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Ysondre-US Honorable Kills
1Cidcham  Ysondre-US385839
2Dumont AcrossYsondre-US361234
3Xylar AcrossYsondre-US327131Not updated
4Tökëtrëë Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US326814Not updated
5Croma LOOT TILL YA DIEYsondre-US283300Not updated
6Fireblud  Ysondre-US255731Not updated
7Chrolde PWN SHOPYsondre-US244435Not updated
8Berician Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US226108Not updated
9Balowell AcrossYsondre-US206176
10Troopper  Ysondre-US200594Not updated
11Viladìn Logistical NightmareYsondre-US191950Not updated
12Rachel AcrossYsondre-US181657
13Fite  Ysondre-US173748
14Beerfreak ßØÅYsondre-US166400Not updated
15Panthra Logistical NightmareYsondre-US164623Not updated
16Viladín Logistical NightmareYsondre-US161152Not updated
17Horntobewild EntourageYsondre-US160981Not updated
18Othín Logistical NightmareYsondre-US160644Not updated
19Megagriff Cows with GunsYsondre-US160058Not updated
20Ziggityboom LiquidFireYsondre-US153961Not updated
21Frittata Das Ende Ist NaheYsondre-US142571Not updated
22Swaggr  Ysondre-US134219Not updated
23Amaterasu  Ysondre-US129643
24Lisselaria Automata InfinitumYsondre-US128720
25Gereon WOLF MILITIAYsondre-US127515Not updated
26Sardôr  Ysondre-US124003Not updated
27Elips HorsemenYsondre-US123096Not updated
28Devlseyes  Ysondre-US122205Not updated
29Hyder AcrossYsondre-US122110
30Whinks Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US121740Not updated
31Olìì Z Brothers IncYsondre-US121255Not updated
32Bulloch  Ysondre-US115479Not updated
33Thiizzelle  Ysondre-US114764Not updated
34Grimopher AmbitionYsondre-US113984Not updated
35Palaos AntithesisYsondre-US108978
36Nams Kite ClubYsondre-US108919Not updated
37Frostback WideSpread PanicYsondre-US106551Not updated
38Xelot Vs GamingYsondre-US105303Not updated
39Prizrac Clever Guild NameYsondre-US101810Not updated
40Shrèktheorc  Ysondre-US100330Not updated
41Kaalel Kryptonian Knights of ELYsondre-US96372Not updated
42Ritalan  Ysondre-US96013Not updated
43Páthós HorsemenYsondre-US95192Not updated
44Jumpoff Deadly ShadowYsondre-US95143Not updated
45Oddysseus Bromance GamingYsondre-US92189
46Marje Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US91748Not updated
47Solitan LiquidFireYsondre-US89394Not updated
48Dusana  Ysondre-US89384
49Revivacookie HorsemenYsondre-US89185Not updated
50Pindie Das Ende Ist NaheYsondre-US87887Not updated
51Vekos Allied AssassinsYsondre-US87439Not updated
52Reinerka Styrkr ok VirdhingYsondre-US86994Not updated
53Solô Das Ende Ist NaheYsondre-US85431Not updated
54Pendulous Styrkr ok VirdhingYsondre-US85066Not updated
55Katzie  Ysondre-US84417Not updated
56Grundee Styrkr ok VirdhingYsondre-US83234Not updated
57Oglar Old School HooligansYsondre-US82613Not updated
58Greasie Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US82113Not updated
59Bigwetdump Toiletbowl TerroristsYsondre-US81357Not updated
60Trackmaster The Elite Shadow KnightsYsondre-US81088Not updated
61Nattìe Z Brothers IncYsondre-US80304Not updated
62Devilseye The Shadow KickersYsondre-US78579Not updated
63Ruenaros Cows with GunsYsondre-US77983Not updated
64Rhanso  Ysondre-US77915Not updated
65Amalora  Ysondre-US77496Not updated
66Lithini  Ysondre-US77385Not updated
67Lifeline Order of the HeavensYsondre-US77343Not updated
68Terrèll Eminent DomainYsondre-US76035Not updated
69Taalas  Ysondre-US75954
70Zenaud Dark EmpireYsondre-US75704
71Priestformer  Ysondre-US74615Not updated
72Gonzø  Ysondre-US74309Not updated
73Kronicnams Kite ClubYsondre-US74296Not updated
74Tejah Gank SquadYsondre-US74245
75Earlofzeus  Ysondre-US74001Not updated
76Skillzz  Ysondre-US73792Not updated
77Chô  Ysondre-US73710Not updated
78Daburgh  Ysondre-US72823
79Dverg  Ysondre-US72796Not updated
80Slauger HorsemenYsondre-US70892Not updated
81Mårtianshort  Ysondre-US69432Not updated
82Farkmcgee Taming StrangeYsondre-US69418
83Rickfleir HorsemenYsondre-US68888Not updated
84Babak  Ysondre-US68261Not updated
85Pepoc Novus VicisYsondre-US67654
86Diversity  Ysondre-US67558Not updated
87Remains  Ysondre-US67123Not updated
88Pwnzalot Kryptonian Knights of ELYsondre-US66423Not updated
89Aidenorman  Ysondre-US66115Not updated
90Cocidius AcrossYsondre-US66052
91Bisharah  Ysondre-US65807Not updated
92Thugmcgee  Ysondre-US65642Not updated
93Bozzo Faces of DeathYsondre-US65305Not updated
94Shadowleaf  Ysondre-US64899Not updated
95Lochtee EntourageYsondre-US64852Not updated
96Apacer Crit it and Quit itYsondre-US64756Not updated
97Gorshar Automata InfinitumYsondre-US64531Not updated
98Xshow Total AnnihilationYsondre-US63911Not updated
99Gihoe  Ysondre-US63774Not updated
100Claimslosses Kingdom of DånkYsondre-US63028Not updated

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