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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Zangarmarsh-US Honorable Kills
1Chica mafiaZangarmarsh-US204013Not updated
2Diann Guardians of the LightZangarmarsh-US201291Not updated
3Mikaldin Big TymersZangarmarsh-US196487Not updated
4Apraeh DreamweaverZangarmarsh-US159137Not updated
5Beasticles MartyrsZangarmarsh-US154454Not updated
6Dancor Guardians of the LightZangarmarsh-US150650Not updated
7Adowcar  Zangarmarsh-US149203Not updated
8Infêcted  Zangarmarsh-US146662Not updated
9Xapz  Zangarmarsh-US135471Not updated
10Wutang  Zangarmarsh-US132495Not updated
11Whispersong Temporary LegendsZangarmarsh-US125130Not updated
12Eagler Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US114837Not updated
13Awnurneze ExonerationZangarmarsh-US113156Not updated
14Beautifulsin Coming In DryZangarmarsh-US110898Not updated
15Cullyn Riders of PernZangarmarsh-US110885Not updated
16Hellslinger Temporary LegendsZangarmarsh-US108577Not updated
17Alleé Scurvy DogsZangarmarsh-US104044Not updated
18Wìtchypoo RelicZangarmarsh-US102288Not updated
19Holyévìl  Zangarmarsh-US101456Not updated
20Chronicheals  Zangarmarsh-US100967Not updated
21Thematador  Zangarmarsh-US100552Not updated
22Amieshadow Graveyard FarmersZangarmarsh-US95943Not updated
23Dartagnian Lords and Ladies UnitedZangarmarsh-US94683Not updated
24Danoriar Head HuntersZangarmarsh-US92149Not updated
25Hêckler Rinse and RepeatZangarmarsh-US91499Not updated
26Kibba Final SolaceZangarmarsh-US90170Not updated
27Zotohzhaan Argus ImperiousZangarmarsh-US90135Not updated
28Burgit QUETZALCOATL SONSZangarmarsh-US89923Not updated
29Gredin  Zangarmarsh-US89210Not updated
30Kahnie  Zangarmarsh-US88572Not updated
31Sotan Righteous ChaosZangarmarsh-US88484Not updated
32Hadenn  Zangarmarsh-US87681Not updated
33Sneakerz RelicZangarmarsh-US87299Not updated
34Zordoff Legendary herosZangarmarsh-US86524Not updated
35Meattrain The BlacklistZangarmarsh-US85916Not updated
36Arisselos To Drunk to PullZangarmarsh-US85841Not updated
37Stinkyb Temporary LegendsZangarmarsh-US85804Not updated
38Bigcheeze Guardians of the LightZangarmarsh-US84129Not updated
39Azzhat Big TymersZangarmarsh-US80797Not updated
40Maddad Tainted SoulsZangarmarsh-US79980Not updated
41Glasff Apocalypse PwniesZangarmarsh-US78839Not updated
42Jêst  Zangarmarsh-US78181Not updated
43Softenrage MartyrsZangarmarsh-US77442Not updated
44Jacob MartyrsZangarmarsh-US77418Not updated
45Sumoti EdgeZangarmarsh-US76983Not updated
46Thaedras Lucky Ducky Bar N GrillZangarmarsh-US76373Not updated
47Regnier Chaotic KillersZangarmarsh-US75962Not updated
48Venuslight AlamatZangarmarsh-US74639Not updated
49Whîte UndeterredZangarmarsh-US74445Not updated
50Bernee QUETZALCOATL SONSZangarmarsh-US73269Not updated
51Grunewald Knights of GoodZangarmarsh-US73205Not updated
52Abrakastabya The Usual SuspectsZangarmarsh-US73037Not updated
53Irloki  Zangarmarsh-US71898Not updated
54Vipers MartyrsZangarmarsh-US71757Not updated
55Mosbe MartyrsZangarmarsh-US71521Not updated
56Phintastic DIRTY HORDEZangarmarsh-US71499Not updated
57Arisi Knight Owls of WoWZangarmarsh-US71419Not updated
58Skyee RelicZangarmarsh-US71239Not updated
59Galystu  Zangarmarsh-US70906Not updated
60Joecmel IldumZangarmarsh-US70816Not updated
61Duplicitÿ De Silentio MaurisZangarmarsh-US70791Not updated
62Rahuqraf The Usual SuspectsZangarmarsh-US70320Not updated
63Sïnh ConquestZangarmarsh-US69803Not updated
64Hooah Cause for ConcernZangarmarsh-US69769Not updated
65Razem ApocálypseZangarmarsh-US69644Not updated
66Derk Big TymersZangarmarsh-US69474Not updated
67Durtypoon De Silentio MaurisZangarmarsh-US68578Not updated
68Brisseria Eternus Animus DesoloZangarmarsh-US68237Not updated
69Cyonir Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US68149Not updated
70Xflame  Zangarmarsh-US68098Not updated
71Drakota  Zangarmarsh-US67479Not updated
72Swurve Karma Delivery ServiceZangarmarsh-US67298Not updated
73Devildwarf cookies pleaseZangarmarsh-US67236Not updated
74Acirann Made in QuebecZangarmarsh-US66676Not updated
75Saca  Zangarmarsh-US66093Not updated
76Mariena  Zangarmarsh-US65932Not updated
77Vanas  Zangarmarsh-US65863Not updated
78Syral  Zangarmarsh-US65284Not updated
79Fìftycal Shady RecordsZangarmarsh-US65282Not updated
80Daiki  Zangarmarsh-US64354Not updated
81Cartmen  Zangarmarsh-US63857Not updated
82Darangerdude  Zangarmarsh-US63752Not updated
83Egob  Zangarmarsh-US63738Not updated
84Heresursign Beyond the ShadowsZangarmarsh-US63684Not updated
85Surreall  Zangarmarsh-US63576Not updated
86Sangrîa Ira DeorumZangarmarsh-US63300Not updated
87Khonsaii DarkskiesZangarmarsh-US63251Not updated
88Jpkek  Zangarmarsh-US63111Not updated
89Patience Final SolaceZangarmarsh-US62959Not updated
90Pavlichenko Just us LeagueZangarmarsh-US62846Not updated
91Daddytroll DIRTY HORDEZangarmarsh-US62766Not updated
92Caffwin Apocalypse PwniesZangarmarsh-US62694Not updated
93Melantar DIRTY HORDEZangarmarsh-US62653Not updated
94Hexadecimal  Zangarmarsh-US62648Not updated
95Sinnabunn MartyrsZangarmarsh-US62433Not updated
96Manaro No RemorseZangarmarsh-US62240Not updated
97Nittany DIRTY HORDEZangarmarsh-US62201Not updated
98Dobypinscher Military IntelligenceZangarmarsh-US62016Not updated
99Darkhartt Guardians of the LightZangarmarsh-US61707Not updated
100Glorex Despickable MeZangarmarsh-US61534Not updated

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