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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Akama-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Capstonepve  Akama-US2361Not updated
2Illusiouz Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2163Not updated
3Zturn Made In QuébecAkama-US2162Not updated
4Tulegit Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2144Not updated
5Sicknessx Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2136Not updated
6Oogie Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2118Not updated
7Woogi Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2114Not updated
7Êlytz PhenomAkama-US2114Not updated
9Silentdaggr  Akama-US2086Not updated
10Kairouac Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2069Not updated
11Thaneroland Simple MechanicsAkama-US2046Not updated
12Duskowl Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US2034Not updated
13Waytulegit Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2026Not updated
14Tonica Crimson WolvesAkama-US2024Not updated
15Assargency  Akama-US2013Not updated
15Kíts Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US2013Not updated
17Cobrabauce PhenomAkama-US2011Not updated
18Simpleton HúbrisAkama-US2007Not updated
19Koad PotentGreenAkama-US2001Not updated
20Èlytz PhenomAkama-US1978Not updated
20Fearoids Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1978Not updated
22Tinder BelligerenceAkama-US1975Not updated
23Loogi Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1974Not updated
24Angstreaper Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1970Not updated
25Colavaere BelligerenceAkama-US1966Not updated
26Stonetoes Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1963Not updated
27Necrofeelyuh Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1962Not updated
28Boreded BelligerenceAkama-US1961Not updated
28Stupidpanda Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1961Not updated
30Woodkin Critical MassAkama-US1959Not updated
31Yomix Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1953Not updated
32Rigaur  Akama-US1951Not updated
33Shadowgoddes Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1950Not updated
34Lilshadow  Akama-US1947Not updated
35Boopdots Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1946Not updated
36Elytz PhenomAkama-US1944Not updated
36Aedin Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1944Not updated
38Smashanddash The ForbiddenAkama-US1943Not updated
39Lerqt BelligerenceAkama-US1942Not updated
40Shoogy Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1936Not updated
41Tsukuyomii VisceralAkama-US1934Not updated
42Dodgerleigh Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1922Not updated
43Élýtz PhenomAkama-US1921Not updated
44Téa Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1916Not updated
45Lonestar Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1915Not updated
46Veganaise  Akama-US1914Not updated
47Bnkilla Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1908Not updated
48Zingasa Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1901Not updated
49Xsuntzu BelligerenceAkama-US1895Not updated
50Fènrir Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1893Not updated
51Bricksquads Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1890Not updated
52Heàl Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1880Not updated
53Pelqt Life SentenceAkama-US1879Not updated
54Zúkó BelligerenceAkama-US1874Not updated
55Blutrot  Akama-US1871Not updated
56Morrowwind Akamaz Most WantedAkama-US1870Not updated
56Antiquevase Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1870Not updated
58Cowbearlion Akamaz Most WantedAkama-US1854Not updated
59Irritate RestlessAkama-US1852Not updated
60Elliar BelligerenceAkama-US1849Not updated
61Borydyd BelligerenceAkama-US1847Not updated
62Àrg BelligerenceAkama-US1842Not updated
63Lorky Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1841Not updated
64Zaggín Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1836Not updated
65Sofikiagain Vulgar Display of PowerAkama-US1826Not updated
66Caynee Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1819Not updated
67Falír Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US1817Not updated
68Lerkur Catalina Wine MixerAkama-US1815Not updated
69Bubblehoe Main ContendersAkama-US1804Not updated
70Iamenoch Lowered ExpectationsAkama-US1797Not updated
71Falir Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US1786Not updated
72Mobrox Damage IncAkama-US1776Not updated
73Hugopenance WulfenAkama-US1767Not updated
73Fleabaggins WulfenAkama-US1767Not updated
75Xaser WarpathAkama-US1760Not updated
76Tofastforyou Simple MechanicsAkama-US1754Not updated
77Teasenasty Akamaz Most WantedAkama-US1742Not updated
78Vormav Akamaz Most WantedAkama-US1734Not updated
79Sentaraga  Akama-US1720Not updated
79Caramelle Mort Money Mort ProblemsAkama-US1720Not updated
81Casare Always DTFAkama-US1716Not updated
82Raezen BelligerenceAkama-US1711Not updated
82Tortass Damage IncAkama-US1711Not updated
84Chikashi  Akama-US1710Not updated
85Neve WulfenAkama-US1709Not updated
85Kaeroz Hello Kitty ClubAkama-US1709Not updated
87Dotfear Akamaz Most WantedAkama-US1702Not updated
88Cuuru Lone StarAkama-US1701Not updated
89Dåtdøød Closet GamersAkama-US1696Not updated
90Hamotto Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1693Not updated
91Bronwynn WulfenAkama-US1686Not updated
92Lèa Empire Of OrlandoAkama-US1682Not updated
93Cobrasauce WarpathAkama-US1675Not updated
94Ewokcaptain  Akama-US1671Not updated
95Zrodun SubwayEatFleshAkama-US1668Not updated
95Ezakaa Closet GamersAkama-US1668Not updated
97Risinglight Akamaz Most WantedAkama-US1664Not updated
98Seferes Catalina Wine MixerAkama-US1658Not updated
99Guumba XicAkama-US1651Not updated
100Geffrydalmer SubwayEatFleshAkama-US1642Not updated

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