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Anvilmar-US Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1Iceelove ReverbAnvilmar-US1740*
2Zangolf ReverbAnvilmar-US384*
3Ezykiel ReverbAnvilmar-US192*
4Helox ReverbAnvilmar-US0*
4Zully ReverbAnvilmar-US0*
4Dreamheal ReverbAnvilmar-US0*
4Polarity ReverbAnvilmar-US0*
4ßralion ReverbAnvilmar-US0*
4Wolvee ReverbAnvilmar-US0*
4Poxxy ReverbAnvilmar-US0*
4Traves ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Julissa ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Beckey ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Victum ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Palasis ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Bromel ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Ramdis ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Marcoma ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Kindralla ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Worzang ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Anakbelah ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Zurinergy ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Arkeld ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Andaric ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Slonee ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Seededjunior ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Retroactive ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Perception ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Stantonwife ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Direeve ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Juditha ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Instapissed ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Orsino ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Courier ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Trèèhûggèr ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Sonofalich ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Zzree ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Tresix ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Progoat ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Slonerog ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Cardex ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Phraid ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Lilchamp ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Seedded ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Shådowz ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Shakkah ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Helôxådïn ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Monann ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Aubreana ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Groggie ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Namastewife ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Palazang ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Spacegoåt ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Doegon ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Alanos ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Carret ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Endz ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Adenne ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Julianablood ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Zangsha ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Julianadeath ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Randydan ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Catflap ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Suesen ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Berthe ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Pharine ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Linkon ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Alexsys ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Dyereve ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Heira ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Chubbz ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Næytiri ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Fungshuei ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Carri ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Zachey ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Radok ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Dyer ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Saummer ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Ahnne ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Bralion ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Ruslana ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Peekatu ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Corraline ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Tamook ReverbAnvilmar-US0
4Otom ReverbAnvilmar-US0Not updated
4Hawkguy ReverbAnvilmar-US0

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