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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

TW Honorable Kills
1Ivane MontuShadowmoon-TW1132262Not updated
2卍汲無蹤卍 最終狂暴Sundown Marsh-TW1060042
3曾幾何時 野蠻聖裔Stormscale-TW810942Not updated
4金剛德魯伊  Shadowmoon-TW790780Not updated
5奧蘭多部魯 寒冰霸權Demon Fall Canyon-TW776161
6若亞方舟  Stormscale-TW750608Not updated
7Opeako 天空殿Light's Hope-TW745948Not updated
8Sabiston Final DawnFrostmane-TW735745
9西瓜仔 乂 鬥魂派 乂Spirestone-TW662512Not updated
10劍界使者 極地之角Arygos-TW658014Not updated
11羽澈  Silverwing Hold-TW619325Not updated
12福州伯趴兔  Icecrown-TW611096Not updated
13土豆燒排骨  Spirestone-TW605351Not updated
14野一獸  Zealot Blade-TW591821Not updated
15酷羅諾 Minutes to MidnightDemon Fall Canyon-TW582903Not updated
16真愛無悔  Silverwing Hold-TW576924Not updated
17Ouvertrue Sweet HeartSilverwing Hold-TW565977Not updated
18一阿基里斯一 雪月凋零Silverwing Hold-TW555362Not updated
19聖騎老爹 PVP United NationsChillwind Point-TW541546Not updated
20瑞瑞寶 英雄光臨Nightsong-TW531816Not updated
21殷櫻 Eternal EliteFrostmane-TW518826Not updated
22成成好帥 梧桐花開的那年Crystalpine Stinger-TW516523
23夜夜不忘  Zealot Blade-TW514951Not updated
24天天風雲 薩貝拉溫暖的家Nightsong-TW513605Not updated
25黃金魚 PVP United NationsChillwind Point-TW501807Not updated
26六呂 LiliumWrathbringer-TW500053
27一麥香奶茶一 榮譽騎士團Wrathbringer-TW498111Not updated
28嗜血十字架 愛呆丸小窩Wrathbringer-TW494731Not updated
29小黑了 審判日Silverwing Hold-TW490226Not updated
30貪杯買醉人 斷 罪Crystalpine Stinger-TW485714Not updated
31法莉亞 御宅族Sundown Marsh-TW483207
32尹燦 我要我們永遠宅一起Arthas-TW482339
33靈樨 幽冥墮天使帝國Crystalpine Stinger-TW478524
34泰倫克 魔幻琉璃Shadowmoon-TW478312
35魘辣魅 不落皇城Shadowmoon-TW471860Not updated
36Taillight 廣電總局Whisperwind-TW465315
37清瞳 Rock StarQuel'dorei-TW461235Not updated
38孔九哥 Endless CometWhisperwind-TW458429Not updated
39南宮大法師 龍飼料促進會Quel'dorei-TW456547
40孟軒 Autumn OsmanthusSkywall-TW456518Not updated
41三界滅絕 DrEaMsChillwind Point-TW453962Not updated
42上段鮪魚肚  Arthas-TW449974
43珞格格 Heaven DawnSundown Marsh-TW449079Not updated
44乾坤徐 God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon-TW444081Not updated
45中原 樹冰騎士團Dragonmaw-TW443407Not updated
46金毛獅 Elite of AssociationWhisperwind-TW440753Not updated
47旭翔 Arriere PenseeMenethil-TW440485
48一狂風暴雨一 Sweet HeartSilverwing Hold-TW440342Not updated
49龍殺者 偽娘黑澀會Silverwing Hold-TW439924Not updated
50秋楓憶夢 一搞笑乂菁英乂黑澀會一Shadowmoon-TW439906Not updated
51無慾無求 弒神國度Hellscream-TW436613Not updated
52Zebulon Final DawnFrostmane-TW436149Not updated
53薩得爾 Smile and silenceShadowmoon-TW435203Not updated
54向我低頭吧  Wrathbringer-TW435063
55刀見笑 Arriere PenseeMenethil-TW434727Not updated
56劍龍斬天 Punishment of AsiaSpirestone-TW431273
57千里渺云煙 逐夢之旅Silverwing Hold-TW423238
58Gbb 顫慄Shadowmoon-TW421213Not updated
59咬妳哦 拓荒者Light's Hope-TW418470
60樹鳥獸 魔獸鐵工廠Icecrown-TW417873Not updated
61Kiny Love StoryHellscream-TW415192Not updated
62三番 GhostWrathbringer-TW411692Not updated
63光明獵殺者 幻影旅團Whisperwind-TW403177Not updated
64小羅姊姊 煞婪一族Silverwing Hold-TW402282Not updated
65阿錘 Eternal MythNightsong-TW402022Not updated
66滴罩盃 枕葉不睡覺Hellscream-TW400457
67Incantation 小動物保護協會第二分會Silverwing Hold-TW399544Not updated
68Funkyguy Brokeback MountainSpirestone-TW399520Not updated
69騎士阿榮 友情歲月Arthas-TW397860Not updated
70無敵賴阿諾 夜巡者Silverwing Hold-TW397625Not updated
71冰麵包 雲縱魅影Skywall-TW396978Not updated
72一劍鍾情 翡翠夢境Whisperwind-TW393837Not updated
73大竽頭 魔幻琉璃Shadowmoon-TW393001Not updated
74彩雲仙子 RAGERSilverwing Hold-TW392559Not updated
75神魔一體 血染風采Hellscream-TW391694Not updated
76風流才子 哭泣的山茶花Skywall-TW386895Not updated
77古拉格 Laugh out LoudStormscale-TW382791Not updated
78龍騎麥卡倫 Emerald DreamShadowmoon-TW382359Not updated
79魔莉 暗黑騎士Icecrown-TW382319Not updated
80赤風  Hellscream-TW381608Not updated
81為了誰 雙城Light's Hope-TW379969Not updated
82拉西亞 Elite of HordeShadowmoon-TW379570Not updated
83湛藍朧月 白色巨塔Shadowmoon-TW376836Not updated
84小煞芸 納尼亞王國Whisperwind-TW373064Not updated
85冰之幻影 狂戰之魂Stormscale-TW372736Not updated
86Zero Final DawnFrostmane-TW371288
87黑色意志 聖殿騎士Dragonmaw-TW368744
88陳園園 黑玫瑰騎士團Sundown Marsh-TW367962Not updated
89Reks 啟航Shadowmoon-TW367563Not updated
90兒第 台灣Zealot Blade-TW366664Not updated
91君寶 溫馨家園Demon Fall Canyon-TW365421Not updated
92瑪嘉黛 小黑貓俱樂部Arygos-TW365283
93圓滾滾的矮人 逐日Spirestone-TW364863
94醬燒鮪魚堡 縱橫馳騁Zealot Blade-TW364547Not updated
95乂夜小伊乂  Shadowmoon-TW364327Not updated
96葉喵莎 天使帝國Whisperwind-TW363674Not updated
97Craftton 大快樂飲食集團Frostmane-TW362582Not updated
98Christsai Honor and GloryWrathbringer-TW362413Not updated
99誘惑的黑夜  Whisperwind-TW362241Not updated
100夜晶零 彩虹家族Sundown Marsh-TW361776

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