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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Zuluhed-US Honorable Kills
1Snizard DysfunctionalZuluhed-US562462
2Fearnoone TWO LEGIT TO QUITZuluhed-US252324Not updated
3Tyrnanmtari  Zuluhed-US209636Not updated
4Vanderhoek  Zuluhed-US198989Not updated
5Avante Tauren TippingZuluhed-US192493Not updated
6Cranfolk NaturalBornKillersZuluhed-US184127Not updated
7Allweneed Tauren TippingZuluhed-US170428
8Cryptson Tauren TippingZuluhed-US169354
9Riotwolf  Zuluhed-US166577Not updated
10Greymor  Zuluhed-US165337Not updated
11Juliouz Blood BrothersZuluhed-US161770
12Shelminize  Zuluhed-US154276Not updated
13Cornelius Distinct AdvantageZuluhed-US151287
14Kristinkreuk OverratedZuluhed-US151062
15Voltoss  Zuluhed-US143862Not updated
16Tarostarjr NaturalBornKillersZuluhed-US138690Not updated
17Shadowbyte  Zuluhed-US133400Not updated
18Xyzz  Zuluhed-US131404
19Tohono  Zuluhed-US131211Not updated
20Bove  Zuluhed-US129244Not updated
21Fortitude Tauren TippingZuluhed-US123963
22Shamski Rated RZuluhed-US123924
23Reino Shadow WarriorsZuluhed-US123879Not updated
24Vondage Graveyard ShiftZuluhed-US123767Not updated
25Cynderr NaturalBornKillersZuluhed-US123697Not updated
26Gankuskhan  Zuluhed-US122618Not updated
27Kullgar  Zuluhed-US122168Not updated
28Cuttica Damage PlanZuluhed-US120949Not updated
29Corruptsic  Zuluhed-US119470Not updated
30Briareuska  Zuluhed-US118721Not updated
31Camorra  Zuluhed-US118639Not updated
32Kaptn Pirate PartyZuluhed-US117533Not updated
33Plumpudding  Zuluhed-US116954Not updated
33Plumpuddin  Zuluhed-US116954Not updated
35Biosinc  Zuluhed-US116440Not updated
36Smokeyoftree Lords of WarZuluhed-US114771Not updated
37Rordins  Zuluhed-US114337Not updated
38Gankzilla Holy TemplarsZuluhed-US113815Not updated
39Joqzaraza Up in Dis Whirly BirdZuluhed-US112739Not updated
40Hooah  Zuluhed-US111673Not updated
41Binnie  Zuluhed-US111128Not updated
42Kolfsontul Crimson ButterfliesZuluhed-US110279Not updated
43Jackjackson Leaders of the HordeZuluhed-US109905Not updated
44Nubadin LegendäryZuluhed-US108549Not updated
45Kamahri Last ChapterZuluhed-US107439Not updated
46Texhillbilly  Zuluhed-US106820Not updated
47Shadowform Lebowski Urban AchieversZuluhed-US106681
48Kredör BerserkZuluhed-US106075Not updated
49Moonrand UNFINISHED BUSINESSZuluhed-US105275Not updated
50Sgtrich  Zuluhed-US104831Not updated
51Grimdot  Zuluhed-US103745
52Praylorswift  Zuluhed-US103439Not updated
53Syrayia CamelotZuluhed-US102701Not updated
54Brutuson Pirate PartyZuluhed-US102373Not updated
55Purpleface Not One But Two PotatoZuluhed-US102334Not updated
56Quyx VivisectionistZuluhed-US101691Not updated
57Kmahs ExódusZuluhed-US101497
58Mahuur Massive DynamicZuluhed-US100066Not updated
59Gleditschia The Cult of NimanimaZuluhed-US98632Not updated
60Grofaz  Zuluhed-US98494Not updated
61Illustrious Last ChapterZuluhed-US98222Not updated
62Hizumie  Zuluhed-US98063Not updated
63Caíne The Cult of NimanimaZuluhed-US96516Not updated
64Respecognize WE DONT SLEEPZuluhed-US96365Not updated
65Huxx Last ChapterZuluhed-US95092Not updated
66Grimsayer Lebowski Urban AchieversZuluhed-US93869
67Klearik Pork Chop SandwichesZuluhed-US93352Not updated
68Loud MO SHZuluhed-US92292Not updated
69Shaunmun Finales FunkelnZuluhed-US92228Not updated
70Stepcurry  Zuluhed-US92134Not updated
71Moonwind Shadow WarriorsZuluhed-US91465Not updated
72Ipleadafifth Lords of WarZuluhed-US91389Not updated
73Soulpole Elite PwnageZuluhed-US90855
74Mythmän Last ChapterZuluhed-US90408Not updated
75Potsy InfidelZuluhed-US90397Not updated
76Mcazmo Shadow Of The DarksideZuluhed-US90392Not updated
77Heavenpie BadAngelsZuluhed-US90169Not updated
78Biggz FadedZuluhed-US89882Not updated
79Johnisanoob BerserkZuluhed-US89321Not updated
80Aenoc  Zuluhed-US89109Not updated
81Killb SLAMN EMZuluhed-US88801
82Danses PwnzillaZuluhed-US87911Not updated
83Odÿ The Mobile InfantryZuluhed-US86804Not updated
84Smokein OverratedZuluhed-US86267Not updated
85Klinic EpitaphZuluhed-US86004Not updated
86Voodooz Last ChapterZuluhed-US85752
87Depayns Damage PlanZuluhed-US85511Not updated
88Magmais Crimson AngelzZuluhed-US85367Not updated
89Albertpujols  Zuluhed-US85366Not updated
90Jahm Skeletal DemonsZuluhed-US85079Not updated
91Phosphorus  Zuluhed-US84409Not updated
92Strikester Lebowski Urban AchieversZuluhed-US84231
93Horox FadedZuluhed-US83944Not updated
94Tarnna Blood StainedZuluhed-US83613Not updated
95Coughs  Zuluhed-US83087
96Darkmomo  Zuluhed-US82687Not updated
97Atp Asserting DominanceZuluhed-US81954Not updated
98Eluwese Tauren TippingZuluhed-US81894
99Toweringhome Noble RedsavagesZuluhed-US81778Not updated
100Opportunity YOU KEEP WHAT YOU KILLZuluhed-US81077Not updated

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