Most WantedAkama-US1870
59Iolwut  Akama-US1869
60Woodkin BelligerenceAkama-US1867
61Dodgerleigh Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1864
62Heàl Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1862
62Deneb Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1862
64Cowbearlion Akamaz Most WantedAkama-US1854
65Irritate  Akama-US1852
66Elliar BelligerenceAkama-US1849
67Élýtz PhenomAkama-US1848
68Borydyd BelligerenceAkama-US1847
68Zúkó BelligerenceAkama-US1847
70Jukéd Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US1845
71Zorahh Vulgar Display of PowerAkama-US1844
71Bubblestyle Vulgar Display of PowerAkama-US1844
73Àrg BelligerenceAkama-US1842
73Likdeezteets BelligerenceAkama-US1842Not updated
75Lorky Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1841
76Zaggín Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1836
77Händbanana  Akama-US1835
78Sofikiagain Vulgar Display of PowerAkama-US1826Not updated
79Dárken BlitzkriegAkama-US1822
80Thaneroland Simple MechanicsAkama-US1818
81Simpleton HúbrisAkama-US1816
81Skidz Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1816
83Argrawr BelligerenceAkama-US1815
84Fullblooded Main ContendersAkama-US1812
85Bnkilla Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1811
86Icyhots Crimson WolvesAkama-US1810
87Runemauler ChupathingyAkama-US1809
88Dobarantu The AkatsukiAkama-US1807
89Twofortysx BelligerenceAkama-US1805Not updated
90Bubblehoe Main ContendersAkama-US1804
90Anjae  Akama-US1804
92Tavelga  Akama-US1799
92Maybelle Rage QuitAkama-US1799
94Iamenoch Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1797Not updated
95Cyphus Midnight IllusionAkama-US1784
95Arcen Akamaz Most WantedAkama-US1784Not updated
95Kyarypamyu Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1784
98Fumble  Akama-US1782
99Falir Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US1780
100Avskum  Akama-US1774

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