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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Aegwynn-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Dazer Melk TruppAegwynn-EU2658Not updated
2Dayzer celebRatingAegwynn-EU2607Not updated
3Neverdeathjk In Kappa We TrustAegwynn-EU2602Not updated
3Aurâyâ celebRatingAegwynn-EU2602Not updated
5Januaryjones Toxic YouthAegwynn-EU2598Not updated
6Martey Wayne EnterprisesAegwynn-EU2594Not updated
7Kàshà celebRatingAegwynn-EU2588Not updated
8Martäy Wayne EnterprisesAegwynn-EU2578Not updated
9Télefonjoker celebRatingAegwynn-EU2574Not updated
9Lerralol The Breakfast ClubAegwynn-EU2574Not updated
11Missdotalot  Aegwynn-EU2560Not updated
12Chijona celebRatingAegwynn-EU2556Not updated
13Xupaig Wayne EnterprisesAegwynn-EU2555Not updated
14Øwlfâhrrâðx Feels the LøveAegwynn-EU2554Not updated
15Bubblespamer Feels the LøveAegwynn-EU2546Not updated
16Jellyswag  Aegwynn-EU2545Not updated
17Dashá Wayne EnterprisesAegwynn-EU2544Not updated
18Robbybubbels Wayne EnterprisesAegwynn-EU2542Not updated
19Tumili  Aegwynn-EU2541Not updated
20Aurâyá Shadow SwordsAegwynn-EU2537Not updated
21Neverclonejk The Breakfast ClubAegwynn-EU2536Not updated
22Nogahn celebRatingAegwynn-EU2534Not updated
23Dáshá Wayne EnterprisesAegwynn-EU2526Not updated
24Comeatmebroo celebRatingAegwynn-EU2524Not updated
25Wàtchmédàncé celebRatingAegwynn-EU2523Not updated
26Battletaure TwitchTVBattletaureAegwynn-EU2521Not updated
26Felic Feels the LøveAegwynn-EU2521Not updated
28Meneoar celebRatingAegwynn-EU2519Not updated
29Valbøna The Breakfast ClubAegwynn-EU2518Not updated
30Cóldaz Feels the LøveAegwynn-EU2517Not updated
31Djferdmastax Toxic YouthAegwynn-EU2514Not updated
32Marteyey piRATSAegwynn-EU2512Not updated
33Ginyuforce Wayne EnterprisesAegwynn-EU2511Not updated
34Rngodx DampenersAegwynn-EU2508Not updated
34Npxlol Nova LegionAegwynn-EU2508Not updated
36Comeatmebrox Feels the LøveAegwynn-EU2507Not updated
36Tylawa Feels the LøveAegwynn-EU2507Not updated
38Øwlßîétrîçè Feels the LøveAegwynn-EU2505Not updated
39Øwlßîétrîçèx Feels the LøveAegwynn-EU2502Not updated
39Auráyâ piRATSAegwynn-EU2502Not updated
39Trainwreck TwitchTVBattletaureAegwynn-EU2502Not updated
42Øwlmøpëðx Feels the LøveAegwynn-EU2501Not updated
42Feralgodx got your skypeAegwynn-EU2501Not updated
44Discolol The Breakfast ClubAegwynn-EU2497Not updated
45Wafflye Toxic YouthAegwynn-EU2495Not updated
45Vynasd ÎnsaneAegwynn-EU2495Not updated
45Ráviel KonquestAegwynn-EU2495Not updated
48Cyantix The Breakfast ClubAegwynn-EU2493Not updated
48Siliasxz I JBG IAegwynn-EU2493Not updated
50Tumyx Wayne EnterprisesAegwynn-EU2492Not updated
51Sonahx  Aegwynn-EU2484Not updated
52Talulol Feels the LøveAegwynn-EU2482Not updated
52Soxid clearly uninspiredAegwynn-EU2482Not updated
54Wùddy Cøkk B ockAegwynn-EU2480Not updated
55Vanish Doppelt Failed BesserAegwynn-EU2478Not updated
56Gravefuul Feels the LøveAegwynn-EU2477Not updated
56Gizmozwo Melk TruppAegwynn-EU2477Not updated
56Nuriva Doppelt Failed BesserAegwynn-EU2477Not updated
59Røxxõr Wayne EnterprisesAegwynn-EU2476Not updated
60Hashberry The Breakfast ClubAegwynn-EU2474Not updated
60Aloryon TeamEnrageAegwynn-EU2474Not updated
60Aprofis  Aegwynn-EU2474Not updated
60Æßçænðænçæxd got your skypeAegwynn-EU2474Not updated
64Quetzalcøatl Feels the LøveAegwynn-EU2473Not updated
64Gigawinsxx Melk TruppAegwynn-EU2473Not updated
64Vilaye  Aegwynn-EU2473Not updated
64Beiskaldilol I JBG IAegwynn-EU2473Not updated
68Jellypie In Kappa We TrustAegwynn-EU2472Not updated
68Drlagseven got your skypeAegwynn-EU2472Not updated
70Lyae CyneticAegwynn-EU2471Not updated
71Prøccit I JBG IAegwynn-EU2470Not updated
71Liaxx Feels the LøveAegwynn-EU2470Not updated
71Zàshà Wayne EnterprisesAegwynn-EU2470Not updated
71Siliasqt I JBG IAegwynn-EU2470Not updated
71Actionklausx The Breakfast ClubAegwynn-EU2470Not updated
76Vengyr I Undying IAegwynn-EU2469Not updated
77Camb DagordacilAegwynn-EU2468Not updated
77Megantwohot Doppelt Failed BesserAegwynn-EU2468Not updated
79Æøñflx NvMAegwynn-EU2467Not updated
79Critsher Drunk and DangerousAegwynn-EU2467Not updated
81Layalína  Aegwynn-EU2466Not updated
82Todesjupp Familie PfoteAegwynn-EU2465Not updated
83Whatamellown TwitchTVBattletaureAegwynn-EU2464Not updated
84Slashalot Feels the LøveAegwynn-EU2463Not updated
84Adéline Familie PfoteAegwynn-EU2463Not updated
84Flamerirl Familie PfoteAegwynn-EU2463Not updated
87Dayzar celebRatingAegwynn-EU2462Not updated
87Rondrak celebRatingAegwynn-EU2462Not updated
89Rõxxør celebRatingAegwynn-EU2461Not updated
89Télèfonjoker Wayne EnterprisesAegwynn-EU2461Not updated
91Wuddyqt Cøkk B ockAegwynn-EU2460Not updated
92Suqii XZAegwynn-EU2459Not updated
93Ewwy certified beastAegwynn-EU2457Not updated
93Lanzentina Feels the LøveAegwynn-EU2457Not updated
95Evotwo Doppelt Failed BesserAegwynn-EU2455Not updated
96Delitaqt Doppelt Failed BesserAegwynn-EU2453Not updated
96Mønkya  Aegwynn-EU2453Not updated
98Nåhojr Melk TruppAegwynn-EU2451Not updated
99Cayruz ResilientAegwynn-EU2450Not updated
99Kaakmasta VSVPAegwynn-EU2450Not updated

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