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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

TW Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1小雞哥 Separate LivesSilverwing Hold-TW2402Not updated
2小呀小蘋果 ImperviousFrostmane-TW2357Not updated
3瞬團團 Separate LivesSilverwing Hold-TW2349Not updated
4Kraftwerkz Separate LivesSilverwing Hold-TW2345Not updated
5一夜樓花落 Light n darknessChillwind Point-TW2341Not updated
6小滴乂 Alashak Alloyn AllianceSilverwing Hold-TW2340Not updated
7君莫笑妾莫哭 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW2337Not updated
8在刀尖上跳舞 Arriere PenseeMenethil-TW2335Not updated
9語止  Hellscream-TW2333Not updated
9鍋澆烏龍麵 AllianceSpirestone-TW2333Not updated
11銀月之鈴音 Separate LivesSilverwing Hold-TW2331Not updated
11楓雲再起  Bleeding Hollow-TW2331Not updated
11Hallen ImperviousFrostmane-TW2331Not updated
14死小滿 ImperviousFrostmane-TW2328Not updated
15Elsfafa Alashak Alloyn AllianceSilverwing Hold-TW2327Not updated
16鍋澆鳥龍麵 InsomniaSpirestone-TW2325Not updated
17猛骑滴乳婦 Separate LivesSilverwing Hold-TW2317Not updated
18深邃之淵 尋心羽Light's Hope-TW2314Not updated
18椰芓 如果 宅Crystalpine Stinger-TW2314Not updated
20火惹歡 叫姐姐Hellscream-TW2310Not updated
21強襲流星 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW2308Not updated
21卍木偶卍 Alashak Alloyn AllianceSilverwing Hold-TW2308Not updated
23凱特特  Demon Fall Canyon-TW2302Not updated
24水水動人 里民大會Wrathbringer-TW2299Not updated
25Maharaja  Hellscream-TW2298Not updated
26艾梅格勒 巧手天城Spirestone-TW2282Not updated
27口古口古雞 Timber Wolf EyeWrathbringer-TW2269Not updated
28艾甩符雨 PVP United NationsChillwind Point-TW2266Not updated
29法師之尊 Separate LivesSilverwing Hold-TW2265Not updated
30小凱特 叫姐姐Hellscream-TW2254Not updated
31阿魯卡多 夜巡者Silverwing Hold-TW2253Not updated
31Daife 肚子咕嚕嚕Frostmane-TW2253Not updated
33美蜜 Separate LivesSilverwing Hold-TW2252Not updated
34被遺忘的巨人 黯刃騎士團Frostmane-TW2251Not updated
35Øhisokaø 奪魂之鐮Spirestone-TW2250Not updated
36艾梅格勒 叫姐姐Hellscream-TW2246Not updated
37火語歡 叫姐姐Hellscream-TW2240Not updated
37刀尖上的盜賊 Alashak Alloyn AllianceSilverwing Hold-TW2240Not updated
39寂夜無霜 叫姐姐Hellscream-TW2235Not updated
40口古吉拉 里民大會Wrathbringer-TW2234Not updated
41風無因  Bleeding Hollow-TW2229Not updated
42小瞬瞬已哭唷 Separate LivesSilverwing Hold-TW2227Not updated
43雨落耶 MetempsychosisSpirestone-TW2223Not updated
44御風凌雲 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2222Not updated
45Nightfall ImperviousFrostmane-TW2220Not updated
45乂雨的旋律  Hellscream-TW2220Not updated
47Romantice 月之作Silverwing Hold-TW2219Not updated
48黛小美 黑色幻境Bleeding Hollow-TW2214Not updated
49迷你擁抱冷月 Chosen OneArthas-TW2207Not updated
50Djmaxray Hey Ballers MVPSilverwing Hold-TW2204Not updated
51不理不理海星 星光Wrathbringer-TW2200Not updated
52逐術者 衝創意志Dragonmaw-TW2197Not updated
53Enchyi Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW2196Not updated
54王大錘 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2191Not updated
55瞬瞬 Separate LivesSilverwing Hold-TW2189Not updated
56乂小僧 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2187Not updated
57戰牛一哥 神樣Wrathbringer-TW2184Not updated
58希雅埃娜語風 禪殺Sundown Marsh-TW2183Not updated
59微風旋律 The BoVBleeding Hollow-TW2182Not updated
60超光術 傳說的王國Bleeding Hollow-TW2180Not updated
61死亡祭祀 里民大會Wrathbringer-TW2179Not updated
62Kristija AsgardNightsong-TW2177Not updated
63黯命 ImperviousFrostmane-TW2174Not updated
64苦命台勞 黑色幻境Bleeding Hollow-TW2170Not updated
65Kimberleey 黑色幻境Bleeding Hollow-TW2168Not updated
66蘑菇殿下 喜憨兒學院Bleeding Hollow-TW2166Not updated
67被遺忘的矮人 Light n darknessChillwind Point-TW2163Not updated
68Bellezza  Crystalpine Stinger-TW2160Not updated
69Vortex Glory of the WarsongSundown Marsh-TW2159Not updated
69枕殤雪 Twinkle fireBleeding Hollow-TW2159Not updated
71幽影魂飛  Wrathbringer-TW2158Not updated
71不理不理海馬 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW2158Not updated
71Vaniea 免稅天堂Silverwing Hold-TW2158Not updated
71Venrukiz Sweet HeartSilverwing Hold-TW2158Not updated
71大坪林書豪 Last DreamSilverwing Hold-TW2158Not updated
76一朵鮮花 Right Hand of DoomDragonmaw-TW2157Not updated
76Behram 銀翼之手Silverwing Hold-TW2157Not updated
78淼淼動人 Right Hand of DoomDragonmaw-TW2152Not updated
79組長  Sundown Marsh-TW2151Not updated
80你的前馬子 溫馨小窩Silverwing Hold-TW2150Not updated
81Desperation Arriere PenseeMenethil-TW2149Not updated
81Zaeho StarsCrystalpine Stinger-TW2149Not updated
83椎名夜  Bleeding Hollow-TW2148Not updated
84一死亡浩劫一 笑看冰雪天Silverwing Hold-TW2147Not updated
84Ranze 六翼Sundown Marsh-TW2147Not updated
84絢麗萍蹤 Hope BlueSundown Marsh-TW2147Not updated
87破碎元素 Separate LivesSilverwing Hold-TW2145Not updated
88太古軒轅劍 AsgardNightsong-TW2143Not updated
89闇夜星影 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2142Not updated
90Voodooist  Hellscream-TW2141Not updated
90古錐小晨熙 Alashak Alloyn AllianceSilverwing Hold-TW2141Not updated
92Pvphunter  Menethil-TW2140Not updated
93小琴藝 Sweet HeartSilverwing Hold-TW2139Not updated
94血腥小黃瓜 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2138Not updated
95乂艾小聖 沙發馬鈴鼠Wrathbringer-TW2133Not updated
95刀尖上的盜賊 ImperviousFrostmane-TW2133Not updated
95洛小紅 掉漆Wrathbringer-TW2133Not updated
98弒影 尋風之翼Sundown Marsh-TW2132Not updated
98一心晴一 你再嘰嘰歪歪我就揍你World Tree-TW2132Not updated
98小刀尖向前衝 Arriere PenseeMenethil-TW2132Not updated

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