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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Zuluhed-EU Honorable Kills
1Aeriz Little WhoopZuluhed-EU265416Not updated
2Lasra Lebende LegendenZuluhed-EU263757Not updated
3Crax LimitedZuluhed-EU227726Not updated
4Niou Efflatus obscurusZuluhed-EU216412Not updated
5Taffy WOS GEHTZuluhed-EU216178Not updated
6Ancoron Ticket to HeavenZuluhed-EU205537Not updated
7Brogsomos  Zuluhed-EU200430Not updated
8Risk No Risk No FunZuluhed-EU200277Not updated
9Layligh TwixZuluhed-EU196000Not updated
10Filja Servants of LightZuluhed-EU183903Not updated
11Mílchmädchen Grauer TodZuluhed-EU179447Not updated
12Trien easYplaYZuluhed-EU175906
13Ibigmi DownfallZuluhed-EU168718Not updated
14Barek EldarZuluhed-EU165538
15Thaelia  Zuluhed-EU162039Not updated
16Guta KenseidenZuluhed-EU160989Not updated
17Darkblade  Zuluhed-EU157555
18Pumpenheini DownfallZuluhed-EU156618Not updated
19Nemti Lets fetzZuluhed-EU153908Not updated
20Usak Die kritische MasseZuluhed-EU149105Not updated
21Shinthar UprisingZuluhed-EU148914Not updated
22Xybrass  Zuluhed-EU146976Not updated
23Malack Nur Spielen nicht HauenZuluhed-EU146902Not updated
24Quathul Who CaresZuluhed-EU145577Not updated
25Seudedeern Lebende LegendenZuluhed-EU144383Not updated
26Edox Drunken LeprechaunsZuluhed-EU142520Not updated
27Raysa AmbitiousZuluhed-EU142411Not updated
28Rezent AmbitiousZuluhed-EU141655Not updated
29  Zuluhed-EU141365Not updated
30Meneoar UprisingZuluhed-EU141165Not updated
31Gigja  Zuluhed-EU140144Not updated
32Magicwizzard Little WhoopZuluhed-EU138367Not updated
33Oudog ChaOszOneZuluhed-EU138111Not updated
34Blackmesa LimitedZuluhed-EU137151Not updated
35Yusaku Necronomicon ex mortisZuluhed-EU136348Not updated
36Tilaa  Zuluhed-EU136333Not updated
37Leâna Wings of GodZuluhed-EU135784Not updated
38Keysersozey Gib uns dein MilchgeldZuluhed-EU134887Not updated
39Littlegreen  Zuluhed-EU133450Not updated
40Balchot Heilige Garde StormwindZuluhed-EU131983Not updated
41Nilathak Who CaresZuluhed-EU131540Not updated
42Dpc easYplaYZuluhed-EU130969Not updated
43Yuripa  Zuluhed-EU128084Not updated
44Hardlíner StrangeZuluhed-EU127853Not updated
45Fancy Dark ElementsZuluhed-EU127581Not updated
46Böserhexer Nette GildeZuluhed-EU126932Not updated
47Daemoralizer Legalize CannibalsZuluhed-EU126099Not updated
48Leandra  Zuluhed-EU125309Not updated
49Andartha  Zuluhed-EU124511Not updated
50Kardêsh UprisingZuluhed-EU123864Not updated
51Komet DownfallZuluhed-EU123785Not updated
52Agres StrangeZuluhed-EU122993Not updated
53Dêlenda Kognitiver RaumZuluhed-EU120685Not updated
54Calh Little WhoopZuluhed-EU120488Not updated
55Gorbagh UprisingZuluhed-EU119837Not updated
56Gànón AmbitiousZuluhed-EU119699Not updated
57Nôah Pain of LifeZuluhed-EU119122Not updated
58Yantar Little WhoopZuluhed-EU118158Not updated
59Aknarak InYaFaceZuluhed-EU118065
60Paiku  Zuluhed-EU117544Not updated
61Nessy  Zuluhed-EU116680Not updated
62Kelrasak  Zuluhed-EU116346Not updated
63Fary  Zuluhed-EU115507Not updated
64Bania Die PatenZuluhed-EU115497Not updated
65Kaius KenseidenZuluhed-EU115295
66Sonics Lebende LegendenZuluhed-EU114324Not updated
67Nagazh KenseidenZuluhed-EU114060Not updated
68Zabol Stärke und EhreZuluhed-EU111234Not updated
69Steve Little WhoopZuluhed-EU110991Not updated
70Dubios  Zuluhed-EU110077Not updated
71Uthersson fusionZuluhed-EU109550Not updated
72Metallíca Bloody SoulZuluhed-EU109299Not updated
73Jàrhead Spaß im GehirnZuluhed-EU109289Not updated
74Hartigan TwixZuluhed-EU109104Not updated
75Fatul PabaufZuluhed-EU108615Not updated
76Vadder  Zuluhed-EU107928Not updated
77Fetíschist TurboGankZuluhed-EU107916Not updated
78Bivi Oxx Moxx Trash BoxxZuluhed-EU107659Not updated
79Roidz whatZuluhed-EU107650Not updated
80Procsome StrangeZuluhed-EU107001Not updated
81Hellforce Soul Of DarknessZuluhed-EU105906Not updated
82Zérroc NachtseeleZuluhed-EU105782Not updated
83Schupak PabaufZuluhed-EU105594Not updated
84Elomx Little WhoopZuluhed-EU105403Not updated
85Yookya Oxx Moxx Trash BoxxZuluhed-EU104721Not updated
86Emperors  Zuluhed-EU104015Not updated
87Clementine Bruderschaft der SöldnerZuluhed-EU103848Not updated
88Grutza StrangeZuluhed-EU103758Not updated
89Lumbumba Balance of PowerZuluhed-EU103142Not updated
90Arok  Zuluhed-EU103137Not updated
91Lumir EternityZuluhed-EU103108Not updated
92Dahlie Vis ViperaZuluhed-EU102382Not updated
93Suitchiro TwixZuluhed-EU102203Not updated
94Alace Very easy plaYZuluhed-EU101943Not updated
95Braun EdenZuluhed-EU101863Not updated
96Xebio  Zuluhed-EU101807Not updated
97Rokta UprisingZuluhed-EU101604Not updated
98Nuß Why notZuluhed-EU99028Not updated
99Erdbeerreis Spaß im GehirnZuluhed-EU98901Not updated
100Illazilla PabaufZuluhed-EU98281Not updated

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