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Outland-EU Battleground Rating
GuildRealmBG Rating
1 DefqonOutland-EU1920*
2Opticshadow DefqonOutland-EU1814*
3Ristex DefqonOutland-EU1773*
4Évy DefqonOutland-EU1762*
5Tamié DefqonOutland-EU1717*
6Naì DefqonOutland-EU1699*
7Lumea DefqonOutland-EU1334*
8Titai DefqonOutland-EU1280*
9Stepzqt DefqonOutland-EU1151*
10Formidabelt DefqonOutland-EU960*
10Morpice DefqonOutland-EU960
12Nurv DefqonOutland-EU767
13Ðania DefqonOutland-EU576
14Grimreáper DefqonOutland-EU384
14Tislà DefqonOutland-EU384
14Adhdsasse DefqonOutland-EU384
17Aventus DefqonOutland-EU192
17Spartex DefqonOutland-EU192
17Nurival DefqonOutland-EU192
17Pyroghost DefqonOutland-EU192
17Thunderghost DefqonOutland-EU192
17Relivea DefqonOutland-EU192
23Keocarai DefqonOutland-EU0
23Sirk DefqonOutland-EU0
23Shamykingz DefqonOutland-EU0
23Bulletproofz DefqonOutland-EU0
23Thraxxy DefqonOutland-EU0
23Koiliie DefqonOutland-EU0
23Ribinator DefqonOutland-EU0
23Zeappa DefqonOutland-EU0
23Mythshara DefqonOutland-EU0
23Battelstar DefqonOutland-EU0
23Saxor DefqonOutland-EU0
23Zandian DefqonOutland-EU0
23Zithz DefqonOutland-EU0
23Vogon DefqonOutland-EU0
23Vìpèràà DefqonOutland-EU0
23Orrelover DefqonOutland-EU0
23Zealar DefqonOutland-EU0
23Mythxa DefqonOutland-EU0
23Optima DefqonOutland-EU0
23Letzu DefqonOutland-EU0
23Mythax DefqonOutland-EU0
23Phoibé DefqonOutland-EU0Not updated
23Xleixor DefqonOutland-EU0
23Silverdragon DefqonOutland-EU0
23Kirtap DefqonOutland-EU0
23Polyqt DefqonOutland-EU0
23Kaze DefqonOutland-EU0
23Taumu DefqonOutland-EU0
23Mythtia DefqonOutland-EU0
23Ihazlockbox DefqonOutland-EU0
23Expressionz DefqonOutland-EU0
23Ragefacee DefqonOutland-EU0Not updated
23Loki DefqonOutland-EU0
23Daemas DefqonOutland-EU0
23Mythance DefqonOutland-EU0Not updated
23Sasse DefqonOutland-EU0
23Lillumea DefqonOutland-EU0
23Paradoxic DefqonOutland-EU0
23Fallan DefqonOutland-EU0
23Destq DefqonOutland-EU0Not updated
23Fivedhx DefqonOutland-EU0
23Orburn DefqonOutland-EU0
23Letzú DefqonOutland-EU0
23Anjy DefqonOutland-EU0Not updated
23Sanctaer DefqonOutland-EU0
23Zioxa DefqonOutland-EU0
23Mighten DefqonOutland-EU0
23Akalíe DefqonOutland-EU0
23Kralior DefqonOutland-EU0
23Fôrm DefqonOutland-EU0
23Dedalox DefqonOutland-EU0
23Förståri DefqonOutland-EU0
23Zanhum DefqonOutland-EU0
23Sasano DefqonOutland-EU0
23Venía DefqonOutland-EU0
23Fysix DefqonOutland-EU0
23Heruial DefqonOutland-EU0
23Tharokk DefqonOutland-EU0
23Kraft DefqonOutland-EU0
23Mythage DefqonOutland-EU0
23Dariusx DefqonOutland-EU0
23Xlêíxor DefqonOutland-EU0Not updated
23Mythsha DefqonOutland-EU0
23Verstanic DefqonOutland-EU0
23Elremir DefqonOutland-EU0
23Ðarkê DefqonOutland-EU0
23Kennenx DefqonOutland-EU0
23Mythchi DefqonOutland-EU0
23Kìllerhunter DefqonOutland-EU0Not updated
23Mekelemembe DefqonOutland-EU0
23Búbbibjørn DefqonOutland-EU0
23Mörphéus DefqonOutland-EU0Not updated
23Neztheal DefqonOutland-EU0
23Weedzzard DefqonOutland-EU0
23Amaraa DefqonOutland-EU0
23Steriox DefqonOutland-EU0
23Kytoz DefqonOutland-EU0
23Stevie DefqonOutland-EU0

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