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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Zul'jin-US Honorable Kills
1Yrune Les anges DéchusZul'jin-US617128Not updated
2Dennar Gardiens du LysZul'jin-US354961Not updated
3Mengus Is a Subatomic ParticleZul'jin-US324952Not updated
4Struh  Zul'jin-US313447Not updated
5Monkeyperson AuroraZul'jin-US305667
6Laoshottie Why You DeadZul'jin-US292938Not updated
7Cleoboltra Exiled LegionZul'jin-US282049
8Hazé HearthstoneZul'jin-US281409Not updated
9Annelise Is a Subatomic ParticleZul'jin-US269918Not updated
10Terminatorr  Zul'jin-US265709Not updated
11Corpowne GeneticallySuperiorZul'jin-US252362
12Hypperion Rise of RedemptionZul'jin-US237641Not updated
13Grimcast EX EX NIHILOZul'jin-US235433Not updated
14Xyerst Gardiens du LysZul'jin-US235007Not updated
15Jackdaw VengefulZul'jin-US234327
16Nomser Attack The DarknessZul'jin-US232709Not updated
17Firekeeper  Zul'jin-US231880Not updated
18Torrent RebirthZul'jin-US229469Not updated
19Ghettodeath Geeks of DoomZul'jin-US229303
20Witness Vae VictaeZul'jin-US225946
21Pallywannabe Is a Subatomic ParticleZul'jin-US225473Not updated
22Arkaan Is a Subatomic ParticleZul'jin-US221535Not updated
23Midajah  Zul'jin-US221415Not updated
24Smoothies Is a Subatomic ParticleZul'jin-US219817Not updated
25Banjokazooie ProsceniumZul'jin-US218961Not updated
26Maniak MightZul'jin-US218534Not updated
27Nanajaa Les Kings Du QuébecZul'jin-US211145
28Domemeup DivideZul'jin-US208771
29Primetime Blood for BloodZul'jin-US206606
30Sambuca  Zul'jin-US204449Not updated
31Aelwyd Got HasteZul'jin-US202618Not updated
32Ylen MyrmidonsZul'jin-US202090Not updated
33Medrina Teh FailZul'jin-US199876Not updated
34Healawhale Animal FarmZul'jin-US199004
35Tinator Gardiens du LysZul'jin-US197788Not updated
36Nasum Is a Subatomic ParticleZul'jin-US197463Not updated
37Ivanakilalot From ScratchZul'jin-US197394Not updated
38Yasmiel Is a Subatomic ParticleZul'jin-US194161Not updated
39Deotrain SystematicZul'jin-US193646Not updated
40Nechronus Untold ProphecyZul'jin-US193594
41Firmlife Crusaders RebornZul'jin-US192867
42Decisive Attack The DarknessZul'jin-US191194
43Bulywiff Communauté du LysZul'jin-US187867
44Kwondook RemnantsZul'jin-US187502Not updated
45Reljin InReverieZul'jin-US187497
46Pornek Anti ClockwiseZul'jin-US187472
47Peace Got HasteZul'jin-US186594Not updated
48Evildimples BlueprintZul'jin-US185546Not updated
49Munitions  Zul'jin-US185438Not updated
50Everland Les Kings Du QuébecZul'jin-US184310
51Deàdpoòl Legends of DragoonZul'jin-US183993Not updated
52Darcia RebirthZul'jin-US183684Not updated
53Keeshin Digital WastelandZul'jin-US183617
54Soulstep TMZul'jin-US182353Not updated
55Aulis  Zul'jin-US181004Not updated
56Grimball Is a Subatomic ParticleZul'jin-US179457Not updated
57Melchi DivideZul'jin-US179118Not updated
58Magemadam Guild Display ErrorZul'jin-US177677
59Samohung EntropiZul'jin-US176875
60Emptie Red Like My RageZul'jin-US176787Not updated
61Teslyn  Zul'jin-US176483
62Viramere Red Like My RageZul'jin-US175955
63Moltenhoof Is a Subatomic ParticleZul'jin-US173829Not updated
64Zygo WardanceZul'jin-US173485Not updated
65Udoon  Zul'jin-US172735
66Zim FULLY TORQUEDZul'jin-US171705Not updated
67Åtari Elite ReckoningZul'jin-US171459
68Dunkanz Les Kings Du QuébecZul'jin-US170891
69Celestríä  Zul'jin-US169634Not updated
70Nokroman  Zul'jin-US169028Not updated
71Bèthrèzèn DeicideZul'jin-US168620
72Jonhbegood  Zul'jin-US166803Not updated
73Mallade A R M A T AZul'jin-US165984Not updated
74Windofwar The RealestZul'jin-US165728Not updated
75Aveloracy Is a Subatomic ParticleZul'jin-US165428Not updated
76Maziuk Predetermined ReckoningZul'jin-US164073Not updated
77Hacksáw DVS GamingZul'jin-US162980Not updated
78Boltzeeth Les Kings Du QuébecZul'jin-US162875Not updated
79Nerdalert HostilityZul'jin-US162822Not updated
80Tenderhoof VeneficaZul'jin-US160935
81Pyrocy Late Night Pain TrainZul'jin-US160345
82Ochamp BlindZul'jin-US159057Not updated
83Myzore Thud and BlunderZul'jin-US158616
84Zillarjai BinaryZul'jin-US157010
85Enemyfire Is a Subatomic ParticleZul'jin-US156296
86Blondechick Unparalleled BrutalityZul'jin-US156111Not updated
87Kurunïarrna Gardiens du LysZul'jin-US155945
88Erinel The PatriotsZul'jin-US155896Not updated
89Tukunoan Silent ImmortalsZul'jin-US155403Not updated
90Piedge  Zul'jin-US154149Not updated
91Goguryo Army of DarknessZul'jin-US154046Not updated
92Conjor DualityZul'jin-US153791
93Imakillusry MyrmidonsZul'jin-US152593
94Xterminance Shady ShenanigansZul'jin-US151840
95Nixx  Zul'jin-US151826Not updated
96Quohog Too Old To CareZul'jin-US151620
97Octavan InReverieZul'jin-US150289
98Poundmaster Greff SquadZul'jin-US149366Not updated
99Delgrim  Zul'jin-US149054Not updated
100Phyzex Anti ClockwiseZul'jin-US148716Not updated

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