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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aggramar-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Derpchappy Hey Im PilotAggramar-US2300Not updated
2Meowlol Hey Im PilotAggramar-US2261Not updated
3Rose Hey Im PilotAggramar-US2202Not updated
4Addiktid Back in BusinessAggramar-US2153Not updated
5Kamah CovetousAggramar-US2139Not updated
6Zetatwo Hey Im PilotAggramar-US2120Not updated
7Zetalight Hey Im PilotAggramar-US2114Not updated
8Shiskibob Hey Im PilotAggramar-US2104Not updated
9Rosenrott Calamity PvPAggramar-US2090Not updated
10Féár Natural Horde KillersAggramar-US2086Not updated
11Phersheriny Exiled IncAggramar-US2072Not updated
12Recharge Calamity PvPAggramar-US2070Not updated
13Nubbed Calamity PvPAggramar-US2066Not updated
13Boomstíck Back in BusinessAggramar-US2066Not updated
15Nosao Order of the RavenAggramar-US2065Not updated
16Lsdmån Calamity PvPAggramar-US2059Not updated
17Licis Calamity PvPAggramar-US2050Not updated
18Priestnub Calamity PvPAggramar-US2029Not updated
19Swaglordmeow Hey Im PilotAggramar-US2007Not updated
20Bumblecleave Calamity PvPAggramar-US2005Not updated
21Skymir Exalted OrderAggramar-US2004Not updated
22Syntane Hey Im PilotAggramar-US1990Not updated
23Foxform Lúcid DreamAggramar-US1986Not updated
24Bloodraven The RemnantAggramar-US1981Not updated
25Hidalen Calamity PvPAggramar-US1962Not updated
26Trippeh Hey Im PilotAggramar-US1955Not updated
27Veema Calamity PvPAggramar-US1947Not updated
28Rabbix Calamity PvPAggramar-US1935Not updated
28Kyruel ExpiationAggramar-US1935Not updated
30Trippehx Hey Im PilotAggramar-US1928Not updated
31Lumienesta Order of the RavenAggramar-US1924Not updated
32Unsunghero Hey Im PilotAggramar-US1922Not updated
33Badexample  Aggramar-US1920Not updated
34Araltus Bad HabitsAggramar-US1918Not updated
35Khovaros Exalted OrderAggramar-US1914Not updated
36Põseidon Calamity PvPAggramar-US1912Not updated
36Gylander IdoEVERYTHING in my PVPsAggramar-US1912Not updated
38Beowùlf Bad HabitsAggramar-US1909Not updated
39Cursesoul Lúcid DreamAggramar-US1906Not updated
40Eximius Natural Horde KillersAggramar-US1902Not updated
41Tbôy Hey Im PilotAggramar-US1898Not updated
42Icecoldcrab Calamity PvPAggramar-US1896Not updated
43Atthena Natural Horde KillersAggramar-US1892Not updated
44Thebaine Calamity PvPAggramar-US1887Not updated
45Dewars Legacy PvPAggramar-US1883Not updated
46Deadofknight Natural Horde KillersAggramar-US1878Not updated
47Bettydraper Order of the TurtleAggramar-US1876Not updated
47Cerverus Exiled IncAggramar-US1876Not updated
49Bullrun ExpiationAggramar-US1866Not updated
50Cei Calamity PvPAggramar-US1863Not updated
51Iamneeded Natural Horde KillersAggramar-US1859Not updated
52Drawanddrop Natural Horde KillersAggramar-US1856Not updated
53Thunderbump G A N K SquadAggramar-US1855Not updated
53Reflekt Calamity PvPAggramar-US1855Not updated
55Wraithling Exiled IncAggramar-US1851Not updated
56Roseailie Natural Horde KillersAggramar-US1850Not updated
56Lalyjr IdoEVERYTHING in my PVPsAggramar-US1850Not updated
58Auzie CovetousAggramar-US1848Not updated
59Jehsi Bad HabitsAggramar-US1846Not updated
60Nxctwo ProdigyAggramar-US1844Not updated
61Verä Nothing FancyAggramar-US1843Not updated
62Warbear Hey Im PilotAggramar-US1838Not updated
63Shammstèin DemonStreetHeadHuntersAggramar-US1837Not updated
64Pennyling Calamity PvPAggramar-US1834Not updated
65Hype Nothing FancyAggramar-US1828Not updated
66Cackmaster Hey Im PilotAggramar-US1827Not updated
67Classic Nothing FancyAggramar-US1821Not updated
68Option Hey Im PilotAggramar-US1819Not updated
69Quadrivium  Aggramar-US1818Not updated
70Addikt Back in BusinessAggramar-US1813Not updated
71Àthéñä Calamity PvPAggramar-US1810Not updated
72Mérlin Lúcid DreamAggramar-US1807Not updated
73Atlás Lúcid DreamAggramar-US1806Not updated
74Drú CovetousAggramar-US1805Not updated
75Akileamia Morbid AngelsAggramar-US1804Not updated
76Mãnnix DemonStreetHeadHuntersAggramar-US1802Not updated
77Harratan Bad HabitsAggramar-US1798Not updated
78Cerex Calamity PvPAggramar-US1795Not updated
78Bublz Natural Horde KillersAggramar-US1795Not updated
80Cado Morbid AngelsAggramar-US1792Not updated
81Katë Natural Horde KillersAggramar-US1788Not updated
82Knoa Bad HabitsAggramar-US1785Not updated
83Embracementz Calamity PvPAggramar-US1782Not updated
84Eielyyia Bad HabitsAggramar-US1781Not updated
85Bigorcgasm Nothing FancyAggramar-US1779Not updated
86Trîppeh Hey Im PilotAggramar-US1776Not updated
87Nèultralize  Aggramar-US1770Not updated
88Vezpor Morbid AngelsAggramar-US1753Not updated
89Bociphus The RemnantAggramar-US1750Not updated
89Legiitxo Nothing FancyAggramar-US1750Not updated
91Ðexteritÿ Raid NoobsAggramar-US1745Not updated
92Ünknôwñ Hey Im PilotAggramar-US1737Not updated
93Cryonz Bad HabitsAggramar-US1734Not updated
94Windbreaker Anduins LegacyAggramar-US1732Not updated
95Timehunter UnbrokenAggramar-US1729Not updated
95Furyclaw First Class GamingAggramar-US1729Not updated
95Invisiballs CovetousAggramar-US1729Not updated
98Catfoodcrab Calamity PvPAggramar-US1722Not updated
99Disparity  Aggramar-US1714Not updated
100Mysp Knight StalkersAggramar-US1713Not updated

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