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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

EU (IT) Honorable Kills
1Arivanhell SupremacyNemesis-EU576834Not updated
2Arivanhell  Pozzo dell'Eternità-EU576209Not updated
3Nerval Portatori di LucePozzo dell'Eternità-EU563566Not updated
4Aihrim BrutalKillersNemesis-EU408186Not updated
5Haghen I Guardiani Della NotteNemesis-EU357471Not updated
6Kørdëñ VelsharoonNemesis-EU349749Not updated
7Donnola PrimeNemesis-EU334585Not updated
8Azzuri  Nemesis-EU316586Not updated
9Ladyengy  Nemesis-EU315249Not updated
10Ciccius  Pozzo dell'Eternità-EU303172Not updated
11Trucidux AfterlifeNemesis-EU301075Not updated
12Megaera Jolly RogerPozzo dell'Eternità-EU297547Not updated
13Ellisae Is a Mouse ClickerNemesis-EU293764Not updated
14Khalil palindromoNemesis-EU285379Not updated
15Hyria Once Were No LiferSNemesis-EU283127Not updated
16Zefira Mind GameNemesis-EU276706Not updated
17Cryogenika MORTEPozzo dell'Eternità-EU271175Not updated
18Oldboss SerenityNemesis-EU269716Not updated
19Korko SupremacyNemesis-EU265267Not updated
20Indyana PulsarPozzo dell'Eternità-EU247403Not updated
21Badwish HéritagePozzo dell'Eternità-EU245473Not updated
22Caymans not amazing just koreanNemesis-EU236904Not updated
23Darkalucard CursedNemesis-EU234974Not updated
24Ledar Salsiccia e BirraNemesis-EU233202Not updated
25Kralli  Nemesis-EU233110Not updated
26Mesgort LineageNemesis-EU230003Not updated
27Lizzlizz Crazy DrunkensPozzo dell'Eternità-EU229903Not updated
28Jandoran ÐiscørdiaNemesis-EU226729Not updated
29Pøx Lord of darknessNemesis-EU224024Not updated
30Mægic HéritagePozzo dell'Eternità-EU223749Not updated
31Irenecuss PREMAÐENemesis-EU215954Not updated
32Temuge Nessun DormaPozzo dell'Eternità-EU214387Not updated
33Wôw Hard Rockavento CafeNemesis-EU214219Not updated
34Jhamaz Frozen LegionNemesis-EU208867Not updated
35Ràbbia I FIGHT BEARS IRLNemesis-EU207198Not updated
36Ametrin CursedNemesis-EU203341Not updated
37Rany HéritagePozzo dell'Eternità-EU201825Not updated
38Sgraffin palindromoNemesis-EU201593Not updated
39Tartarus not amazing just koreanNemesis-EU201177Not updated
40Svanire TNTNemesis-EU199689Not updated
41Angèlripper aNcPozzo dell'Eternità-EU193658Not updated
42Iliumino Salsiccia e BirraNemesis-EU192941Not updated
43Jp Mind GameNemesis-EU192932Not updated
44Zerstören  Nemesis-EU191542Not updated
45Bràndir Last TryPozzo dell'Eternità-EU191416Not updated
46Vermentino Shà DongNemesis-EU191198Not updated
47Littlekaesar WarsongNemesis-EU189932Not updated
48Fakenomore Quantum LeapPozzo dell'Eternità-EU184967Not updated
49Ninakraviz Nameless LegionNemesis-EU184938Not updated
50Grandeburra not amazing just koreanNemesis-EU180788Not updated
51Deuna NoiseNemesis-EU179453Not updated
52Fùxia NøFearNemesis-EU178875Not updated
53Gregorian Crew ExpendableNemesis-EU178854Not updated
54Zagarot Back To BasicsNemesis-EU177917Not updated
55Ÿlary Alah BeloreNemesis-EU177805Not updated
56Azord Nameless LegionNemesis-EU176140Not updated
57Banshèè  Nemesis-EU173064Not updated
58Andromedha Army of infinityPozzo dell'Eternità-EU172350Not updated
59Ichnos Portatori di LucePozzo dell'Eternità-EU172121Not updated
60Hammerdestro Raccoon and FriendsPozzo dell'Eternità-EU171736Not updated
61Zhat NoiseNemesis-EU171009Not updated
62Kajma UnchainedPozzo dell'Eternità-EU169700Not updated
63Carteroo Soul KeepersPozzo dell'Eternità-EU168526Not updated
64Tritolo CREMORDANemesis-EU168076Not updated
65Folkren  Nemesis-EU168013Not updated
66Wørtex No Way Øut BackupNemesis-EU167529Not updated
67Vanztdc OutplayedNemesis-EU166477Not updated
68Crjsalide Custodi di GeaNemesis-EU164839Not updated
69Epix  Pozzo dell'Eternità-EU164697Not updated
70Ghilfrid I GuardianiPozzo dell'Eternità-EU164497Not updated
71Pieroangelå Massive DynamicNemesis-EU164125Not updated
72Biso Dream GuardiansNemesis-EU163741Not updated
73Iresso The Ðark FightersNemesis-EU163666Not updated
74Shèyla CursedNemesis-EU163249Not updated
75Wðw Hard Rockavento CafeNemesis-EU162831Not updated
76Æquitas ÐiscørdiaNemesis-EU162234Not updated
77Hailandher TNTNemesis-EU161197Not updated
78Mendez Nameless AcademyNemesis-EU161035Not updated
79Kenea Draken FangNemesis-EU160862Not updated
80Tandè TNTNemesis-EU160458Not updated
81Bastons  Nemesis-EU159837Not updated
82Ogmìos ContrabandNemesis-EU159402Not updated
83Yânn Soul AsylumNemesis-EU159387Not updated
84Ryan angry BUNNIESNemesis-EU158892Not updated
85Amerika Custodi di GeaNemesis-EU158676Not updated
86Sconosciuto VOX DEISNemesis-EU158305Not updated
87Melianor Mind GameNemesis-EU157622Not updated
88Lavise NewprojectPozzo dell'Eternità-EU157513Not updated
89Ràfhia ObscurePozzo dell'Eternità-EU157003Not updated
90Kkpr The Family BusinessPozzo dell'Eternità-EU156565Not updated
91Elektrodance MORTEPozzo dell'Eternità-EU156082Not updated
92Nenaden Warlords of AzerothPozzo dell'Eternità-EU156034Not updated
93Siegfrid HatedNemesis-EU155991Not updated
94Malvinstar NøMercyNemesis-EU154841Not updated
95Eloin Ready CheckNemesis-EU154549Not updated
96Extremè  Nemesis-EU154477Not updated
97Whitealex Templari NeriPozzo dell'Eternità-EU153723Not updated
98Fallenhorn Horde VanguardNemesis-EU153416Not updated
99Frankenstain aNcPozzo dell'Eternità-EU153191Not updated
100Distonichus HéritagePozzo dell'Eternità-EU152551Not updated

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