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Zul'jin-KR Honorable Kills
1광분한쭈쭈 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR38098
2믹하형 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR34899
3플린 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR33752
4성범이 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR20994
5윤칼미 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR14465
6Anotherworld 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR14170
7유네루 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR11580Not updated
8Xranticallys 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR11579
9라씬 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR9383Not updated
10최믹하 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR8790
11Xumin 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR8209Not updated
12단일도 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR7472
13정고양이 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR7173
14하파데이 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR6772
15Bolberg 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR5795
16Xrantically 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR4079
17냉혈여왕 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR3908
18달빛의도닥 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR3738Not updated
19Lozia 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR3508
20아기천사부끄꼼 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR3050
21괴도팬더 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR2930Not updated
22뇌현상 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR2153Not updated
23올더보이 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR2129Not updated
24Coquette 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR2104Not updated
25달빛의흑마법사 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR1937Not updated
26비통한 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR1885
27Franticallys 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR1751
28아기천사일도 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR1701
29냉혈천사 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR1514
30귀똥 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR1259
31선레드노스마 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR1182Not updated
32광분한드루 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR1166
33바론에핑와좀 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR1047Not updated
34우월자 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR922Not updated
35Frantice 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR918
36답답해서한다 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR853Not updated
37Azzirago 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR798
38Crusnik 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR714
39북극의북극곰 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR656
40사막의북극곰 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR628
41Xrantice 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR586
42뼈조심 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR506Not updated
43Tomoye 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR493Not updated
44원통한 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR353
45소헌 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR340
46긔더기 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR325
47선블루노스마 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR316Not updated
48괴전파 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR310Not updated
49Churros 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR285Not updated
50고술왕 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR265Not updated
51봇미아 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR223Not updated
52굳똥 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR219
53Gonjo 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR204
54냉혈왕자 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR179
55팬댄충 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR153Not updated
56판타지나이트 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR151Not updated
57전미랑 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR133
58최멘붕 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR120
59냉혈도사 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR119
60북극의아기북극곰 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR117
61흐긴딜러 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR105
62누더기북극곰 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR98
63격통한 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR94
64믹하님 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR90
65Indulgence 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR83
66주술했소 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR75Not updated
67정고냉이 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR69
68외로운북극곰 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR59
69냉혈마왕 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR48
69눈썰미 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR48
71Kuppi 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR37
72멘붕이형 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR36
73심해의북극곰 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR30
74뇌혈병 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR29Not updated
75Franticall 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR24
76팬텀댄서 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR19Not updated
77은하수의북극곰 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR16
78냉혈대도 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR12
79붉은까망 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR11
80구스타푸 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR9
81멸종위기의북극곰 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR8
81제니온 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR8Not updated
81그냥도적이나하자 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR8
84빵주는고양이 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR6
85코카곰 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR5
86민성님 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR2
87과연 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR0Not updated
87양선생 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR0Not updated
87남길 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR0Not updated
87김삿갖 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR0Not updated
87느린힐러 쭈쭈Zul'jin-KR0

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