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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zul'jin-KR Honorable Kills
1비바전설 전설의전설Zul'jin-KR689293Not updated
2다지 전설의전설Zul'jin-KR575021Not updated
3Darkiss The ReaLZul'jin-KR503477Not updated
4Parvati Only when i sleepZul'jin-KR502618Not updated
5Zlffps 직장인부대Zul'jin-KR446388Not updated
6핵폭탄잭 The Killing FieldsZul'jin-KR429229Not updated
7사냥을위하여 MIDASZul'jin-KR427696Not updated
8페하 UGoWeGoZul'jin-KR407246Not updated
9그렇죠 전설의전설Zul'jin-KR399999Not updated
10힐딜하냐새끼가 얼라새끼들암걸리겟네라는니새끼가암덩어리인게함정Zul'jin-KR398545Not updated
11코코피비 천 공Zul'jin-KR391786Not updated
12Magnitude MIDASZul'jin-KR387755Not updated
13Ageshoot 말리삼대큰손Zul'jin-KR377869Not updated
14마한엘프 호드파괴자Zul'jin-KR375519Not updated
15Dynamicdruid 사랑과 전쟁Zul'jin-KR352242Not updated
16원조극동 살육전문 피케이 기사단Zul'jin-KR350756Not updated
17Rinirea 유 단 자Zul'jin-KR348557Not updated
18앗싸가오리  Zul'jin-KR331335Not updated
19무굴 소비가 미덕Zul'jin-KR320692Not updated
20딜주는여편네 디어사이드Zul'jin-KR312958Not updated
21척척발사 널위한질주Zul'jin-KR295748Not updated
22다임벡대럴 V e n g e a n c EZul'jin-KR295274Not updated
23Leash  Zul'jin-KR292738Not updated
24갈흑마법사 투 신Zul'jin-KR292537Not updated
25마부술사  Zul'jin-KR288954Not updated
26Methods  Zul'jin-KR288473Not updated
27유니스 Time discloses all thingZul'jin-KR287257Not updated
28쿨구레루  Zul'jin-KR284552Not updated
29컴백로망송 어그로Zul'jin-KR284326Not updated
30Salvinii 형이애정있어서패는거다Zul'jin-KR281414Not updated
31마교장금이 The ReaLZul'jin-KR279681Not updated
32건들기업끼  Zul'jin-KR278597Not updated
33Outboxer 까칠한 언니Zul'jin-KR278445Not updated
34Operative V e n g e a n c EZul'jin-KR272618Not updated
35독불군님 천신Zul'jin-KR271955Not updated
36도랑이 대 장 군Zul'jin-KR271485Not updated
37얼음맥주 MIDASZul'jin-KR267259Not updated
38마리만타 대 장 군Zul'jin-KR266080Not updated
39대약진 투 신Zul'jin-KR263538Not updated
40연보아 소비가 미덕Zul'jin-KR259279Not updated
41두뢰나이 RHZul'jin-KR257233Not updated
42화이트엔젤님 천 공Zul'jin-KR257099Not updated
43Narayana  Zul'jin-KR252902Not updated
44혈추사  Zul'jin-KR249654Not updated
45지옥의마이 검투사를세번만불러봐Zul'jin-KR245688Not updated
46Dominoz You N MeZul'jin-KR244609Not updated
47민원 검은 도적단Zul'jin-KR243087Not updated
48혼류  Zul'jin-KR240924Not updated
49Lightpaladin In The EndZul'jin-KR240652Not updated
50대한독립 네 무덤에 침을 뱉으마Zul'jin-KR239493Not updated
51아베노세이게이  Zul'jin-KR239259Not updated
52그대뿐이야 목금토일월화수Zul'jin-KR238980Not updated
53소빛 투 신Zul'jin-KR238196Not updated
54호박에줄 몬스터 주식회사Zul'jin-KR238090Not updated
55고약한영감 얼라새끼들암걸리겟네라는니새끼가암덩어리인게함정Zul'jin-KR235872Not updated
56세이린마법사  Zul'jin-KR234545Not updated
57남부군사령관 거인의 가슴 그로마쉬 헬스크림Zul'jin-KR234488Not updated
58그림자초령 천신Zul'jin-KR232115Not updated
59Artblack 말리고스 어둠의 자슥들Zul'jin-KR229447Not updated
60Uck EightiesZul'jin-KR224613Not updated
61히짱이이  Zul'jin-KR224544Not updated
62국순당막걸님  Zul'jin-KR220132Not updated
63슥삯 NitroZul'jin-KR218576Not updated
64살인중독이란  Zul'jin-KR218094Not updated
65메로오옹 목금토일월화수Zul'jin-KR217562Not updated
66아트오브워크  Zul'jin-KR217227Not updated
67만담군주 New Face ClubZul'jin-KR216738Not updated
68Muhyul  Zul'jin-KR214347Not updated
69맹후 Infinity CrewZul'jin-KR213995Not updated
70Jingsa Omnia FinitZul'jin-KR213093Not updated
71Bernice  Zul'jin-KR212602Not updated
72노을지는아침 사랑과 전쟁Zul'jin-KR212065Not updated
73Benwhishaw 대 장 군Zul'jin-KR211812Not updated
74전투환 어그로Zul'jin-KR211249Not updated
75Guinnecess 곧휴가철Zul'jin-KR209792Not updated
76루나하이 Lovely FriendsZul'jin-KR209750Not updated
77취도하 내일부터하지 뭐Zul'jin-KR209090Not updated
78Bus 자유Zul'jin-KR207671Not updated
79귤껍찔  Zul'jin-KR207382Not updated
80Bifrons SunsetZul'jin-KR206890Not updated
81골려 NitroZul'jin-KR206548Not updated
82Yeonveon  Zul'jin-KR205716Not updated
83천존묵지 싸움꾼 조합Zul'jin-KR204547Not updated
84사라진내전사 살육전문 피케이 기사단Zul'jin-KR204389Not updated
85Apolyon My SoulmateZul'jin-KR204187Not updated
86독히  Zul'jin-KR202167Not updated
87웬맹구 Romang Raid TeamZul'jin-KR201457Not updated
88쥬비떵 와우는 와우다Zul'jin-KR199456Not updated
89우월징 언니들 말하는데 끼어드는거 어디서배웠니Zul'jin-KR199335Not updated
90Blackbeans 어그로Zul'jin-KR199002Not updated
91사케미 NitroZul'jin-KR198882Not updated
92언데드마법사놈  Zul'jin-KR198520Not updated
93Risanim 매일그대와Zul'jin-KR197263Not updated
94Wildwest 당근 달고 지팡이Zul'jin-KR197187Not updated
95전설의그림자헌터 DragonSlayersZul'jin-KR196132Not updated
96콘돌이 전설의전설Zul'jin-KR196011Not updated
97쫀쫀소심사제  Zul'jin-KR195899Not updated
98스톰크루 호드파괴자Zul'jin-KR195111Not updated
99다샬 CmilreZul'jin-KR192793Not updated
100Xerras 구르믈 버서난 달처럼Zul'jin-KR192737Not updated

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