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Gul'dan-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Enveny fadeGul'dan-EU576*
1Enveni fadeGul'dan-EU576*
3Shokh fadeGul'dan-EU384*
4Shereon fadeGul'dan-EU0*
4Zagstruk fadeGul'dan-EU0*
4Zanakie fadeGul'dan-EU0*
4Florena fadeGul'dan-EU0*
4Ashtrayheart fadeGul'dan-EU0*
4Sinaya fadeGul'dan-EU0*
4Toxedo fadeGul'dan-EU0*
4Ashoram fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Irondruid fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Zorgath fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Herdis fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Ashnaz fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Dingo fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Nydoria fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Soupi fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Dagyap fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Inspiron fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Svapoo fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Bigii fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Kasane fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Vicvìpèr fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Fôo fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Shenoa fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Evoque fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Sylina fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Clyó fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Bônný fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Amôn fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Gutgut fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Rysia fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Râre fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Avinaya fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Nyrante fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Crìssy fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Codeín fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Grabbi fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Anou fadeGul'dan-EU0Not updated
4Drasch fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Touta fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Sneaks fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Asmô fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Fütak fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Evoquê fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Kiyasha fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Pòts fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Pøts fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Mèxx fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Ysondra fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Clýo fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Rinku fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Dixter fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Asyx fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Carden fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Bigby fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Rasjar fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Highdi fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Rymir fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Clýdê fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Navereya fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Mnia fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Pyrotronix fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Nanduro fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Ringsdummbum fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Lóinator fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Mágíe fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Perceval fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Dräsch fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Lôinator fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Diez fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Borug fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Viviana fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Bentorian fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Gruck fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Soupy fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Mêxx fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Phýnic fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Lihaa fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Airmed fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Ravena fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Lorêy fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Póts fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Evoqué fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Pullpull fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Basel fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Mirigon fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Sambaru fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Hnns fadeGul'dan-EU0Not updated
4Granini fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Pôts fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Chanbo fadeGul'dan-EU0Not updated
4Lämiv fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Zeusyte fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Khandia fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Mehandra fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Ennveny fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Svaela fadeGul'dan-EU0
4Highdizwo fadeGul'dan-EU0

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